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Daring Faith – Episode 15 [Completed]

Daring Faith

Daring Faith

‘’When we are asleep in this world, we are awake in another,’’ Salvador Dail ***

Amber was in her room getting ready for her lunch date with Jake when she heard Georgia scream at the top of her lungs, she stopped what she was doing and ran down the hallway to Georgia’s room.

She rushed into her room to find Georgia screaming in her sleep and tears were streaming down the sides of her face.

‘’Wake up,’’ Amber said as she shook Georgia violently.

‘’Wake up, please it’s just a dream,’’ she pleaded as she continued to shake her.

When Georgia’s eyes finally popped open she let out a loud high shrieking wail.

Her heart was beating wildly and she was shaking like a leaf.

’It’s okay,’’ Amber said as she put her arms around her and tried to calm her down.

Georgia clung on tight to Amber as if her life depended on it.

Amber wondered what sort of nightmare she would have had to cause this. She was freaking out way too much, this is the first time she had seen Georgia this scared.

‘’Gee!’’ she pulled away after a few minutes so she could look at her face.

Tears were still streaming down her face and she was still crying hard.

‘’What happened? What did you dream of?’’ Liam worriedly asked.

‘’Where is Liam?’’ she asked in between sobs.

‘’He should be at his house.’’

‘’I want to see Liam,’’ she said almost panicking.

‘’Let me call him,’’ Amber said.

Then she quickly grabbed Georgia’s phone and dialed Liam’s number.

‘’Babe!’’ he answered almost immediately.

‘’Hey Liam, Amber here I need you to come to the house ASAP.’’ ‘’What’s going on? Is Gee okay?’’

‘’I don’t know what’s going on but please come.’’ ‘’Okay,’’ he said.

She ended the call and put the phone back on the table.

‘’Let me get you some water,’’ Amber said.


Georgia was confused, the dream was still was still so fresh and so real. She would only get to believe that it was truly a dream once she saw Liam alive. Amber walked back into the room and handed her some water.

Then she sat next to her, she was still waiting for an explanation but she wasn’t going to push it. Georgia would tell her whenever she was ready.

Georgia rapidly drunk her water and handed back the cup to Amber.

‘’You feel better?’’ Amber asked

‘’Yes,’’ she nodded her head.

Amber moved closer and felt Georgia’s head and noticed she felt very warm.

‘’I think you are running a fever,’’ she said.

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‘’I will be fine, ’Georgia responded.

They sat in silence for a long time, Georgia was lying on Amber’s laps and Amber was patting her back slowly. After twenty minutes, there was a knock on the door, Amber stood up and went to open the door.

‘’Hey!’’ Liam said.

‘’Come in,’’ she stepped aside and let him in before she closed the door behind her back then they headed for Georgia’s room.

The minute Liam walked into her room, she jumped off the bed and flung herself into his arms and held him tight enough to take his breath away. Then she started crying.

‘’Babe,’’ Liam worriedly said.

‘’Thank God you are alive,’’ she said over and over again.

‘’what are you talking about?’’ she asked.

‘’Wolf…. Wolf… Babe this man who turned into a wolf killed you and he turned

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me into a wolf too,’’ she took gulps of air. ‘’I thought you were dead.’’

‘’Babe there’s no such thing as people turning into wolves, that only happens in movies and books, you just had a nightmare,’’ he said. ‘’It was just a dream Gee,’’ Amber added.

‘’It felt so real,’’ she said.

Liam wiped her face with the back of his palm and led her back to the bed. Amber

had to text Josh to cancel the lunch date she didn’t want to leave Georgia’s side.

‘’I will prepare something for you to eat, you should take a bath so you feel

better,’’ Amber said.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


When Amber walked out, Liam helped Georgia undress and he led her to the bathroom, then he ran the bath warm water for her.

She got into the bathtub and he waited for her as she bathed.

When she was done, he handed her a towel and she wrapped it around her body as she stepped out then they walked back into her room. She dried her body then she got dressed.

A few minutes later, Amber walked into the room with the food.

‘’Thank you,’’ she whispered.

She sat on the bed and quietly ate, after that she decided to narrate her dream to them. In her dream she had met a man who turned out to be a werewolf.

She told them everything leaving out no details and by the time she was done, they all had a good laugh about it.

‘’Thank God it was all a dream,’’ Amber said.

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‘’Yes, because I would have killed that wolf long before he killed me for messing with my woman,’’ Liam said.

‘’I just love you both and I am glad it was all but a bad dream, I would have never forgiven myself if anything bad had happened to you.’’

‘’And that sure was a long dream, you should stop oversleeping,’’ Amber said.

Georgia rolled her eyes at her.

‘’Who sleeps up to 13 hours?’’ she asked.

‘’Just leave me alone.’’

‘’Ka wolf,’’ she laughed.

‘Don’t even start.’

‘’Anyway now that you are okay and your man is here with you, I have to go and see my man, ‘’ Amber winked at Georgia.

‘’I know what that means,’’ Georgia responded.

‘’Your mind is just corrupt.’’

‘’My lips are zipped,’’ she said and they burst out laughing.

‘’Anyway I have to go,’’ she walked closer to her and they shared a hug.

‘’I love you,’’ Amber said.

‘’I love you too sis,’’ responded Georgia.

‘’I will see you later Liam, take care of her for me.’’ ‘’Sure, have some fun.’’

‘’Thank you,’’ she said and with that, she was gone.

‘’What do you want us to do?’’ Liam asked.

‘’How about we watch a movie,’’ she said.


They lay on her bed and she turned on the television then they went through the channels before they finally settled for a romantic comedy.

Halfway through the movie, they started kissing. They kissed for a long time before they started undressing each other, when they were both completely naked, he got on top of her and plunged into her body and she moaned in pleasure.

What they shared was special Georgia wouldn’t trade this for anything else.

She knew Liam loved her a lot and each time he made love to her, she always felt his love for her, it was always so tender and soft, it made her complete.

‘’Oh Liam,’’ she shut her eyes and breathed into his neck.

‘’Georgia!’’ Liam whispered, he loved her more than life itself and he too wouldn’t trade her for anything, what he shared with her he couldn’t share with another.

After that intense love making, he wrapped her in his arms.

‘’I love you,’’ Liam said.

‘’And I love you even more, you’ve always been the one,’’ she smiled.

And with that, they both closed their eyes and slept.


-Writing to Heal-

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