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Debbie’s Secret – Season [Episode 1 – 18]

Debbie’s secret

Debbie’s secret


“look Mom, I aced the test” I say handing over the paper for her to look at it. I just got back from school and I couldn’t wait for her to see it.
“Hmm not bad. I always knew you would make a great doctor some day” she tells me as she made her way to the kitchen.
“A fashion designer.” I correct her. “you’ve been my mom since the day I was born and you don’t know what my dream is?” I ask taking off my uniform.
“I’m trying to but you’re making it hard for me. first you said a model and then you said gynaecologist and just when we were finally believing it would happen, you changed it to a nurse so how am I expected to put up with you?’ I ask
” no need to cause now I think I wanna be a fashion designer. I’ve been following the greatest designers in the world and very soon after I graduate from high school and go to college, I’ll have my very own fashion line. I’ll call it Debbie’s fashion line. what do you think?” I ask her
“As long as it makes you happy then I’m cool with it”
I hug her from behind “I love you mama” I say kissing her cheeks
“you’re sweaty. hit the shower” she say playfully hitting me on the cheek.
“if you say so” I say taking my bag from the floor and heading to my room.

Who wants an introduction?
I’m Debbie Stack. almost Eighteen. I’ll be done with high school in a few weeks after the final exams and if I make the required grade.
I’m a single daughter to a single mother. I lost my dad two years ago in a fire accident that happened at my hometown in South Africa. mom was heavy with child before dad died but she lost the baby unfortunately. we moved to Berkeley some years back so we could forget the ugly incident and move on with our lives. a new country and probably a new environment would help since my dad had a house here.

My Mom Emily has been taking really good care of me. I went to the best school she could afford in that area.
I was my Mom’s only hope for a brighter future. we weren’t that poor cause we could afford a three square meal.
I love my mom so much cause she never made me feel inferior even though deep down I knew that I quite a handful. I was stubborn, mostly rude and a bad talker.

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I had only one friend named Thandi. we became friends since my first day of school because just like me, Thandi was also from South Africa. we bonded pretty well making people think that we were sisters. Thandi was the opposite of me, although I was stubborn, I was quite polite but Thandi was the jealous type. she is always obsessed with having everything I have and since we were so close, I always gave in because I so much loved her. she was the sister I never had.


took my bath and wrapped the towel round my [email protected] skin as I made way to the kitchen. I opened up the fridge to get some milk.
“Debbie put on your clothes. don’t run around the house [email protected] young lady” she tells me
“I want some milk” I say to her.
“we’re out of grocery. maybe I’ll get them later”
“alright” I say and sat down on the couch
Mom served me lunch.
“Mom can I have a girls night at the end of this week. every girl throws one and it’s going to be my turn soon” I tell her and she nods
“thanks Mom”
I went to my room to finish my homework. I would love to see the look on Thandi’s face when she comes tomorrow. After completing my homework, I grabbed my pillow and lie down to sleep.

I woke up the next morning. it was 7:30am in the morning
“OMG… Mom why didn’t you wake me up I’m late for school” I whine taking the towel from my dresser
“you were sleeping beautifully”
“I have to take my bath Mom. like right now” I say rushing into the bathroom. I turn on the shower and had a, quick bath.
later, I wore my uniform. I was already late to have breakfast so Mom packed me lunch. I kissed her cheeks and head out the door.
when I arrived at school, luckily they were on their way inside. I spotted Thandi and ran to meet her.
“you’re late” she stresses out
“I know. I slept in. the bed was just too comfy” I say and she smile.
on our way in, someone slide a note in my hands. I opened it to see a red rose.
“Another one?” Thandi asks
“he’s quite shy isn’t he?” I ask her
“Freddie should just ask you out already instead of giving you flowers everyday. it’s just pointless” she tells me. I could tell she was jealous
“Don’t worry he will. I plan on going to the dance with him, you know before we graduate”
“hopefully that works out”
“can’t you just be happy for me?”
“I am. I’m just stating the obvious”
“well I’m glad that turned out well” I say and walk inside.
“Debbie!” she called but I ignored her and sat down on my seat. she’s always jealous because she loves Freddie and he doesn’t give a damn about her and came for me instead so she’s letting her anger out indirectly but does she have to do that to me.
What’s wrong with people?
I ask myself as the teacher walks in to commence lessons…

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