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Dare To Love – Episode 9

Dare To Love

Dare To Love


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I landed on top of a building close to Kira or should I call her Marinette house and changed back to my normal form

I watched as she walked into the building and I sighed

Immediately those demon started attacking her

I could sense it

I have to come all the way from home here

I know that I could have appeared to her in my normal Gerald mode but no

I do not want her thinking I care about her

And honestly I really do not care about her

At all

I only care about her soul and those demons were about to take it


That cannot happen

She belongs to me

She is mine alone to eat

I turned back into the PARANOIA and took to the sky


‘What are you for real ….Kira…..The PARANOIA saved you from being attacked

……What the heck’

‘It pretty strange …I mean I thought that demon was going to kill me but it helped me …like seriously Amaya, what is going on?’

‘I do not know at all kira…..I do not know why the demon will just decide to spare

your life…PARANOIA is the most dangerous soul sucking demon .. why will it just decide to let you go’

I shrugged and said

‘I do not know….but maybe this demon ..this PARANOIA wants something from

me ‘

‘Ummmmm…maybe it does wants something from you ‘


I was in class the next day listening to the professor when my phone beeped

I opened it to check what it was and oh

A message

Who could have Sent it

I opened it

Hey it your king…come outside now …I wanna talk to you Tish

Your kinG

It must be that arrogant bastard

sorry your majesty …am in the middle of an important class

I am giving you five sec…you will not like the consequences if I have to come to your class

I replied as I dropped the phone

Yea am a bad ass

I went back to listening to my professor when the big hall door opened

Gerald walked to the front of the class and everyone bowed immediately

Including the professor

‘Y…y. you. .your ma…majesty….wh…what ….bri… brings yo.. you…he…her…

‘ the professor stammered

He did not answer instead he stood in that same position his eyes travelling the whole class

”hey what your boss doing here?’Amaya asked ‘I do not know but it can be good’

I looked at him and his eyes was focused on mine

He smirked as he walked towards me

Oh no

Whatever did I do to this mother f**Ker

He walked towards me and grabbed me by the wrist

Pulled me up and made me come with him outside the class ‘Where are you taking me to?’ I asked

‘Shut up ‘ he said as he pulled me with him into a private room The room looks so big and classy Reminds me of his house

This place was well furnished

Books were neatly arranged on a rack

A couch

Chair and table for reading

A Personal big screened T.V

A vending machine

Big beautiful chandelier hanging on the ceiling A mini bar

And Waw

‘I told you to come out didn’t i?’

‘Well I did not feel like….so what?’

”and I told you there will be consequences uf I had to come get you’

‘So what?’

He walked closer to me and I moved backwards until my back hit the wall

‘Stop right there’ I commanded but he did not answer

Instead he placed his hand on the wall and I gulped when his incredibly pretty face was so close to mine

‘You know I hate being disobeyed ‘ he said as his hand slowly went to my slim waist and used it to pull me close to him ‘now what am I going to do with you ‘ he said as his mouth slowly went to my neck

And foolish me I let out a soft moan as his soft lips slowly kissed my neck

My feet started trembling as his hand slowly went to my butt and grabbed it

‘Please stop this ‘ I said as I tried to push him away

‘Really. you really want me to stop ?’

‘Yes ….yes I don’t

‘Then why does your eyes say a completely different thing

‘Gerald will you….’I gasped and could not complete my sentence when he pulled

me even closer to him

His hand wen

t on my thighs and he slowly brought it up to my skirt

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His lips found my neck again as he kissed it and bite it softly this time around This bastard really knows how to make a girl crazy He moved away from me and touched my neck

‘Yea this really looks good on your neck…your first hickey ‘ he said ‘What!’ I exclaimed as I looked at the mirror

Two red and fresh hickey’s on my neck right above the collar area A very visible part to be precise

‘Oh no you evil man …what did you do ‘I said while panicking ‘It looks good on you ‘

‘You mad man…what will everyone think of me if I walk into the class with this two red love bites on my neck …they will definitely know you did this to me and ohhhhhhhhh…’ I

‘That a non of my business thing…so you find a way to deal with it ..if you want I can give you more’ he said

‘You know what f**k you ‘

‘You will very soon’

‘You impossible ‘ I yelled as I stormed out of the room and went to the bathroom I looked at the two red hickey on my neck And ohhhhhh

I hate you Gerald

But why did I let him do that

I have no self control whatsoever

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He was just so hot and dreamy I could not control myself And his touch is to die for

I loosed my ponytail and thank fully my long hair was able to cover my embarrassment

I walked back into the class like nothing happened

‘Hey ..Kira what happened?’Amaya asked

‘Nothing ‘ I answered

‘You sure?’

‘Yea…I am …totally…I am totally Sure’

‘Okay wierdo’ she said and I sighed

Thank God she leaved me alone

I could have cracked with all those questions

************************************************** So after school

I went straight to Gerald’s house

It was either that or I have my entire body covered with hickey I slowly knocked on the door to his room and pushed it open

I saw Jenner his main hot whore sitted on the bed while he was on the couch smoking

‘Oh finally you here…here take this have them washed for me ‘ Jenner said as she handed over some clothes to me

I looked at Gerald who was paying no attention to us


‘Are you deaf or something…come on take it ‘ she ordered

I reluctantly took the clothes from her and turned my back to leave

‘And yeah before you wash them….get me some coffee first ‘

I looked at her and she snapped

‘Why are you staring at me like that…just gooooo’ she said and I slowly turned my back to leave

She should be grateful to the rules and regulations here unless I would have personally shoved the dirty laundries down her throat

Few mins later I walked into the room again with a cup of coffee in a tray

‘Finally…it took you forever ‘ she said

‘Sorry’ I said as I stepped on something that made me trip and pour coffee on her

Lucky for her the coffee’s just warm

‘What the heck’ she shouted

I raised my head from the floor that I fell on and apparently what made me fall was her heels lying carelessly on the floor

I think I have twisted my ankle

I slowly stood on my feet limping as I picked up a napkin to clean Jenner ‘Get Away you dirty, foolish girl ‘ she said as she pushed me to the ground

I raised my head and looked at Gerald who was still paying no attention

Why is he so cruel

Can’t he atleast defend me

Does he hate me this much

Anyway who am I to him compared to Jenner

She is his whore

More like his girlfriend

And I am the girl he teases all the time

‘Just pack the broken pieces of the mug ‘ Jenner said

‘I will go get a broom ‘

‘No use your hand ‘

‘What ‘

‘Use your hand. ..jeez b**ch are you deaf?’she asked

I looked at Gerald who does not looks like he cares at all.

‘Why do you keep looking there…look at me and pack the broken pieces ‘

I nodded as I started picking them up.

I winced as the mug piece cut my finger

A very deep cut by the way

‘Do not stop go on ‘she said and I packed everything with my hand covered in blood and looked at Gerald one more time before walking out

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‘Foolish girl’ Jenner said

‘Why did you do that ‘

‘Do what ‘

‘Do not play dumb with me ‘

‘Okay fine….she deserves it’

‘What about you…what do you deserve?’ I asked ‘Excuse me’

I sighed as I used my mind control to pick up the bottle on the table and smashed it on the floor

‘Gerald…why did you do that ‘

‘Clean it up’


‘I want you to pick up the bottle broken pieces ‘ ‘I can have the maids do it ‘

‘No I want you to do it Jenner’s I said ‘ and do it with your hands ‘ ‘But ‘

‘Do it before you make me loose it’

She nodded as she fell on her knee and picked the glass up with her finger

I controlled one of the glass and used it to cut her finger deeply

She winced in pain and I smirked

‘Tell me how does it feel?’ I asked her

She stood on her feet with tears and said ‘you did this because of that common maid ‘

My eyes turned red as Jenner started choking

I was using my powers to strangle her as I used it to lift her body if the ground

She tried using her hand to remove the invisible hand strangling her from her neck but it was of no use

‘If you ever treat her like that again…Jenner…I won’t hesitate to kill even you for her do you get that?’I asked and she nodded as thin line of blood flows down her mouth

I let her go as she fell on the floor gasping for air

‘Now get lost…do not let me see you until I call you ‘ I said as she gathered all her clothes and walked out of the room

I couldn’t have done that in front of her

I do not want her to know I care this much

And I do not care about her

I only care about that precious soul of hers being broken


I sat down in the maids room as I wrapped bandage around my finger but the blood won’t stop.more interesting stories for free at topster stories.

What going on

‘Excuse me the king wants to see you’ a servant girl said and I nodded

…what does he want

Haven’t i been humiliated enough

I slowly stood on my feet and limped to his room

‘You called me ‘ I said trying to stop drops of blood from dropping on the floor

I felt something push me as I sat down on the bed

I tried to stand but I couldn’t

Gerald walked towards me and sat down next to me ‘Will you just let me go already ‘

He slowly grabbed my bleeding finger and stares at it for awhile then back at me ‘It fine just let go ‘ I said

His black eyes turns blue as all the blood disappears and the cut covered up immediately

…what the f**k

His eyes went to my leg and I felt a sharp pain But after a second

The pain was totally gone

‘You Okay now?’ He asked

‘Yea…like how many powers do you have?’

‘Just few’ he said as he slowly tucked my long hair behind my ear ‘She won’t be mean to you in the future’ ‘And how did you know that?’

‘Just believe me when I tell you that’ he said as his hand caressed my small face I slowly bit my Lower lips cause that what I do when am nervous

‘You make me go crazy when you bite your lips like that ‘ ‘What?’

He slowly ran his thumb over my lips parting them a little

‘I really want to know how that lips taste ‘ he said as he moved his face closer

My heart pounding really fast as he brought his lips closer to mine. He stopped halfway and moved away from me

‘I will have the driver drop you off’ he said and my brain went back to normal

He stopped

He did not kiss

But how is he making me feel this way

This is pure lust

You such an ass hole


He is definitely using magic on me



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