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DEAR NIGERIANS!! Do You Have Any Idea Who To Vote For As President In 2023 Election?

It’s going to be a very hard decision to choose a president in the next 2023 election.

Nigerian Politicians are now well-known liars and are not to be believed for anything.

Buhari‘s desperation to become president made the matter worse as all his campaign promises are filled with obvious things that Nigerians want and no single of those promises have been fulfilled.

The funny thing is, it’s always easier for politicians in thepresent administration to blame the past government for inability to execute their own campaign promises. It’s always the same old story.

Jonathan’s administration was bad, Buhari who we thought will make things better turned things from bad to worse with his gross incompetency.

The only power we have as citizens of Nigeria is the power to vote out these incompetent leaders.

From all indications, no one seems to be worth it out of all the politicians who have shown interest in running for the presidency in 2023, thereby leaving Nigerians in a state of confusion ahead of the next general election.

Guys, we would like to hear from you 👇

Do You Have Any Idea Who To Vote For As President In 2023 Election?

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