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Daring Faith – Episode 12

Daring Faith

Daring Faith

Kendrick swallowed the hot bloody flesh.

Liam breathed his last and died without making a single sound.

He was about to start eating Liam’s corpse when Amber walked into the house. Amber had also received a message from a strange number telling her to head back home and check on Georgia and when she saw Liam’s missed calls- she stormed out of the meeting and rushed home.

The sight that met Amber’s eye made her weak with fear and let out a blood curdling scream which started Kendrick. He howled awfully before he ran away.

‘’OMG! OMG!’’ Amber cried.

This was the most horrific thing she had ever witnessed and it would traumatize her for life.

With shaking hands she reached for her phone and dialed 911 told the dispatcher about what was going on.

It seemed like eternity when the police and ambulance arrived.

The cars pulled up in front of the house and the police and the medical personal stepped out.

When they walked into the house, they too were shocked with what they saw. They asked Amber a few questions but her answers weren’t making too much sense because she was still shaken.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

‘’This one is dead,’’ they said before they wrapped Kendrick up in a white sheet.

Then they also put Georgia on the stretcher and left for the hospital.

Amber couldn’t drive, she booked a taxi to the hospital and when she got there, she called Josh and asked him to join her.

Amber still couldn’t believe that Liam was dead. She hoped and prayed that the wolf had not done anything to Georgia. She restlessly paced back and forth the hallway as she waited for news from the doctor.

Kendrick ran home at top speed, he only slowed down when he reached an area with plenty of bushes and trees.

And there he transformed back into his human form and walked home.

When he walked into the house, Sadie was in the living room dancing around she seemed to be in a happy mood.

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The scent of human blood hit Sadie’s nose and when she turned around, she locked eyes with locked eyes with Kendrick.

There was a familiar emptiness and vulnerability in his eyes.

She walked towards him and held his hand.

‘’You are okay?’’ she asked.

‘’No,’’ he shook his head.

‘’Let me help you,’’ she said, he didn’t object.

She lead him to her room, Sadie knew just what to do to cheer Kendrick up. She made him lay on her bed on his stomach.

Then she poured some liquid on her hands and gently began applying it on his back. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the softness of her hands on his back, this was one way he was able to release the stress in his body.

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Kendrick had not intended on killing Liam but his words had angered him and pushed him to his limit. When he turned into his wolf form there was no going back, the wolf in him was an uncontrollable beast.

And now he was scared that Georgia would never be his, she would hate him for life.

Meanwhile, Amber was still waiting for news from the doctor when she saw Josh she flung herself into his arms and cried.

‘’Babe!’’ he gently rubbed her back.

‘’Babe, I am so scared,’’ she cried.

‘’What happened?’’

‘’I can’t explain it babe,’’ she said.

‘’Please calm down,’’ he said.

She continued crying while holding on to him like his life depended on it. She didn’t know how Georgia would take the news of Liam’s death but one thing was for sure- his death would haunt her for life.

When the doctor finally walked out, Amber was calm Josh had even gotten her some coffee.

‘’Doctor how is she?’’ Amber asked.

‘’She is fine though her blood pressure is a bit high, she must have passed out due

to the shock.’’

‘’Can we see her?’’

‘’Yes but don’t stress her.’’


When the doctor walked out, Georgia sat upright- it seemed she had become a regular patient at the hospital the past few days.

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She closed her eyes and tried to remember what had happened for her to end up here again, the doctor had not said much.

The door creaked open and Amber walked in just as the memories of that day rushed through her mind and she screamed.

‘’Georgia!’’ Amber held her.

‘’Liam!’’ she asked.

She badly wanted to believe that what happened was a bad dream or a figment of her imagination.

‘’Where is Liam?’’ she asked.

‘’You have to come down,’’ Amber said.

‘’Amber tell me it’s not truth, tell me I imagined everything.’’ A tear slid down Amber’s eye confirming Georgia’s worst fears. ‘’He is dead?’’ she asked

‘’Yes,’’ Amber said her voice barely audible.

‘’Liam! No!’’ she screamed. The doctor rushed back into her room and asked her to calm down or else they would sedate her.

Georgia kept quiet instantly. Then she asked if they could take her to where Liam was, she wanted to see him even just for a minute.

‘’Are you sure?’’ Amber asked.



Georgia was lead to the morgue.

Liam was wrapped in a white sheet with just his face showing.

His face looked small and pale. Tears began to stream down her face as she gazed at his handsome face. This was all her fault it should have been her on that death bed and not Liam.

‘’Liam! I am sorry,’’ she said before she sank to the floor and cried endlessly. Her heart ached and her head pounded, as she cried on that cold floor, Georgia wished only death, knowing that life would never be the same.

Georgia was led back to her room but she couldn’t stop crying, she cried until she couldn’t breathe, she was inconsolable.

Amber held Georgia in her hands as she cried, Amber too was silently crying, sharing her pain.

Georgia’s pain came in waves moving throughout her body.

She cried until she could cry no more and finally she slept.

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