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Delilah – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 8]

What secret is he talking about?

“So Felix wrote the letter. Hmm.. interesting. I thought he was your friend,what really happened” mark said snapping me out of my thought

“It’s none of your business” I said and walked out of his room.

I walked to my room still thinking about the secret felix is talking about

I am gradually losing.

“You are gradually losing, Delilah” I said to myself

From the way, things are going. I know I’ll lose one day. I can’t just lose like that. I have to do something

👨 Mark’s pov 👨
Felix wrote the letter. It’s Still surprising.. I wonder what happened between them? I think I should call Felix? Yes, I know him. He used to be one of us but due to some misunderstanding he had with cole,he left. We were the first set of guards to work with Cole but he choose to leave.

Cole can be annoying some times. He is pushy. He isn’t proud. He is just heartbroken. When his wife Ariana,was still with him. He was nicer, but since his wife got missing,he became something else. I won’t blame felix for leaving neither will I blame cole.

I dialed Felix’s number. He didn’t pick at first but on the second trial.

📲Thought you were not going to pick” I said

📲Longest time pal, what’s up?” He said

📲 I’m fine bro, just wanted to talk” I said

📲 How’s your boss?” He asked

📲He is also your boss” I said

📲He was” he said

📲 He got your letter” I said

📲How did you know I wrote the letter?” He asked and I laughed

📲 Well, I know you are smart and you also know Delilah is the enemy” he said

📲Yh,your accomplice” I said

📲She is not and was never my accomplice” he said

📲Come on Felix. You don’t need to argue” I said

📲 You won’t understand. It’s just a matter of time and every hidden secret will be revealed. Just a short time remaining. You know when the enemy knows he has a short time left,he makes sure he does something bad. Take care of our boss,mark” he said

📲Hmm.. you finally admit that he is your boss. Thanks” I said

📲 You are welcome. Just take care of him and I will do my part. Bye mark” he said and he ended the call.

“Every hidden secret will be revealed” those words kept ringing in my head.

👩 Delilah’s pov 👩

What is this secret? I must not let them win fully.

Even if I will lose some day, I will leave a scar on their heart forever.

“I will make you pay,cole” I said to myself

You might be wondering what Cole did to me, right? Well, it’s not about my sister. Anyways you will get to know soon. But for now, I have to kill someone.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror. Then I remembered my late mother.

“You have turned into a beast, Delilah” that would be exactly what she’ll say to me,if she was alive.

Well I don’t care anymore.

“Mom, someone you know is coming to Join you in heaven” I said and then I walked out of my room.


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