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Demons on church street – Season 1 – Episode 6

Rhoda was having a great week.
Life was good without her
parents staring at her, watching
her every move. She knew her
friends were probably not the
best friends one could have but
they had freedom, something
she had always longed for. She
had nagged and sulked until her
parents had agreed to let her
stay with the Bamigboyes for a
week. All she had to do was
attend prayer meeting every
And she did, religiously.
She had gone late a couple of
times and had caught the look
of disapproval on her mother’s
face. She was not going to blow
any other chance of leaving her
boring home just because she
was late to the prayer meeting.
That morning she was going to
get there before anybody, even
her parents.
The gentle breeze was cold and
for some reason the sun was
sleeping in that morning. She
stuck her hands into the
pockets of her pullover and
walked faster. The old church
was situated in a quiet corner of
the street and people rarely
passed in front of it except they
were going into the church. She
walked past the church bus
which was parked in the street.
The early morning semi-
darkness made it look newer.
She always got an eerie walking
into the church alone, especially
at night. It was built in between
trees or trees were built around
it. It was not fenced and had no
gate but two lines of trees
formed a driveway into the
church. She turned into the
driveway and stopped. A cold
chill went down her spine. She
turned and looked behind her,
there was nothing. She pulled
her pullover closer and
continued moving. She felt
moisture on her palms and
realized her fingers were balled
into fists. She stopped and
removed her hands from her
pockets and held them against
her cheeks, they felt cold. She
wiped them on her jeans and
looked around again, still
nothing. It was weird and silly
that the trees could still play
tricks on her mind after all the
years she had spent walking
past them.

She put her hands back in her
pockets and started moving
again, this time determined that
she would not stop whatever
happened. Her heart beat faster
as she approached the church
but she was not going to stop.
Whatever or whoever was
behind the trees would have to
come out. She began to walk
even faster as she got closer to
the church.
Then she saw it.
She stopped. Her mouth
dropped open as she stumbled
forward. She wanted to stop
moving but it was as though
she had lost control of her body.
She lurched closer to the church.
She got to the stairs and
Right on the stairs of her
parents’ beloved church was an
eviscerated naked dead body.
She felt lightness in her head
and fell into darkness.
The door burst open and Tola
jumped. It was Adam.
“Has the body been moved?” He
asked glaring at her.
“No, it hasn’t. Will you calm
down!” he was pacing and
flaring his nostrils, it was

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“You know I never wanted this
case, if they knew they would
disregard protocol so badly,
they should have let me be. “
“Ademola, it was the chief of
police, he has every right to be
on the crime scene.”
“Tola, that is my crime scene,
why is somebody on my crime
scene when I’m not there?” He
had a point. “Now, instead of
letting me do my job, he’s
asking to see me. Where is he?”
“He is in…” The chief walked in,
cutting her off.
“Ademola, where have you
been?” He looked annoyed, she
could not understand why he
would be.

“Where have I been? Not my
crime scene! Shouldn’t I have
been called immediately that
body was found?” Adams was
not helping the already charged
“You want me to call you when
a dead body is found? I’m not
your assistant, you know that
“Yeah, you are not, you are the
new P.R.O. You would take any
chance to get your face on TV,
won’t you?”
Tola stood up and slid towards
Adam, she gently tugged at his
sleeves, he had to stop. It could
only end badly.

“Detective, you realize I’m your
boss right? You know what,
forget whatever the governor
said, you are on your own.”
“I can do good by myself, thank
“Disrespectful twat.” The chief
mumbled and stormed out of
the room.
“Can you imagine what that
old…” Adam started but the
chief came back in.
“I want a daily report on my
table by six pm.” He announced
and left.

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“A daily…never mind, Dosumu,
let’s go. We have a crime scene
waiting for us.” Adam said and
walked out of the room.
Tola sighed and picked her
jacket. She had always known
Adam and the chief were an
accident waiting to happen, she
was hoping she would not be
there to witness the accident,
but she had just witnessed the
beginning. She hated Adam
when he was angry.
Adam drove in silence as they
approached the crime scene. He
knew he should not take out his
frustrations with the chief out
on Tola, but he could not help it.
She understood him and
probably would not take it
personal. He had woken up that
morning with his conversation
with the governor still ringing
on his mind. He had been
devastated to find out that he
knew about his drinking. He
was ashamed and that had set
the tone for his morning.
The call from Tola had made his
morning worse. Another girl
had been killed and worse still
the press already knew about it
and were already on the scene.
He had put on the TV while he
hurriedly dressed up and was
shocked to see the Chief holding
a press conference at the scene.
He was making promises he
would not lift a finger to fulfill.

Now he was more determined
than ever to find the sicko killing
these girls. If it was the same
He pulled the car into the
driveway of the church and
stopped, he switched off the car
engine and got out of the car.
Tola got out from the other side
and walked away towards the
church without waiting for him.
Adam hurried after her, she was
the only good and stable thing
in his life.

“Dosumu, why are you angry?
You know it was that old fart
that got to me.” She just walked
on without replying. “Tola, I am

She did not reply. The crime
scene was still buzzing with
reporters and spectators. The
policemen on the scene had
secured the stairs and the entire
church but that was as far as
they could get. A few journalists
noticed his arrival and started
towards him.
He looked behind to see Ese
running towards him. It was a
surprise she was not on the
scene yet.

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“Adam, please wait.” He stopped
and turned towards her. “Adam,
I need your help.”

“You do? I thought you said you
can handle this on your own
and I see I’m back to Adam. I’m
sorry, can’t wait to chat, I need
to get on this crime scene now.”
He said and walked away from

“Adam, you don’t understand,
my career is on the line here.”

She said, catching up with him.

“It is? Too bad, but it’s not your
career I’m concerned about
right now. A girl is dead!
Another one!”
“I just need…” She started.

“I’ll tell you what you need”
Adam said cutting her off. “You
need to get out of my face Ese.
Attend the press briefings like
the other reporters.”
He walked off and joined Tola
who was waiting for him.
“That was harsh.” She said as
they waved away reporters.
“I’m not having a good
morning, it wasn’t personal.
Let’s check this scene and be
out of here.”
He lifted the yellow tape and
they walked towards the body.
It had been covered with a
blanket. Two uniformed
policemen standing close to the
body saw them coming and
walked towards them.
“Hello officers.” Adam said
stretching his hands to shake
“Hello sir. I’m Sergeant Dada, this
is Sergeant Phillip, my partner.’
Sergeant Dada was a thick man
with a bushy mustache. His
partner was slimmer but his
mustache was just as thick.
“This is Detective Dosumu. Were
you the first people on the
“No sir.” Phillip replied. “The
body was found by a teenage
girl. She’s inside the church with
her parents and the pastor of
the church.”

“Alright, we’ll talk to her later.
Open the cover, let’s see the
Adam held his breath as the
blanket was removed. He was
shocked by what he saw. The
body was open like the previous
victim but it had not been
cleaned, it was gruesome. The
torso was cut open, but the cut
was not as clean and straight as
the other victim. He would let
the coroner decide but he was
sure the girl had not been dead
for long. And like the other
victim she was not killed at the

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