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Dare To Love – Episode 8

Dare To Love

Dare To Love

I really hate it when that jerk called Gerald thinks he has me wrapped around his fingers

I am so disappointed in my self

I can’t believe I let him get into my head like that

You are such a dummy Marinette

A real dummy

I hate myself like for reals this time

‘Hey Kira ‘ Charlotte waved at me as she walked toward me

‘Oh Charlotte…it you ‘

‘Yea it me…why you all sweaty and why do you look so nervous’

‘It nothing Charlotte……f….fine ‘ I stammered as I used the back of my

hand to wipe my forehead

‘Did Gerald give you a hard time ?’

‘Maybe ‘ I said

‘Well alot of girls will literally kill to be in your shoes’ Charlotte said

‘And why did you say that ‘ I said

‘Well Gerald is super duper handsome…he is powerful, wealthy..he is soooooo dreamy…to be sincere kira,am in love with Gerald ‘

‘…what, ‘you…. gerald… ‘why will you ever be in love with that guy…’ I sighed and

placed my hand on her shoulder ‘you can’t love Gerald…he is not the right man for anyone ‘

‘That what you think Kira”she said as she removed my hand from her shoulder

‘But…..’ I was interrupted when a sexy lady dressed in one ‘if the most revealing

outfit and heavy makeup walked past us and into Gerald’s room ”hey ‘who the f**k ‘is that?’

‘Jenner … that Gerald’s mains whore …she is always walking around in those outfit and acts like she is the boss here ‘ she said

‘Dont you feel kinda jelly seeing both of them together ‘

‘Jeez Louis kira ,ofcourse I do…but what choice do I have much as I will love to pull out her hair I can’t ‘

‘You see that..that is one reason why Gerald is not good for you..anyway ,I will see you later ..bye ‘ I waved and walked away

She is In love with Gerald

What a joke

Few hours later I was called into Gerald’s room

His b**ch was already gone and he was the only one in the room

Smoking as usual

It sickens me

I mean smoking might be cool sometimes

But too much.

Not so good

‘I would have left earlier but I was told I have to tell you before I can leave …and would have told you but you had company ‘ I said as I folded my arms

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‘Waw someone sounds jealous ‘ he said

‘Tish…jealous ,you wish ‘I said as I rolled my eyes

‘Do not roll your eyes at me ‘

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‘And what you gonna do if I do that?’

‘Do you really wanna find out ?’he asked as he brought his cigarette close to his mouth

‘Hey will you stop smoking already ‘

He looked at me and said ‘No’


‘Come closer ,let me tell you why’d

‘Come closer to you…am not foolish enough to do that …Perv….you know what,am

done going home ‘

‘Well you can’t be roaming the street of Ameldia alone by this time …let the driver take you ‘

‘Thanks but no thanks …I will manage ….you go back to smoking and f**king


‘You the next on my list anyway ‘

‘F**k you Gerald ‘

‘Waw I will really love that ‘

‘Urgghhhhh.. you impossible ‘ I said as I walked out if his room


‘Why won’t you pick Amaya ‘ I said looking so frustrated as I tried her number over and over again standing alone in the middle of the street

Up until an hour ago

She was calling me repeatedly

Then what the heck went wrong

I am just few blocks away from Gerald’s

Should I go back and ask for his help



Am He is just gonna make fun of me and tell me how right he was

What a jerk


Am just gonna walk ll the way home


So much fun

I started walking and about 30mins later, I felt someone following me

I turned to my back and saw no one

Then I started walking casually again

Someone is definitely following me

I thought to myself

I turned to my back and saw three man

They looked like ghost

More like demon

The demon I saw the other day looked like a flying human with Horn

But this one’s are pure monsters

Long bloody teeth

Claw like nails

Ugly scary faces

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Pure black eyes and they were dressed in black

I screamed so loud as I started running as fast as my feet could carry Nooooo

They were also running after me while I was running and panicking I turned to my back and no one was running after me again

I smiled thinking have lost them but when I faced my front I saw them standing there grinning

I screamed and fell on the ground

The demons looked at me and started walking towards me while I was crawling with my back

They moved closer about to hurt me and I screamed and closed my eyes I slowly opened my eyes when I couldn’t see feel them on me

I slowly opened my eyes and saw the demons looking absolutely frightened What going on

They were staring at something behind me

I slowly stood on my feet and turned to my back

I flinched when I saw the PARANOIA standing at my back

As if this demons aren’t enough

The PARANOIA himself is here

But come to think of it this PARANOIA looks familiar

I moved backwards as the PARANOIA walked towards me

The demon about to kill me wanted to run away but the PARANOIA stretched it hand and the demons immediately turned to ashes

‘What the f**I’m

The PARANOIA walked towards me and I moved backwards obviously scared

The demon grabbed me by the wrist and in a blink of an eye ,I was in front of Amaya’s house

Did we just teleport (disappear)

I looked at the incredibly handsome demon He looks so familiar

I couldn’t see his face properly in the dark ‘Thank you ‘ I said

The PARANOIA looked at me one more time before it moved back and took of to the sky

Flying high with it big strong wings

What going on

The first time this demon saw me it didnt kill me

Even though it a demon no one is suppose to see

Most especially a human

Now it saved me

From being killed

What going on ?


Hey guys

Thanks for reading

We all know who the PARANOIA is right

Or who doesn’t


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