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Demons on church street – Season 1 – Episode 7

“So we have a serial killer on our
hands.” Tola said with a sigh.
“We can’t conclude yet, could be
a copycat.” He knew in his gut it
was the same person.
“This isn’t a copycat. You know
what bothers me here, why the
church? What’s this guy’s
problem with these churches?”
“Well, I don’t know Dosumu. You
can ask him when I can catch
him. Let’s go talk to the girl.”
The press were still waiting to
talk to him, they would wait
forever. The huge door of the
church swung open as they
approached it. A man eyed them
carefully and pointed at a room
at the extreme of the church.
They walked towards the room.
The church was old but
beautiful. Its high ceilings and
stained glass windows gave it
an ancient beauty Adam has not
seen in a while.
They got to the end of the
church and knocked on the
door of the room. An elderly
man opened the door.
“Who are you?” He asked.
“I am Detective Ademola, this is
Detective Dosumu, we’re with
the CIB” Adam said showing
him his badge.
“Oh, I’m Pastor Alabi. What can I
do for you?”
“We want to ask you and the
lady that found the body some
questions. Can we come in?”
“Yes please.” He said, stepping
away from the doorway.
By the look on the girl’s face he
knew she was the one who
found the body. It would take
weeks, maybe months of
therapy to forget an experience
like the one she just had. She
was sandwiched between her
parents. They did not look
pleased to see detectives.
“We realise you probably want
to be left alone but we just want
to ask her a few questions.”
Tola said with a smile, looking at
the parents. They nodded.
“When did you find her? Were
you alone?” Adam asked.
“Yes, I was alone. I was coming
for prayer meeting, must have
been around 6:30″
“Did you notice anything
strange? Anything out of place,
a strange person maybe?”
“I don’t…I can’t…I’m not sure.”
The girl replied, rubbing her
“Try and think, anything you
remember could be important.”
Tola said, sitting forward in her
“I’m not sure but I think I saw a
bus parked somewhere down
the street. I thought it was the
church bus but when I got to
church I found our bus here.”
“The bus is outside, you can see
it later.” The pastor said,
pointing out the window.

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“What else can you remember
about that bus?” Tola asked.

“I can’t remember anything…it
was white like our bus…it was…
that’s all I can remember.” The
girl mumbled.

“Think harder, there’s got to be
something else.” Adam tried
pressing for more.

“I can’t remember…” She started
and broke into tears.
“I think that’s enough
detectives. We will be taking our
daughter home now.” The
father of the girl said, and they
all stood to leave. Adam looked
at Tola, she shrugged. They
needed more information about
the bus, but they would have to
The girl left the room with her
parents. The pastor walked
them to the door, closed it and
walked back to his chair.
“Did you know the victim?”
Adam asked as soon as the
pastor sat.
“No, I didn’t.”
“So she was not a member here
at any time?”
“No, she wasn’t. Do you know
why the murderer chose to
dump the poor girl’s body
“That’s what we are trying to
find out.” Tola replied. “Are you
in any way connected to St.
Andrews Anglican church?”
“No, I am not. I didn’t even
know about the church until I
read about the other poor lady
whose body was dumped
“Did you know her, the other
victim?” Tola asked.
“She was a prostitute!” He was
taken aback by the question.
Tola stared at him unflinching.
“I’m sorry, but I didn’t know her
as well.”
“You know anybody in your
church who could do this?”
Adam asked, pushing his chair
back, ready to leave.

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“Nine hundred and ninety-nine
out of a thousand times the
answer to that question will be
no, but there was this young
man that visited our church
about a month ago. He looked
strange and didn’t answer too
many of our questions when we
welcomed him as a new comer.”
“Do you know where we can
find this man?” Adam asked.
“I don’t. He came for two weeks
then disappeared. Come to think
of it, that was right before the
first girl was killed.”
“I’ll send one of our artist, you’ll
describe the man maybe we can
get a picture of how he looks.”
Adam said as he stood up.
“Thank you for your time Pastor,
we will check if we need any
other information. Can we check
the bus please?”
It was already dark when Adam
pulled into his compound. He
was tired. Both his mind and his
body were tired, he just wanted
to sleep. He came out of the car
and walked towards his door.

He got to the door and paused,
he turned back and decided to
take a walk down his block.

After thinking about it, he had
decided his confrontation with
the Chief was dumb, he should
have kept his cool. The case had
gotten a lot more complicated
with another murder, he
needed all the help he could get.
He had tried to apologise but he
was yet to get through to the
chief. The victim herself was a
big problem, they were yet to
identify her. The people had
begun to panic again, he could
not blame then. It was bad
enough when one person was
killed, but two just broke all hell
The press were having a field
day. They had gotten pictures
and videos, the chief’s press
conference was being aired on
every TV station. Full pictures of
the victim were already on the
internet, he had no idea how
they got the pictures. His phone
at the office was ringing off the
hook, lots of people had lots of
questions. The governor was yet
to call, but that was just a matter
of time. It had been the most
challenging two weeks of his
life since the shooting of the
first lady and he was using the
very last bit of his mental

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Ese. He had treated her wrongly
that morning. He was angry and
he had taken it out on her. She
was a reporter and everything
she said about her career was
probably all so she could get
information, but he needed to
apologise to her.
He brought out his phone and
browsed through his contacts,
he found her name, but his
phone rang before he could dial
her. It was a text message. The
number was not familiar.
I love Diana
And she loves me
God bless Diana
And God bless me.
See you again soon.

You know who it is.

It ended with a ‘kiss’ smiley.
Adam smiled and slid his phone
back into his pocket. See you
soon b—–d.

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