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Daring Faith – Episode 10

Daring Faith

Daring Faith

Kendrick and Sadie walked into Auntie Veronica’s chambers. ‘’And what is going on with you too?’’ Auntie Veronica asked ‘’He is in love with a human,’’ Sadie quickly responded.

Kendrick shot her a deadly stare.

‘’Kendrick is that true?’’ Auntie Veronica asked ‘’Yes,’’ he responded.

There was silence for a moment as Auntie Veronica wandered around the room.

Kendrick knew the rules, why was he deliberately breaking them.

Finally when Kendrick couldn’t stand the silence anymore, he said, ‘’I love her auntie and she is different from Carol.’’

Auntie Veronica ran her hand through her hair, ‘’She is human and humans don’t deserve to live,’’ she said.

‘’And you broke the number one rule by sleeping with her,’’ Sadie added.

‘’What the fuck is wrong with you?’’ Kendrick growled.

‘’You are my problem.’’

‘’Stay in your lane Sadie..,’’

‘’Or else what?’’ she asked standing in his face.

Kendrick clenched his teeth and fisted his hands Sadie was pushing him too hard ‘’Enough!’’ Auntie Veronica held her hand.

‘’Can’t you see what is happening?’’ she yelled. ‘’Humans are good for nothing, all they seem to bring are problems for us.’’ ‘’Auntie Georgia is different.’’

‘’Georgia? Is that her name?’’


‘’You need to cut all ties with her immediately,’’ she said.

‘’But Auntie?’’ Kendrick whined.

‘’It’s not good for humans and wolves to mix, we all know what happened to your

brother when he went against that rule.’’

‘’I am not him.’’

‘’My word is final and I don’t want to hear about this again. This meeting is over.’’ Kendrick sighed frustratedly before he marched out of the room.

‘’And you,’’ Auntie Veronica pointed at Sadie.

‘’Yes Auntie.’’

‘’Get me all the information I need to know about this Sadie.’’

‘’I already have it.’’

‘’Great, tell me about her.’’

Sadie sat down and told Auntie Veronica everything she knew about Georgia. ‘’You will have to make sure he doesn’t turn her into one us because if he does, you are doomed, he won’t marry you.’’

‘’I will figure something out,’’ Sadie responded.

‘’You are supposed to be his mate, you and him will take over from me and my husband so you must do everything in your power to protect what is yours.’’ ‘’Okay.’’

‘’You can leave, I trust you will do what is right.’’ ‘’Okay.’’

With that Sadie walked out of the room, she met Kendrick in the living room but because she didn’t want to argue with him, she ignored him and headed for her room, right now she needed to figure out a way to separate Georgia and Kendrick. ***

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Georgia had no idea who picked her up that night but when she awoke, it was morning and she was lying down in a hospital bed. She had a terrible headache and her throat was dry.

As she tried to sit upright, the door creaked open and Amber walked in.

‘’You are awake?’’ Amber said smilingly.

‘’Yes,’’ she responded though her voice was barely audible. ‘’I will call Liam and let him know that you awake.’’ ‘’Get me some water,’’ Georgia responded. ‘’On it.’’

She walked out of the room and returned a few minutes later with Liam. ‘’Babe!’’ Liam worriedly said, he had dark circles around his eyes, I could tell he had not slept one bit.

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Amber opened the bottle of water and gave it to me.

Georgia took a couple of sips before she handed it back to her, ‘’Thank you, that was refreshing,’’ she smiled. More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App @

‘’You are welcome,’’ she said as she screwed the lid back on it.

‘’How are you feeling?’’ Liam asked

‘’Aside from the terrible headache I feel just fine.’’ ‘’You will be fine soon,’’ he said.

Then he took time to examine me, ‘’you should be good to go soon.’’ ‘’Thank you.’’

‘’I will be back in a few minutes, I need to attend a meeting,’’ he said before he walked out.

‘’What happened?’’ Amber asked as she pulled a chair next to the bed and sat down.

Georgia closed her eyes and the events of the previous night began to play right before her eyes, what she had witnessed last night was terrifying and just thinking about it now gave her goose bumps.

‘’I really don’t understand what happened last night but it was the scary, it is something that I will never forget my entire life.’’ ‘’Tell me,’’ Amber held her hand.

‘’I don’t know if this will make sense,’’ Georgia hesitated.

‘’Just tell me and I will listen,’’ Amber responded.

Georgia closed her eyes and as she started narrating what happened to her, the pictures were so vivid in my mind she could literary feel the breath of Sadie on her neck as he sniffed her.

And when she was finally done narrating, Amber was so scared, her heart was pounding profusely and she could feel the hairs on her body standing.

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‘’That man is a demon,’’ she finally said.

‘’I am so confused right now because she kept mentioning Kendrick.’’ ‘’He is a demon,’’ she said, louder this time around.

‘’And you need to stay far away from him or else Liam will be hurt.’’ ‘’I have so many questions right now.’’

‘’Maybe you should call that demon Kendrick and confront him.’’ ‘’You are right, pass me my phone.’’

Amber handed over the phone to Georgia and she unblocked Kendrick’s number and dialed it. He picked up almost immediately.

‘’Georgia,’’ he breathed.

The sound of his voice sent shivers down her spine and for a moment there she wished she was with him, wrapped up in his hands, listening to his deep voice as he whispered sweet nothings in her ears.

‘’Are you there?’’ he asked.


‘’Oh how I missed you my darling,’’ he said. ‘’Something happened to me last night,’’ she said. ‘’Are you okay?’’

‘’I am in the hospital but I am fine.’’

‘’Thank God.’’

‘’I need some answers.’’

‘’I know what happened to you last night but we can’t talk about over the phone,’’ he said.

‘’What are you saying?’’

‘’I have a lot to tell you but we can’t talk over the phone, can we meet later in the

day?’’ he asked.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


‘’I will send you the address of the place we shall meet from.’’ ‘’I think I will feel safe if we meet at my place.’’ ‘’Are you scared I might harm you?’’

‘’I am just doing what is right for me.’’


‘’See you.’’

‘’Sure,’’ he hang up and placed the phone on the table, Sadie had managed to mess up his entire plan and now he had no option but to reveal his identity to Georgia. He knew there was a possibility that she might reject him after this but this was a risk he was willing to take.

‘’You agreed to meet him?’’ Amber asked ‘’Yes, I want to know the truth.’’

‘’You have to be careful with this guy.’’

‘’I will be.’’

‘’I wouldn’t want to see you getting hurt, I also don’t want to see Liam get hurt.’’

‘’I will be careful.’’


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