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Daring Faith – Episode 2

Daring Faith

Daring Faith

‘’Our souls have been waiting lifetimes for our hearts to finally meet.”’ ~~~~

Kendrick opened the passenger door for Georgia and she carefully slid into her seat.

After that he walked around the car to his door.

He jumped in and took his seat then he put the car key in the ignition switch and started the car up.

‘’So where are you taking me?’’ she asked

‘’You will find out soon enough,’’ he responded smilingly.

She smiled back at him before she pulled her phone from her pocket and texted Amber.

‘’I am safe don’t worry about me,’’ the text read.

Amber didn’t respond to the message, she was busy making out with her boyfriend Jake and her phone was in her clutch. The rest of the way of the way Kendrick and Georgia chatted about random stuff.

Even if Georgia had no idea where Kendrick was taking her, she wasn’t afraid.

In truth she felt strongly comforted by his presence.

She felt safe.

For the next hour, Kendrick drove in circles before he finally found a perfect spot and parked.

Then he got out of the car and went around to the other side.

He opened the door for Georgia, took her hand and helped her out of the car.

He held her hand as they walked together through the woods.

They walked in silence surrounded by the stillness of the trees to a small grass hill. Finally after walking for a few minutes, they found a perfect spot where they lay down on their backs looking up into the sky. The night was clear and cool, bright stars shone in the sky.

Kendrick and Georgia lay in a comfortable silence for a moment just enjoying each other’s presence

There was something about being together that felt right. It honestly felt like they had known each other forever. ‘’What’s on your mind?’’ he asked ‘’Nothing really,’’ she responded


‘’You have been awfully quiet as well, what’s on your mind?’’ she asked ‘’You,’’ he responded.

‘’Me?’’ she asked turning to look at him, her eyes shining brightly in the dark ‘’Yes, you are in my thoughts,’’ he said ‘’I see.’’

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‘’You want me to be honest with you?’’ he asked ‘’Yes.’’

‘’I know this might sound strange I don’t even know how to explain it but I like you a lot, it’s like there is this magnetic force between us- it’s more my heart is connected to yours by a rope and it’s pulling me to you,’’ he said.

Georgia’s heart pounded and a mixture of emotions that were anew within her enveloped her body.

She felt a connection to him that she had never felt before not even with Liam. ‘’Do you feel the same?’’ he asked

Georgia was conflicted, she loved Liam and their relationship was stable and healthy but Kendrick awakened passions that she never knew existed.

‘’I have never felt like this for anyone,’’ he said

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Georgia knew everything about this situation was wrong but she could not find the courage to do the right thing- which was to walk away from him.

‘’I feel like you belong to me and our hearts have intertwined into perfect harmony.’’

Before she could respond, Kendrick moved closer and pressed his lips on hers. Georgia did not resist, she closed her eyes as his tongue went deeper into her mouth caressing her tongue, she let him explore her mouth as she pulled him closer.

As the kiss got heated, Kendrick couldn’t control himself, he slipped her top off and tossed it on the other side before he grasped her zipper and quickly removed her shorts.

In split second, he removed her panties and she lay naked on the grass.

To Georgia’s surprise, she didn’t feel ashamed or vulnerable, she felt safe.

And at this moment thoughts of Liam were far from her mind.

He looked at her for a second and drew in some air before he slowly released it. ‘’You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,’’ he whispered mesmerized by her beauty.

Georgia smiled, she felt appreciated and loved.

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Kendrick quickly removed his trousers and t-shirts then he slipped off his boxers and laid down on top of her placing her face just inches from hers, staring into her eyes.

‘’You are sure?’’ he asked

‘’Yes,’’ she responded, she had never been more sure about anything in her entire life.

That was the only assurance that Kendrick needed before sliding himself into her while still staring into her eyes the whole time.

‘’Georgia!” he said as he unhurriedly and lovingly made love to her.

Georgia was overwhelmed with joy and she felt like screaming in sheer delight. There was a way his hands touched every part of her body which made her feel more alive than she had ever known she could. ~~~~~~

After they finished making love, they remained wrapped in each other’s arms.

Kendrick pulled Georgia close to him and they soon dozed off.

Kendrick awoke several minutes later, he looked at her and the thought of heading home without her made his heart ache. He wanted the moment to go on forever but it was getting late and he needed to drive her back.

‘’Sweetie,’’ he stroked the side of her head.

‘’Uhm,’’ she yawned silently.

‘’It’s time to—–,’’

‘’Time to go,’’ she finished the sentence with a deep sigh ‘’I wish this could go on forever,’’ he said.

‘’If wishes were horses, beggars would ride,’’ she smiled as she got to her feet.

She quickly got dressed and so did he.

And then they walked back to his car, as usual he helped her into the car before going round to his side.

As he drove, Kendrick placed his hand on her thigh and his fingers gently squeezed her.

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Georgia tried as hard as she could to forget about what had just happened, she badly wanted it to be a dream or just a figment of her imagination.

She felt bad for cheating on Liam but she didn’t regret having sex with Kendrick and given another chance she would probably give herself to him again. Suddenly overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions, Georgia felt tears roll down her cheeks she quickly turned and stared out of the window because she didn’t want Kendrick to know she was crying.

Even though Georgia was silently crying, Kendrick’s ears detected the quiet sounds and he suddenly stopped the car.

‘’Sweetie, what’s wrong?”’ he asked, ‘’Are you okay?’’

She quickly wiped her face and looked at him, ‘’I am fine.’’

‘’Did I hurt you?’’


‘’Why the tears?’’

‘’I am fine,’’ she assured him.

‘’It breaks my heart to see you crying.’’

‘’I am okay,’’ she smiled.

‘’I hope you don’t think I just used you for sex, you are not a one night stand to

me, I promise.’’

‘’I am fine.’’

‘’You are sure?’’


‘’Okay,’’ he said before he leaned in and began kissing her tears away.

Before they knew it, the pair was kissing each other with increasing passion. After an eternity of heated kissing, they finally pulled away from each other.

‘’I got carried away,’’ he said and she just smiled at him.

When it came to Georgia, Kendrick couldn’t control himself he could make love to her again and again without getting tired. Georgia on the other hand couldn’t

understand what hold Kendrick had over her, all she knew was that whenever he touched her in anyway, her body responded and melted into his.

‘’You are okay?’’ he asked again, breaking the silence.

Her phone chose that same exact moment to ring.

She pulled it out of her purse and answered without checking the caller ID. ‘’I have just seen your message, where are you?’’ Amber asked ‘’I am heading home.’’


‘’Long story.’’

‘’I might not be coming home tonight Jake and I have some unfinished business.’’ ‘’Whore,’’ she responded.

‘’I am my man’s whore,’’ Amber laughed.


‘’Take good care of yourself I will see you tomorrow.’’ ‘’Sure.’’

After ending the call with Amber, Georgia checked her unread messages, there was one from Liam, which read, ‘’Babe, I hope you are having fun at the party, I miss you, I wish I was there with you.’’

‘’I had fun, I am heading home now,’’ she sadly responded. ‘’Drive safely,’’ he responded almost immediately. ‘’Thanks babe and work well.’’ ‘’I love you.’’

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‘’I love you too,’’ she responded even though her heart ached as she typed those three words. She had always been so sure about her love for Liam but now she had so many unanswered questions.

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