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Daring Faith – Episode 9

Daring Faith

Daring Faith

7 Pm, Georgia closed her laptop and stood up.

Finally! She could knock off and head home.

She had decided to work late that day because they had an event within the next two weeks. Amber had left work early because she had a date with Jake.

The entire day, Georgia had tried to keep herself busy to avoid thinking about Kendrick though she couldn’t get past the feeling that he needed to see her. The need to see him made her feel like she was insane.

She grabbed her bag and put her stuff in it before walking out of the office. She unlocked her car and got in then put her key into the ignition and turned to start the car but it wouldn’t start. She tried again but the car wouldn’t barge. ‘’Shit,’’ she cursed before she grabbed her bag and stepped out.

Georgia was tired and she wanted to get home as soon she could, she would call someone to check on the car the next day. There was a taxi rank a few minutes away from her office- humming to herself, she headed over there. As Georgia walked, she suddenly felt a chill run down her spin.

She felt like someone was right behind her, following her. She could feel eyes watching her.

‘’Who’s there,’’ she asked as she turned and looked around her but she saw nothing and no one.

Thinking that it was just her imagination, Georgia picked up her speed.

A minute later, Georgia heard a strange noise and fear coursed over her body, she however continued walking.

Halfway the taxi rank, Georgia suddenly hit her in the back knocking her forward.

She felt her ankle twist and she screamed as the pain hit her.

She was trying to process what had just happened, when someone knelt beside her and held her down. Georgia looked up at the person who had hit her, her heart raced and her body trembled in fear.

A beast, half woman, half wolf stood over her.

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‘’Beautiful,’’ Sadie said, as she sniffed Georgia’s face, down her neck and over her chest.

She also sniffed her hands then licked them.

Georgia screamed as she wriggled under Sadie but she could not get free.

‘’You are beautiful,’’ Sadie said in a cold and dark tone.

‘’No wonder Kendrick couldn’t resist you,’’ she laughed.

‘’What?’’ I asked confused with what was going on.

‘’Kendrick will never be yours, he is not your kind, you don’t belong together,’’ she growled.

‘’I don’t understand,’’ Georgia breathed.

Sadie let out a loud howl and her blue eyes blazed brightly.

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Georgia screamed again and her heart hammered so hard against her ribcage, she feared it would shatter a bone. There was a sort of evil in her eyes that made Georgia’s blood go cold as it surged through her veins.

‘’If you love Liam and you want what’s best for him then you better stay away

from Kendrick,’’ she said.

‘’Please let me go,’’ she pleaded.

‘’Are we clear?’’

‘’Ye, yes,’’ she stammered.

‘’I will let you go for now but if we cross paths again, you are dead meat.’’ ‘’Okay,’’ Georgia responded.

‘’Good, ‘’ said Sadie before she fully shifted into wolf form. Then she growled at Georgia and began running.

Georgia’s heart continued to beat harder and faster.

And she felt her head spin and her strength leave her.

This was the scariest thing that Georgia had ever witnessed.

A moment later, her vision blurred and it was lights out for her.

Kendrick was agitated, he was going crazy and he didn’t know how much more he could stand.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

He hadn’t heard from Georgia since the last time they met at the hotel.

He had tried to call her the previous night and his call had gone straight to voicemail. He had tried to call her again today but for one reason or another he couldn’t get through to her.

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He couldn’t stop thinking about her now more than ever, somehow he couldn’t get past the feeling that something bad had happened to her and that she needed him. His heart was aching, the thought of Georgia being in trouble scared him, he wanted to hear her voice even just for a second- just to be sure she was safe and sound.

All of a sudden, the smell of fresh blood hit Kendrick’s nose and he turned. Sadie had just walked into the house she was naked and was covered in blood. From her appearance he knew that she had gone hunting plus she still had a piece of human meat in her hand.

‘’Want some?’’ she asked

‘’Sure,’’ he responded, he hadn’t had human meat in a long time.

She gave him a piece and when he sniffed the meat, he could detect that the victim was a woman.

‘’Who was the unlucky woman?’’ he asked

‘’Some bitch I caught in our territory,’’ she responded.

‘’I see,’’ he laughed.

‘’I saw your girl today, she is beautiful,’’ Sadie said as she took a bite of her meat.

‘’My girl?’’ he shot her a questioning look.


Kendrick’s heart suddenly slammed hard against his chest.

‘’What have you done to her?’’ he yelled.

‘’Nothing yet.’’

‘’And what is that supposed to mean?’’

‘’I just passed off a message to her that’s all.’’

‘’You bitch,’’ he roared and jumped on her. Sadie fell backwards.

‘’Let me go!’’ she screamed.

‘Stop it! ’Their auntie yelled as she separated them.

‘’What the hell is wrong with you?’’ she questioned.

‘’This is all her fault,’’ Kendrick pointed at Sadie.

‘’I wasn’t the one who—-,’’ Sadie began but was cut off by their auntie.

‘’To my chambers now!’’ She yelled.

To be continued…

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