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Delilah – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 15]

Delilah - Season 1 Episode


👩 Delilah 👩

📖 Chapter one 📖
❤️ Cole’s pov❤️

I sat down on my chair in my office with so many things on my mind until mark barged in:

“Sir, we’ve found……

“Why did you barge in?” I asked walking slowly towards mark

“I’m sorry sir but it’s urgent” he said

“Get out and knock”. I said..

“But sir…

“Go out!” I said and he walked out of the room,he knocked on the door

“Go!! I will send for you when I need you” I said

“But sir….

“I said go” I said and I guess he’s left

Mark and I are very close. People think he is my brother; some think he is my PA . He is not my brother or my personal assistant. I am j. Cole. I gat no friends. I don’t need them, family and friends are not important to me. Apart from the fact, that I’m a adult and that I can cater for myself; family and friends are the least thing on my mind. Mike and I have been working together for years,he is faithful but I don’t trust anyone . We are age mates.

I walked out of my room;

” Where is Mark?” I asked one of the guards following me..

” I’m here,sir” mark answered before the guard could answer

“What is it you wanted to tell me?” I asked as we walked to the parking lot

“The guy sent to spy on you has been caught” mark said and I opened my eyes in surprise

“Where is he?” I asked

“With the boys” mark said

“He is still alive?” I asked looking at mark.

“He will be dead in no time” mark said and he turned to walk out. I guess he understands the meaning of that look.

“Mark” I said and he stopped walking

“Yes sir” he answered as he walked to where I was standing

“Take me to the guy” I said

“Ok sir. This way sir” mark said and we walked to a room

The so called spy was sitting on the floor,he was bleeding. There were bruises all over his face. I guess it’s as a result of the beating from my guards.. I walked to where he was. I bent down and I used my right hand to raise his head up.

“So you are the spy. Who sent you?” I asked and he managed to look at me with his swollen eye.

“Speak!!” I said angrily

“You must be a fool for thinking I would tell you” he said and my guards tried to punch him but I gave them a signal with my hand to stop.

“Wow, you are so bold and courageous. You want to remain loyal to ur master to the end, I like that” I said clapping my hands

“Now, can you be wise and answer my question?” I said but he kept mute. I smiled and I stood up

“If he doesn’t give an answer to my question, force it out of his mouth” I said to my guards

“Ok sir” I heard the guards say simultaneously as I walked out of the room.

[Few minutes later]

I heard a knock on my door;

“Who is it?” I asked

“Mark” Mark replied

“Come in!! Must you always knock” I said and he looked at me.

“Did he say anything?” I asked with my eyes focused on my laptop

“Yes sir. Mr. Drex again sire” mark said and I stood up in surprise.

“Where is the spy!” I asked

“He shot himself after revealing the identity of his master” mark said

“Take his body to drex” I said

“Ok sir” mark said before leaving

“Drex doesn’t give up easily. Drex, I don’t think you can play this game” I said to myself and I gulp down the liquor on my glass.

at drex’s compound

😠 Drex’s pov😠

I watched from my tv that is connected to the CCTV camera outside my gate,as some men elited from a black Jeep and dropped something before driving out.
I took my phone;

“Jack, check what’s outside” I said before ending the call.

Not quite long,jack walked in

“What is it?” I asked

“Sir, it’s the spy. He is dead” jack said

“Shit!! So that was Cole’s men” I said angrily as I tightened my fist

“Get my car ready,we are heading to Felix’s house” I said and jack bowed before leaving

“Cole looks weak but he is tough. I told Felix, Cole can never be defeated” I said to myself and I stormed out of my room angrily.

I got into the car and the Driver drove to Felix’s house.

(At Felix’s house)

“Look,who we have here” felix said smiling

“Felix,cole brought back one of your men and guess what, he brought him dead” I said as I sat down angrily. The look on Felix’s face could tell how surprised he is

“That means I will have to use my secret weapon. Since he thinks he is tough” Felix said and I looked at him confused.

Secret weapon?
How is it guys?

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