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Daring Faith – Episode 14

Daring Faith

Daring Faith

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Georgia was lost in the moment, even though she had sworn that this would not happen again, she couldn’t resist Kendrick no matter how hard she tried. Finally she succumbed to the desire and surrendered.

Kendrick slammed into her, going deep and hard immediately.

Allowing his wolf side to take control, he made love to her until she was bruised

with pleasure and exhaustion.

Until she was marked and claimed!

And by the time they were done, none of them had the strength to talk.

The sex had been magical as usual, every time felt better and different. Neither had ever felt this kind of depth before.

A minute later, he wrapped her in his arms and they both fell asleep.

For the tenth time in the last three minutes, Amber glanced at her watch, two hours had past and yet she couldn’t get through to Georgia. Amber didn’t know whether to be worried or angry.

She had completed her part of the plan effectively and she had been waiting on Georgia’s call so they could finally get this over and done with but as usual Georgia was quiet.

Amber had tried to call Georgia in the last two hours but her phone kept taking her straight to voicemail.

From the start she had known Georgia would sabotage the plan but because she loved her cousin she had decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. But at this point, Amber had so many questions.

‘’What next?’’ Jacob asked.

Jacob was one of the men they had hired to help them.

Amber looked at Sadie, she was passed out on the bed and it would take time for her to wake up.

‘’I think we will go to that hotel and find out what is happening, one of you will

remain here to watch over Sadie.’’


Amber slid her feet into her sneakers then she wore her glasses and wig. After that she grabbed her car keys and they were good to go. ****

Sadie had been home restlessly pacing back and forth trying to think of a way to get back at Georgia for coming back into Kendrick’s life at a point when she was making so much progress with him.

Her phone had chosen that time to ring and she had picked it up without checking the caller ID.

‘’Hello!’’ she had said.

‘’Hello, I am talking to Sadie?’’ A man with a deep male voice asked. ‘’Yes, who am I talking to?’’

‘’My identity doesn’t matter but you and I have something in common.’’

‘’Which is?’’

‘’Georgia,’’ responded the caller.

‘’And what do I have to do with Georgia?’’

‘’You want her dead because she has been after your man, I want her dead because she was cheating on my brother and she got him killed.’’ ‘’I see.’’

‘’I want us to meet up so we can talk about this further.’’ ‘’And why should I trust you?’’ ‘’That’s a risk you will have to take.’’

‘’I see.’’

‘’You could take it or leave it.’’

‘’I will take it,’’ responded Sadie, she knew this was dangerous but she was willing to risk it all for her man and child.

And so, she and the strange caller agreed to meet.

But Sadie had no idea what was waiting for her on the other side.

When she walked into the house where she and Jacob where meeting from, he didn’t even give her a chance to talk.

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He blew wolfsbane powder at her and she instantly fell unconscious to the ground.

And then she was tied to the bed.

This was exactly what Georgia had been tasked to do, blow the powder in Kendrick’s face, tie him up and then call Amber for step two of the plan.

During their research, Amber and Georgia had come across wolfsbane, a poisonous

plant that had the power to make werewolf’s unconscious and prevent shape



They finally got to the hotel and Amber had to pay a huge sum of money to the people in charge to be allowed into Kendrick’s room at the hotel.

Georgia awoke to the sound of a soft knock at the door.

She slowly got out of the bed to avoid waking Kendrick up then she wrapped a towel around her waist and opened the door thinking it was room service.

‘’Really?’’ Amber asked, eyeing Georgia from head to toe.

‘’Holy shit!’’ Georgia said.

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She had even forgotten what she had come to do.

‘’I got carried away.’’

‘’As usual,’’ Amber said accusingly.

‘’Babe, who’s there?’’ Kendrick asked as he yawned loudly.

But before Georgia could respond, Amber pushed her aside, marched into the room and blew the powder in Kendrick’s face.

Kendrick had no idea what had happened to him, he felt like someone had hit him hard in the head and his vision became blurry. He tried to keep his eyes open but he couldn’t, it wasn’t long before he fell into a deep slumber. ‘’Get dressed,’’ Amber said.

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‘’I am sorry i—,’’

‘’Save your explanation for someone else,’’ she cut her off.

Georgia knew she had messed up and once more she had failed Liam.

‘’How do we get him out of here?’’ she asked when she was fully clothed.

‘’I have that already settled,’’ Amber angrily responded.

This wasn’t her fight after all but it seemed like she was doing more than Georgia.

‘’Amber I am sorry,’’ Georgia tried to hold her but she moved a step behind.

‘’For what exactly?” Amber yelled.

‘’I got carried away,’’ responded Georgia.

‘’You always get carried away don’t you?’’ she mocked.

‘’You wouldn’t understand.’’

‘’It’s your fault that Liam is dead and just this once that you were supposed to do

something for him you have failed.’’

‘’I am sorry,’’ she cried.

‘’Whatever,’’ Amber said before she walked out.

Georgia used that time to help Kendrick dressed.

Amber returned several minutes later with some men who helped carry Kendrick

to her car outside and they drove home.


Two Hours later,

When both Sadie and Kendrick awoke, they found themselves in a strange room and they were both tied up to different beds.

They tried to break the ropes using their power but surprisingly they both couldn’t do that neither did they feel their wolf power resurfacing.

‘’What is going on?’’ Sadie asked.

‘’I don’t know.’’

The door opened a minute later and Amber and Georgia walked in. ‘’Georgia! What have you done?’’ he asked

Georgia couldn’t even look him in the eye, she had a mixture of emotions- a part of her wanted him dead but another part wanted to save him.

‘’You took something from her, we shall take something from you too,’’ Amber said. Amber’s heart was as cold as ice, she wanted this over and done with- she was blood thirst.

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‘’You tricked me?’’ Sadie said when she saw Jacob.

He didn’t respond.

‘’So it was you all along?’’ she asked Georgia.

Georgia too didn’t respond.

‘’Please don’t do this,’’ Kendrick said.

Sadie looked at Kendrick, ‘’Humans are all the same and now history is gonna

repeat itself, I told you so,’’ she yelled.

‘’Untie her,’’ Amber told Jacob.

Jacob untied her and made her sit on the floor.

‘’What are you gonna do?’’ Sadie asked clutching her stomach

She was scared that she couldn’t defend herself she had no idea what they had done to weaken her powers.

‘’Leave her out of this!’’ Kendrick yelled.

Amber laughed, ‘’an eye for an eye,’’ she said.

Then she looked at Georgia, ‘’Will you do it or I should?’’

‘’Go ahead,’’ Georgia said.

‘’Gladly,’’ she smiled.

Then Jacob handed her a spear. This was not an ordinary spear- the spear had silver plated blades that were specially intended to kill werewolves.

‘’This is for Liam,’’ she said.

And without giving it a second thought, she lunged with her spear.

The spear stabbed Sadie in her stomach and she let out an antagonizing cry.

‘’Please don’t,’’ Kendrick pleaded.

‘’Liam pleaded for you to stop but you didn’t,’’ she shot back.

Then she continued stabbing Sadie to a blooded pulp over and over again. For the first time since he was born, Kendrick felt helpless and he cried. He couldn’t believe he had just watched Amber kill Sadie and his son.

After several harrowing minutes, she finally stopped.

Amber was covered in blood and so was the floor.

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‘’What have I done?’’ she thought to herself as she stared at the gruesome scene before her.

‘’Oh God!’’ Georgia cried.

And then she started throwing up, she threw up until there was nothing left in her stomach but yellow bile.

‘’It’s your turn!’’ Amber said

Georgia shook her head, ‘’No.’’

‘’You have to,’’ Amber said. ‘’For Liam.’’

‘’I think you have done more than enough, we should let him go,’’ she pleaded.

‘’Just kill me,’’ Kendrick said.

Amber handed the spear to Georgia but Georgia dropped it to the ground.

‘’Untie him!’’ Amber yelled.

‘’Don’t!’’ yelled Georgia.

‘’I said untie him.’’

‘’And I said don’t.’’

Amber laughed, ‘’has it gotten to this?’’

‘’You have already killed his woman and child let him go.’’ ‘’No,’’ Amber said

‘’I am warning you Amber,’’ Georgia said ‘’Do your worst.’’

Georgia felt the heat start to build up inside of her and she was ready to explode.

She looked at Amber with a cold stare.

When Amber charged at Kendrick and stabbed him, Georgia lost it.

And the unexpected happened.

She felt her bones cracking and before long she was on the ground writhing, her body was covered in fur.

‘’Georgia!’’ Amber let out a shriek.

Kendrick who was bleeding profusely stared at Georgia amazed at how quick Georgia had transformed.

Georgia let out a loud growl before she pounced on Amber and dug her claws into her skin.

A sharp pain radiated up Amber’s back and she cried.

Just then, Jacob grabbed the spear from the floor and stabbed Georgia.

Georgia howled and fell down.

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