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Dare To Love – Episode 7

Dare To Love

Dare To Love

I slowly walked out of the room as the other helps focused their eyes on me

A woman in her thirties dressed in a black skirt, shirt and jacket with her hair packed neatly to the hack walked towards me

‘You are the new maid right ‘ she said looking grumpy and really unfriendly ‘I guess’

‘There is no guessing ,are you the new maid or not?’ She asked again ‘Yea I am ‘

‘Good, I am Theodosis ,the chief maid …there is really no time for doing nothing here, so put this on’ she said as she gave me the uniform ‘go change and meet me in the maids room in five minute…you are the King’s New personal maid so you have to learn few things…’

‘Wait hold on a second,am his personal maid ‘

‘And his dare you interrupt me child ‘

‘No I didnt mean to interrupt, I just wanted to ask question (?)’

‘Next time ,if you want to ask a question, you will raise your hand up politely and speak only when i tell you to speak do you understand ‘


‘Do you understand?’

‘Yes I understand ‘

‘Good…you have already made so much mistakes for one day. But I will overlook them because you new and because you the king’s personal maid but the next time you do that ,you will really feel the rage of Madam Theodosis ,do you get that ‘

‘Yes ‘

‘Good ,ella, Mitchell, flora,Bella,Maltilda and fiona…follow me please ‘

‘Okay ma’m ‘they chorusesd as they followed her diligently

‘Eishhhhh…what a woman ‘

‘I know right…she is the worst’ a pretty tall maid girl said

‘Why is that woman like that ‘

‘Many people says she is like that because she hasn’t f**ked for years now ‘ she said and I laughed

‘Hey ,am Charlotte ‘

I smiled and said ‘well nice to meet you Charlotte, my name is Kira ‘

She smiled and said ‘that a pretty name

…I feel like if we wanna survive this place and Miss grumpy ass over there,we should probably stick Together ‘

‘Well why not …looks Like I made myself a new friend ‘ I said and she smiled

‘And what are you two doing chit chatting over there …dont you have something else to do?’ Madam Theodosis said

‘Yea ,we on it ‘ I said as Charlotte and I looked st each other and smiled before going our seperate ways


So after receiving series of lectures on how to be a proper maid to the king

Madam Theodosis finally gave me wine and told me to serve the king with it

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I really do not like this uniform

It so short and it revealing my cleavage I feel like a whore

No I look like a whore

When I told Madam Theodosis to change it for me, she told me that is what the king wanted me to wear

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Gerald is such a pervert

But what he said earlier is still really bothering me

I slowly knocked on his door and pushed it open as I walked into the room

The first smell that hit my nose was that of cigarette

‘I decided to ignore that as I slowly walked into the room and saw Gerald sitted on his chair shirtless with his head bent

Oh sh*t thinking of his body alone gives me some kind of feeling that I do not like at all

Why does he have to be so damn spicy

‘Your wine ‘

He raised his head ,looked at me and smirked

‘Drop it there ‘he said pointing to a table in front of me

I know If I should Bend my upper body to drop the wine on the table My uniform is too short which means Gerald get to see my panties

I decided to turn the other way facing him with my butt facing the other side and dropped the wine

He smirked again

Is it wierd that I think he is just so damn gorgeous when he does that

I looked at the packs of cigarettes on the table and shook my head

‘Why do you have to smoke so much…it is not good for you too know ‘

‘Somebody cares about me’

I scoffed and said ‘you wish ‘

I turned my back to leave

He was staring at me

I could feel those filthy eyes of his on me

I reached for the doorknob and tried to open the door but I couldn’t I looked at Gerald who was still sitted on the chair staring at me

‘Hey why won’t this door open ‘I said struggling with the door

Then I felt so

mething pulling me

Without walking something waa pulling me

Like a magnetic field

Pulling me towards Gerald

I tried to struggle

But I was not in control of my own legs or body as the thing moves me closer I finally got to Gerald and that same thing made me sit on his lap

‘Did you just use your magic on me again ‘I wanted to stand on my feet But I couldn’t move

It was like I am not in control of my body

My body started having this wierd feeling when I felt Gerald on my waist

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‘First of all,you do not leave unless I tell you to …do you understand ‘ he said and I nodded

He looked at my cleavage and I wish I could just slap his dirty eyes off it but I couldn’t

I am not in control of my body

‘Seeing you wearing this makes me wish I can just take you right here and right now….’

He placed his hand on my thigh as he slowly moved his hand up my thigh until it went under my skirt

I gasped when his hand touched my area through the lace panties

His face was very close to mine like he was going to kiss me any moment from now

I slowly bit my lower lip as his hand touched me again

‘You really shouldn’t bite your lips like that when you with me …can’t you see am resisting all urge to bite that lip for you-

‘You are such a pervert Gerald ‘

‘A pervert that is making you feel good right now’ He said and as much as it pains me to say this

He is saying the truth

He moved his hand that was under my skirt away and moved it to my face slowly caressing it

‘I hate you Gerald, will you just let me go ‘

‘Say you hate me again, and you will be walking out of here with hickeys everywhere ‘

I know Gerald enough not to dare him

So I just kept quiet

I really do not want his hickey on my body

Or do I

Am so confused

‘One day Kira …I am gonna have you on that bed and your mouth ‘ he said as he touched my lip ‘screaming my name ‘

‘Well we will just have to see If it will be in my dreams or not.. as it is,you already getting really wet for me right now ‘he said as he winked at me

That was a very sexy wink

And how embarrassing

I could feel my body again

I quickly stood on my feet while Gerald smiled, picked up his wine glass and took a sip of it

While I dashed out of the room like a prey running from it predator Am such a stupid girl

I was enjoying whatever he was doing to me in there even though I hate his gut

I was wet and he knows that

How embarrassing

I really need to run away from him and his craziness

I need to escape




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