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Dear Future Husband – Season 2 – [Episode 1 – 12]

Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband

Ini stared the baby carefully. “You are so beautiful.” She said, as she touched her cheek. The baby smiled as she chuckled lightly. “You must like me, right?” Ini asked and picked the baby out of the cot. The baby had stopped crying since Ini carried her. “I am not your mother oh…” Ini said, as she walked back to the living room. She took her seat as she held the baby carefully in her hand. “Is Marcus your daddy?” She scoffed. “Of course I don’t expect a response from you. What do you know?” The baby resumed the cry. Ini smiled. “Is it because of my question? Na wa o.” She cried harder and harder. “Ah…stop crying na.” She smiled at the baby with her teeth wide out, and the baby screamed more. “Stupid me!” she said, as she smacked her forehead. She dropped the baby kindly on the chair and made her way into the kitchen.
Bolu Coker sipped his drink as Tunji paced round the room. “You had better calm down, Tunji.”

“How can you expect me to calm down? Adeoye won’t fire Kimberly.”

Bolu sighed. “You caused this, that man didn’t know that you are Kimberly’s father and there was no reason to tell him that, if not for your genius idea of trying to have your own daughter fired, we won’t be feeling this way.”

Tunji hissed. “Spare me that, Bolu. You know that I don’t want my daughter under any circumstance to be a writer, and I would ensure that she quits that lame dream.”

“If I were you, I would forget chasing Kimberly and we would go after more important issues, for example, I suggest we put Wura in the same facility where Elizabeth is, I can’t remember where I dumped her, but I know if I make some calls, I would remember the place.”

Tunji shook his head. “Bolu, I can’t do that to Wura.”

“Look here Tunji, a woman, no, a professor in her right senses attempts suicide, don’t you think she is on her way to insanity, I suggest we keep her away, so she doesn’t even spoil our plans.”

Tunji sighed. “I don’t want Kimberly to hate me.”

Bolu hissed. “Tunji, stop acting like a coward, you have taken bolder steps in life. What do you care if Kimberly hates you? It is for her good, when we amass all the necessary wealth, our children till their last generations would have enough to live off.”

Tunji nodded. “Bolu, I don’t want my daughter to hate me.”

“I am at loggers with David, and do I care? No. In the end, he’ll come to his senses and apologize, I am still his father after all.”

Tunji took a deep breath. “Did David forgive you for keeping his mother away?”

Bolu smiled. “David supported me.” He rose to his feet. “David has always been a smart boy, he knew that Elizabeth was a hindrance to his success, if she been around him, he won’t have achieved this much. It is thanks to me that David is now a man worthy of admiration, it is just unfortunate that he is becoming a softie again.”

“What do you mean?”

Bolu sighed. “I think he is falling in love with your daughter.”

“Shouldn’t that be good?”

Bolu shook his head. “They don’t need love. When you want to build an empire of ruthless business people, they have to keep love out of the way.”

Tunji shook his head furiously. “No. If they want to fall in love, we should allow them. Bolu, maybe they would have a better life than we.”

Bolu eyeballed Tunji coldly. “You have grown weak, Tunji. Very weak.”
I stared at Mr. Adeoye. “I am sorry, sir.”

“Kimberly, there is no crime in saying who your parents are. They are appreciated by the society.”

I nodded. “I am sorry, Sir.” I repeated.

He smiled. “You don’t have to be sorry, things are clearer to me than you think.” He rose to his feet. “So, are we going to jump?”

“What do you mean?”

He relaxed against the table. “All or nothing. We are entering your story and we would make it the headline, hopefully, it forces the board to reconsider.”

I nodded. “Hopefully.”

He smiled. “Kimberly, even if we lose this place, I want you to know that I am proud to have met you.”

I smiled with more confidence. “We won’t.” I cleared my throat. “I am optimistic.”

“I think that’s all, go and put everything in place for that write up.” He said.

I rose to my feet. “Thank you, sir.” I said, and walked out. Ben was waiting right outside. “Hey.” I said as I walked along.

He followed briskly. “Kimberly, how is your mom?”

“She is better.” I replied, as I pushed my door open.

He took his seat. “So, should we be expecting a jaw breaking write up that would save us all?”

“Why are you asking me?” I asked, taking my seat.

He smiled. “You are the writer.”

I took a deep breath. “I’ll do my best, Ben.”

“You had better.” He said, feigning seriousness. Seeing that his joke fell flat, he laughed. “Just kidding.”

I fixed my gaze on my laptop.

“Kimberly, do you know who I ran into here today?”

I didn’t reply.

“Kim?” he slammed my table. “Kim”

I scoffed. “What is it?

He took a deep breath. “Your father was here.”

I paused as I stared at him. “My father?”

He nodded. “Yes. I met the renowned Professor Bankole here today.”

“Are you sure you aren’t mistaken? My Father won’t be here under any circumstance.”

He nodded. “I am very sure. He came here, and I guess he saw Mr. Adeoye.”


David stared hard at the painting. “Elizabeth Sunflower.”

“Yes, that’s her pet name or what do we call it?” Oyinkan asked, with a smile.

His face fell. “I think Kimberly has found my mother.”

Oyinkan took her seat. “What do you mean?”

He cleared his throat. “Kimberly has a friend at that home, she goes by the name Elizabeth, and today I got to know that her last name is Sunflower.”

She shook her head. “You have to be kidding, right?”

“I am not a hundred percent sure, but I can’t be wrong, right? I saw the Mother from the home there.”

She smiled. “David, if this is true, we are in luck.”

“What do you mean?”

She tapped him. “Why don’t we use Kimberly to lead us to her then we can confirm it for ourselves.”


She shrugged. “How did you find out about her?”

“She is currently hospitalized, so I guess Kim would be seeing her soon, maybe we could go together.”

She nodded. “Perfect!”

David took a deep breath. “What if she isn’t my mother?”

Oyinkan shrugged. “We don’t know yet, we are only taking our chances. So, are you going to call Kimberly or what?”

“I don’t know.”

“Zoommmm…..come on already.” Ini said, as she tried driving the food towards the baby’s mouth. “Are you really not going to eat? I am the only one who cares for you. The Old woman left you and hasn’t even returned.”

The baby chuckled softly

“Seems like you are used to her leaving you alone, right?” Ini asked, laughing. “Now, let’s try this.” She attempted to feed the baby again and this time it was successful. “Bravo! Now, that’s what I am talking about.”

The door flung open and Marcus mother came in. “EH! Who are you? Kidnapper!!!”

“Calm down, Mama.” Ini retorted, unnerved. “Why would you leave a baby in this house all by herself?”

She stared aggressively at Ini. “My name na Agnes and I go show you say u no fit come inside person house thief pikin.” She rambled in her thick Pidgin English accent.

Ini dropped the baby kindly and she soon started to cry. “Are you Marcus’s mother?”

“Yes, na me born my pikin.”

Ini nodded and pulled out her phone. “I would be dialing Marcus this instant and of course, maybe the local police for this unfair treatment towards this little baby.”

“Na my pikin’s pikin.” She yelled and reached out for Ini’s blouse. “You no go comot for here today. Na the whole area go know say you come thief pikin.”

Ini dodged her swiftly, allowing her plunge into the nearby chair. “Are you alright?” she asked as Agnes yelled out in pain. “Are you hurt?”

“Yeh!!! Ewo!!! My back o! This witch as broken my back! I go kill you today, allow me stand up.”

Ini shook her head and picked her bag from the chair. “You should really take care of this child and never leave her by herself.”

The door opened and Marcus came in. “Mama, I think I forgot…” He paused looking startled as he saw Ini.

Wole pulled up in the garage. “Are you sure about this? I don’t want to pressurize you.”

“I am here already.”

He took a deep breath. “I would be glad to have you living with me, but don’t make it look like an assurance that you won’t run off to Tolu.”

“Wole, I want you to trust me a little more. Maybe if I stayed with you, it could help.” She pushed the door open and stepped out.

He opened the trunk and picked her bag. “Tola, we don’t need to go through this.”

“Wole, are you showing me in or not?”

He took a deep breath. “This way please.”

Tola walked behind him as they walked into his house. He stopped in front of a room. “Why are we stopping?”

“This is the guest room.” He said, as he pushed the door open.

She scoffed as she came in after him. “Guest room?”

He nodded with a smile. “From the first day I set my eyes on you, your figure and everything, I swore to respect you until the day we are married.”

“Married?” she laughed.

He nodded. “Yes. I pray I can marry you someday, but I won’t be able to keep that vow if I see you every time beside me.”

She smiled and walked up to him. She tiptoed as she played with his tie. “Why are you such a coward, Wole?”

He clenched his fists and stepped back. “Tola, I would call someone to help you settle in.”

She bit her lip. “I want you.”


She placed her lips against his half opened lips and kissed him tenderly. His heart raced firmly and she could almost feel his heart beat with so much tenacity. She undid the first button of his shirt and he held her hand as he stepped back. “I am sorry.” He said, and walked out.

“Seriously?” She said to herself with a smile.

Bolu dropped his call. “Tunji, I just got off the phone with one of my boys at the hospital and he said Wura is doing better.” He took his seat. “We should take advantage of this, and dump her with Elizabeth, I am sure the poor fool is bored.”

“That is if she isn’t dead. Have you ever thought of the possibility of her death? When last did you check on her?

Bolu took a deep breath. “Truth be told, I have forgotten the name of the place where I have her, but I know it is here in Nigeria.” He cleared his throat. “That’s the only way that I have been able to hide her from David. I am sure that inquisitive bastard must be searching all facilities abroad by now.”

“I thought you said David supported you? Why are painting him bad?”

Bolu hissed. “You irritate me a lot, Tunji Bankole. We are all the same, there’s no painting here. David just needs a little thickening, he is veering off from the path I trained him, and I think it is because of your daughter.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

Bolu smiled. “You remember how that girl with Cancer died?”

Tunji plunged into his throat. “If you touch my daughter, I will ensure you die a miserable death.”

Bolu pushed him aside. “You fool! Remember we both finished off that girl, don’t step on me. We would go down together.”

“I didn’t want us to kill her.”

Bolu laughed wickedly. “Tunji, your intention doesn’t count. Even in the court of law, it won’t.”

“What if I tell them you bribed the forensics?”

Bolu smiled. “Tunji Bankole, keep to your own end of the deal, buy off Millaroca and let’s make some money.” His face was stern now as he continued. “I would pretend as if your threats mean nothing, but if you step on me, Wura won’t join Elizabeth, we would bury her next week.” he concluded and walked out.

Tunji picked his phone and dialed. “This is Professor Bankole, I would love to talk to the commissioner of Police.”

I took a deep breath as Ben pulled up in front of the house. I could see David waiting at the door.

“What is he doing here?” Ben asked.

I stared at him. “Thanks for the ride.” I said, and stepped out. “Hi David.” I said, with a smile.

He smiled and kissed me. “Hey…how are you?” he asked.

“Kimberly, would the article be ready tomorrow?” Ben asked.

I rolled my eyes before I turned to stare at him. “Of course, Ben.”

He shook his head and walked away into his car and drove off.

David held my hand. “What’s between you and that guy?”

“You know…he likes me, but I like you.” I said, with a smile.

He nodded and walked up to the door. I opened the door. “Seems like we are alone. No sign of Ini or Tola.” I said, as I dropped my bag on the chair. “Do you want a drink or a quick fix of food or something?”

He cleared his throat. “Food is good.”

“Of course.” I snarled. “Food is good.” I left for the kitchen. I fetched the frying pan and some large eggs. I turned to see David lingering by the kitchen door, he smiled. “How long have you been there?” I asked. He didn’t say a word, he kept smiling. “What?”

He didn’t say a word. I shook my head and focused on slicing the plantain. I closed my eyes as I felt his hand around my waist. “I love you, Kim.” He said softly.

“Me too…” I replied, numbly.

He used his finger to pull my hair back as he kissed my neck. Jesus! I would never wear perfumes on my neck anymore! “Kim, I love you.”

I wriggled gently from his grip. “Are you alright?” I asked, comically. “You have said ‘I love you like twice’”

He smiled. “Ya…I know.”

I mean, even if I was going to lose my virginity to the man I love, why would it be in the kitchen? Anyway, I believe in the bed is best undefiled, so David had better wait! I reprimanded him in my heart as I titled him gently back to the living room. “You would have your dinner soon.” I emphasized and returned to the kitchen. “Jesus, that was close.” I repeated the sign of the cross. It’s not like I particularly believed I would be shielded from ‘evils’, speaking in context of what might have happened or might happen, but I could use the extra precaution, right?

I returned to the dining with plantain and fried eggs and placed them on the dining table. “David?” There was no response. “David?” I called again.

I finally checked in the living room and he was already asleep. “Seriously?” I tapped him gently. “David.” There was no response so I smacked him hard. “Stand up.”

He held his head as he stared at me. “That was unfair.”

“You faked it, right?”

He smiled. “Yeah…what would you do about that?” he asked, as he jumped up. “Where’s the food?”

I led him to the dining table. “Here you go.”

He took his seat. “Bless this food, Lord.” He dug his fork into the food and started to eat, much to my amazement.
Marcus was quiet as they ate dinner. He kept his gaze on Ini; the table was almost silent until his mother broke the silence. “Marcus! Is this the woman you claim to be in love with?”

Ini stared at him with the ‘What is she saying?’ look. He cleared his throat. “Mom, eat your food, I have to take my guest out now.”

“EH…she had better not be the one oh! This one that looks like something that has not eaten because she must be a model.” She turned her gaze firmly on Ini. “Are you a model?”

Ini scoffed. “I have been here all the while when you spoke to your son as though I was absent, you might as well face him and ask all the questions.”

“Marcus, this one is rude. Thank God you forgot something and had to come back home, she would have beaten me up.”

Marcus placed his hand on Ini’s. “Please, show some respect for my mother.”

Ini nodded. “Of course, Marcus.” She drew her chair back. “I’ll be in the car. It’s packed outside near the street’s transformer.” She said, and took her plate to the kitchen. “Nice meeting you, ma. Try not to leave a baby alone next time.” She said, and walked out.

Marcus stared at his mother. “Mama, did you leave Amara alone?”

Agnes mumbled over a few words. “I went to have a few drinks with Uzo’s mother, her son, Uzo, just arrived from Europe…erm…he was in erm…I think she said Burundi.”

Marcus hissed. “Burundi? So, Burundi is in Europe, Mama?”

“Yes, that’s what Patricia told me.”

Marcus laughed. “You friends really enjoy deceiving you, Mama. Burundi is in Africa.” He rose to his feet. “So you left Amara in to have drinks? Mama, what if Ini hadn’t come in here? So, my daughter would just be left to herself. You should be grateful to Ini.” He said, and walked out.

He opened the door of the car and took his seat. “How did you know my house?”

Ini took off her shades. “Marcus, you couldn’t hide it forever, could you?”


She scoffed. “So Chioma was with a child and left her with you?”

He relaxed into the chair. “You had no right to trace me home.”

“How long would you have kept this from me? I am your friend, Marcus. You have a baby, and you hid her from me, why?”

He blinked. “You want to know why?”

She nodded. “Yes, I want to know why.”

“Because you are selfish, you only care about yourself, if you knew I had her, would you have let me work with you?” he paused. “You would have ridiculed me, laughed about it, made me feel little.”

She brushed some hair from her face. “What are you saying, Marcus?”

“Exactly what you can hear. I told you I love you, how did you react? You made me feel inferior, like I didn’t deserve to love you, and I know I am not worth it, but would you even let me try. How would I then tell you about my daughter, and you wouldn’t judge me?”

Ini took a deep breath. “Marcus, you don’t know me.”

“Really? Tell me about you. What else don’t I know? You are too good for everyone else except you, you are selfish, Ini Obong.”

She slammed the steering. “Get out!”

He scoffed. “Exactly, face it, you don’t like who you are, I suggest you change it.”

Ini wiped a tear drop from her eye. “Get out of my car.” She yelled. He nodded. She pushed the lock open and pushed Marcus out as she sped off.

Tola opened the door to the study and stood by the door way in her bathrobe. “Wole, did you actually run away from me?”

He cleared his throat and adjusted in his chair. “I had to take my bath.”

“And now that you have had your bath?”

Wole clenched his fists. “Tola, I am taking you home tomorrow.”

She smiled. “Are you ever gonna marry me?”

“I want to. I pray you allow me.”

She shook her head in disagreement. “I don’t think I want to marry you.”

His jaw dropped. “Why?”

“Wole, you are scared of me.” she replied.

He shook his head in disagreement. “I am not; I just don’t want us to do anything we would regret.”

“We are adults, Wole. What could we possibly regret, what’s the worst that could happen?” she asked, as she paced round in the study.

He scratched his head. “You could get pregnant.”

“Exactly. I am not too young to be pregnant.”

He nodded. “I know, but I want us to be a real couple, in the sight of God and man before anything could happen between us intimately.”

She pursed her lips and sat on his table. “I never knew that you were this religious.”

He nodded. “It is not about being religious. I won’t dishonor any woman until I make her my wife.”

She smiled. “I can’t believe this. I have to buy lingerie.”

He chuckled.

David stacked the dishes as I washed them. “Do you really do things like this?”

“Like Dishes?”

I nodded. “Yes, It’s really special.”

He smiled. “I see…I like helping out.”

I nodded. “Good. You are going to make a pretty good husband.”

“Nooooo…won’t help you do the dishes then.” He laughed. I frowned. “Just kidding.” He replied.

I smiled and left for the living room. He followed. “How is Elizabeth?”

I stared at him. “Ms. Elizabeth, right? My friend?”

He nodded. “Yes. How is she?”

“She would be better.” I replied as I sank into a chair. “Right now, I am more concerned with things at the office, there’s going to be a takeover at Millaroca unless we make a major sale before Monday.”

He stared at me as he took his seat beside me. “Take over. Hmmm…I surely have missed a lot since I was suspended.” He stretched out and lay on my lap. “Perfect!” he said with some gusto.

I smiled as I played with his hair. “David.”

“Yea…” he said, sloppily.

“Do you know who wants to buy Millaroca?”

He shook his head. “I have no idea.”

I took a deep breath. “David, Ben said…”

“Ben? What has he got to do with this.” He said, cutting in.

I stared at him with a smile. “You are so jealous, David.”

“I am not, I just hate that guy.”

I nodded. “But you have no reason to; I only have eyes for you.”

He smiled. “That’s cheering.”

I tapped his head lightly. “Now, just before you interrupted me, Ben said he saw my father at Millaroca.”

“Are you sure?”

I nodded. “That’s what he said.”

He took a deep breath. “Do you think your father is behind it?”

“You tell me, it seems like you know him better than I do.” I replied, sharply.

He smiled. “Go easy on me.” He took a deep breath. “I can find out if it is your Dad, if you want me to.”

I nodded. “I would love that.”

“So, are you going to see Ms. Elizabeth anytime soon?”

I stared at him. “David, why the sudden interest?”

He cleared his throat as he sat up. “Kimberly, I care about you, and I believe that anything that concerns you should also concern me.”

I nodded. “That’s impressive.” I picked up my phone. “I remember you being jealous the last time I spoke about her, so, this is really special.”

“Well, I’d do anything for you.”

I scoffed. “David, why are you being so nice tonight?” I asked, dialing Tola. He came closer to me. “Hey, I have to make a call.” I said, stepping away from him. “Hey Tola!”

“Yea…” she replied, lazily. “What’s up?”

I stared at David who was looking at the frames on the wall. “Are you sleeping at the office tonight?”

“No. I am at home.”

I gasped. “Home? What home?”

“I am with Wole. I am in his house.”

I smiled. “Wow…so now it’s home.” I jeered.

“Good night, Kimberly.” She said and hung up.

“Another glass, please.” Ini said, as she downed another glass of whisky.

The bartender stared at her. “Ini, it’s been a while since you’ve been here to drink and you haven’t stopped tonight. It is not classy for a lady to drink like this in public.”

“What the f**k is your business? Just pour, it is my money, and I won’t be selfish with it.”

He brought out a bottle of water and dropped it on the table. “Take some water.”

She threw the bottle away. “Just stop this, and give me what I want.”

“I am sorry, but I don’t think you can drive with that amount of alcohol in your system.”

She hissed and grabbed her keys as she walked out.

Tunji Bankole shook hands with the District head. “Thanks a lot for bringing your boys over.”

He nodded. “Anything for a responsible citizen of this country, when the commissioner called, we knew it was very important.”

“So, how are they stationed?”

The D.P.O cleared his throat. “We will have two in her room and two outside. Some men are also around the perimeter, we would also be watching footages provided to us from the hospital. This is a high class facility, they have many things in place here.”

Tunji nodded. “Thank you very much, I just want to take precautions.”

“I understand.”

The D.P.O turned round. “Good evening, Mr. Coker.”

Tunji swallowed hard. Bolu smiled at him. “Is the security tight enough, Tunji? Or do you need more men?”

“No, Mr. Coker. We are competent enough to safeguard Professor (Mrs.) Bankole.”

Bolu nodded. “I bet we can trust in your capacities, right, Mr. Abasi- Itama?”

The D.P.O nodded. “Yes sirs! I would leave you both.” He said, and walked away.

Bolu smiled. “Are you foolish, Tunji?”

“What are you doing here?” Tunji Bankole replied.

Bolu frowned. “I don’t appreciate the way you are going about this, and to be honest, my patience is running out.”

“Why would you threaten to kill Wura?”

He sighed. “I take it back; can you stop all these show here?”

“I don’t trust you, Bolu. You said you won’t hurt Bola, but she died, I won’t take a chance.”

Bolu Coker nodded. “That’s fine, but I want you to remember that no amount of local police can stop whatever I intend to do, if I would.”

“I know. And I would prepare for you.” Tunji replied, and walked away.
Mr. Abasi-Itama took his seat as soon as he returned to the office. “What is it, Sergeant?”

The sergeant did the customary salute. “A lady is here to see you.”

Mr. Abasi-Itama stared at him. “Who is she?”

The Sergeant checked through the paper with him. “Ini Obong.”

“Ini Obong? Send her in.”

The sergeant nodded and left the office.

Ini pushed the door open. “Uncle Eddie.”

“You are drunk, again.” He said, as he helped her to a seat.

She laughed as she snarled. “I just had a few cups, I am not drunk, I drove myself down here.”

He stared at her. “Ini? What is your problem, child? How long would you continue to act like a juvenile?”

“But I didn’t die.” She replied, sloppily.

He looked at the clock. “It is past ten. Why did you come here?”

“I had nowhere else to go, Uncle Eddie.”

He nodded and dialed. “Please send a hot cup of coffee here.” He dropped the intercom. “Do you think your parents would be proud to see you living like this?”

“I have a car, I stay in a very classy apartment and I earn decent.”

The door opened and the sergeant placed a cup of coffee before Ini. “Thank you.” she replied, and sipped carefully. “It is really hot.”

Mr. Abasi – Itama nodded. “That’s exactly what you need, something really hot to steam your brain back to its default settings.” He opened a case file. “Are you ever going to be sober?”

“I was sober until this evening.” She lied.

He nodded. “What you are saying is that someone pushed you a bit and you resulted into alcohol? Ini, this is no way to live.”

She nodded as she finished the coffee. “Uncle Eddie, thank you very much.”

“You are welcome, it’s obvious you were just tipsy then, I expected a show from you.”

She smiled. “I told you that I drove down here.”

He nodded. “So, why exactly are you here? I mean, you won’t just come to see me because you had a few drinks.”

She sat up. “You are right.” She firmed up and cleared her throat. “My name is Ini Obong, and I am here to surrender myself to the law.”

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