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Dare To Love – Episode 6

Dare To Love

Dare To Love

His eyes sparkled and I was back in the party Sitting down the way we were before

‘I want you ,In my mansion tomorrow evening, do not be late ‘ he said as he walked away

Oh no

What have I gotten myself into

This Is bad

So bad

Amaya ran towards me looking curious and scared

‘Tell me what happened ,what did he say to you?’

‘Come on let go home ‘

‘What ?’

‘Please let go home okay, now ‘I said as i stood on my feet and walked away Amaya followed me immediately as we both went to our house


I sat down on my bed feeling pleased with myself for what I just did A foreigner soul

That exactly what I need to be stronger in my PARANOIA form

All I need is to have her soul and then i will be stronger than ever before No one

Absolutely nobody will be able to defeat me then

How I wish I can have her soul right now but that not possible The PARANOIA is filled up for now

I will have to wait for 400 days before I can take her soul That really a long time

I really want that foreigner soul but I have to wait a whole 400 days She really made mistake by agreeing to being my slave

She made a huge mistake because now I am going to make her regret ever coming to AMELDIA

she is just too pure I can’t stand it

All the light around her it really blinding.

Am pure darkness and she is light

I must kill that light no matter what

I just can’t stand it at all


‘What !’

‘Yea amaya ,that what he said ‘

‘I really do not understand all this ,like what does he want from you?’

‘That one thing I do not understand either, I do not know what he wants from me …it all…it so confusing ‘

‘But what did you say ,did you agree to it ? ‘

‘What choice do I have Amaya …if I do not agree to this ,I am a gonner, God knows what that man will do to me Amaya ….God knows’

‘Kira we seriously have to find a way out of all this…we really need a way out ASAP ….You can’t be Gerald Helper ,it not possible…who knows what he will do to you ‘

‘That exactly my point’

‘Well if you ask me ,maybe he wants you for s*x ‘

‘What …s*x …why will you mention something like that…I mean Gerald doesn’t even look like the kind of guy that likes stuffs like that ,so please let erase that ‘

‘That what you think…..but we have heard rumours about gerald, we were told he

runs after everything in a skirt …doesn’t that bother you?’

‘Well am just thinking judging from his looks and all…he doesn’t really act like someone that runs after everything in a skirt ‘I said

‘I know Gerald …And that just who he f**king Is,right now the only thing we can do is find out how to get rid of him like for good this time ….just how are we going

to deal with this guy…..but for now ,the only thing you can do I’d play along with

him…just play along that all you have to do ‘

‘Well ,so am gonna work in his house as his personal slave ?’

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‘Well apparently ,that the only option we have for now’

I sighed and shrugged

‘Well how bad can it be working as a slave In his house …i mean it can’t be that bad ‘

‘Ummmm…well you are right,it can’t be that bad’


The next day was when it all started

I didnt see Gerald in school that day so I went straight to his awkwardly big house ‘Who are you ?’ A big scary looking man asked

‘Let her in,she is lord Gerald’s guest ‘ another man in his sixties said and the big man moved out of my way

I walked into the mansion and holy shit

What the heck is this place

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Am really not good at describing stuffs but the word I can use for this place is magnificent

Mind blowing

It like have never seen anything like it


‘Follow me ‘the man said and I nodded as we both climbed up the golden stairs We stopped walking when we got to a big black door

The man knocked on the door twice and opened it signalling me to go in

I hesitantly walked into the room only to see Gerald shirtless kissing a woman It was like they didn’t even notice my presence as he conti nued kissing her still standing on his feet

‘Cough cough ‘ I fake cough

He stopped kissing the girl and he said still looking at her ‘I know you there, so no need to do that ”


‘You can leave now ‘ he said to the girl he was kissing and she turned her back and walked towards me

She looked at me in such a wierd way

She might he jealous

Maybe she thinks we in a relationship

She reached for the door behind me and walked out of the room

Gerald sat down on his throne like chair and placed each hands on the chair handle ‘Am here now…what can I do for you or should I say what do you want mr for?’ He smirked and ran his hand through his hair Gosh

How hot is that

Ohhhhhh Marinette

Why you so stupid

Why should you be thinking about his hotness

This ain’t right

‘Come closer ‘he said


He looked at me in such intimidating way immediately I asked that question

It seems he hates being questioned

What a wierd man

I walked closer to him until I was just three feet away from him

‘ I ask again what do you want me for?’

He focused his eyes on my body and that was when I realized I made a mistake dressing like this

The short fitted skirt that brings out my full body shape and revealing my smooth legs and thighs

Shouldn’t have put this on

But what could I have done

Only stuffs like this are in my wardrobe thanks to Amaya

‘What do I want from you?’he said as he focused his eyes on my body ‘Sir my face is up here ‘

‘I know but am not interested in your face’ Fuck

What a huge pervert

‘What can I help you with then’

‘How about I start with you’ he said boldly ‘What,…I do not understand ‘

‘Let me make you understand then’ he said as his eyes twinkled I felt an invisible force lift me up and pinned me to the wall

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I was pinned so tight to the wall I tried to move but I couldn’t What kind of a power does this man possesses

‘Let me make you understand ‘he said as he stood on his feet and walked towards me still shirtless

I was panicking

What is he going to do

He wanted to touch me but stopped and looked at me ‘Why the heck are you a virgin ‘ How

How did he know that

He hasn’t even touched me and he knows that

He walked over to a table and poured himself alcohol while I was still being pinned to the wall by something not visible

I could not move

‘I asked a question didn’t i?’

‘None of your business mother f**Ker’

He dropped the wine on the table and glared at me ‘call me that one more time and you will regret it ‘

He said as his eyes turned red and I felt something strangling me It was like I couldn’t breathe

As I was being strangled by something I could not see

His eyes went back to normal and I was not being strangled

I started coughing trying to catch my breathe while just stared at me with those cold eyes of his

What the heck is this man

‘As much as I will like to have you on that bed ‘he said as he walked closer to me and pulled me close to him using my waist

I was finally released from my wall lock and my hand was placed firmly on his big broad chest

‘And f**k you till you pass out ‘

‘You a disgusting man’ I said not afraid of what he will do to me

He smirked and said

‘I get that alot

showed up in those skirt….’

….never had any plan to have sex with you until you

‘Let me go’i said trying to free myself from him

‘Will you calm down and listen am trying to be polite here …do not be stupid by making me angry ….i admire your courage I really do but still do not make me mad ‘he said and I controlled my temper

I guess am the only one who has ever spoken to him like this

How did I get involved with this guy

‘Well no matter how much you try to resist all this…no matter how hard you play it…two things are mine….your soul and your virginity….I will definitely get

them….he moved his mouth closer and whispered in my ear “that virginity is mine ‘

He let go of me and I moved as far away from him as possible

He smirked and sat down on the chair

‘Join the other servants for now …will look more into your matter later. get out ‘ he said and I ran out of the room

I just can’t take it all anymore

But what does he mean by what he said

My soul and my Virginity

I mean I get the virginity part

But my soul

What does he want with my soul

I really do not understand all this

What is he going to do with my soul



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