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Dare To Love – Episode 5

Dare To Love

Dare To Love


This is definitely the end of me

If this guy is really who Amaya describes him to be then I do not know what he might do to me

‘Lord Zimmerman she is really sorry …she didn’t mean to…..’he looked at Amaya

and she kept quiet immediately

He looked at me again and move closer to me

Now is he trying to use his height to intimidate me

Am so short compared to him

His eyes was focused on me and I looked down unable to look at his cold and expressionless pretty face

‘I …i….I am….’I couldn’t finish what I was about to say before he turned his back

and walked out of the cafeteria

What going on

That it

So in one word I don’t get killed

Other students started coming out of their hiding spots and Amaya looked at me with such confused look

‘What just happened?’ She asked

I shrugged also looking absolutely confused

Kids started murmuring words to themselves as Amaya and I walked out of the cafeteria

‘Why didn’t lord Zimmerman harm you?’she asked in the hallway ‘it so unlike him to spare people like that ‘

‘Zimmerman, is that his name ?’

‘No,Zimmerman is like his fathers name …you know his surname ,his name is Gerald ‘

‘Gerald ? ‘

‘Yes Gerald….his father Lord Zimmerman Warlord died two years ago and he was

made the king ,his fathers power and the entire AMELDIA was given to

him…Gerald has always been every girls dream man due to his extremely good looks and powers but still no woman dare approach him ,he is the coldest,most arrogant human I have ever seen …I mean I get the fact that he is the ruler of this entire place but still it wouldn’t kill him to be humble would it ?’

‘Waw ……well maybe that what you all picture him to be maybe he has a heart

deep down somewhere ‘

‘He doesn’t, Gerald is evil…pure evil….Do not get the wrong thought because he

spared too for today…he might be somewhere thinking of how to attack you or something, that just Gerald for you Kira…no one dares look in his eyes …if Gerald is walking south,you should walk east to avoid troubles for you …but now that I think of it, two of the most powerful and dangerous beings in AMALDIA just spared you….what the heck is going on?’



I knew it the moment I saw her

She isn’t from this world

As much as I will love to suck her entire soul at the spot I did not do that

It will be fun toying with her until her soul is ready to be eaten by the demon in me

People of AMELDIA are not aware of the fact that I am the PARANOIA

I have been the one hunting them for a long time

That night

That night that I appeared as the PARANOIA

I saw this same woman

I could have taken her soul instantly

She is from earth

She is weak

But no

I do not know why I didnt

I never feel pity for anyone

For no one at all

The reason I keep sparing this girl is very confusing

I also know she was the one staring at me the day I was playing the keyboard I could smell her blood

But I couldn’t read her mind

I can read everybody mind

It doesn’t matter if you are from EARTH or AMALDIA I always know just what is going on in their mind She is definitely from that planet earth

Now what am I going to do to that woman I thought to myself as i sat down on the couch and closed my eyes

Few seconds later i heard a knock on my door and opened my eyes

‘Sorry to disturb you my lord but we brought you someone ‘one of the council man said as one of those AMALDIA thots walked into my room

I could read her mind

She was like an open book

I smiled to myself knowing what her true intentions are

She is here to kill me

She really wants to kill Gerald

How interesting

The council man closed the door behind me as she walked towards me

‘Lord Zimmerman, I never thought i will ever come so close to you my lord …it is really a big honor to stand before you and I promise to do my best to please you ‘

I smirked and sat down on my couch looking so relaxed and powerful

This is going to be fun

She walked towards me seductively as

she removed the thin material she was wearing on her body

She is pretty

But she is death personified

She sat down on me totally naked and brought my face close to hers

She slowly kissed me on the lips and I couldn’t feel anything

I never feel anything for a lady

Although I am good enough to make them scream on bed but I still never feel anything when they touch me

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Nothing at all

My hand moved to her round perky b**bs as I slowly massaged it with my hand while kissing her

This little action made her moan

I broke the kiss and said ‘you nothing but a whore ‘ she gasped and bit her lower lips immediately I inserted my fingers into her ‘I have no time in making you feel pleasure,so let go straight to the point and then you can get the heck out of my room ‘

I said and she nodded still enjoying the feeling of my finger in her

‘Now go to the bed ‘I said and she stood on her feet and walked towards the bed

She slept on the bed and separated her legs showing me her part

I smirked to myself as I removed my shirt

She smiled to herself immediately she saw my body

I had tattoos covering the whole of my left hand alone from my shoulder down to my wrist

And other small tattoos drawn on my fingers The b**ch is drooling over my body

I really can not blame her

No way a woman will see me and not drool

I climbed on the bed and looked at her smiling at me

I smirked again as I positioned myself in her entrance

I jammed into her and that made her scream really loud

I know I was damn big and I should have entered her slowly

But no

She doesn’t deserve that at all

She was feeling extreme pain and I loved it

‘Having sex with you will kill me right ?’i said as came out of her and jammed into her again and this made her scream even louder

‘You used AMLODIPINE powder on yourself ,the most powerful powder in AMELDIA so I will die when I have s*x with you right ‘

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‘Am sorry…a…am…am s…sorry your m…maje… majesty ‘

‘You wanted to be a hero, a legend ,the only woman who was able to kill Lord Zimmerman Gerald right ?’

‘A…am so sorry ‘she said while closing her eyes

I removed myself from her,’look into my eyes ‘

‘What ‘

‘Look into my eyes now ‘ I said and she slowly opened her eyes

I could read what in her mind




why can’t you just f**king die you beast

I kissed her on the lips and she forgot all the pains I made her go through as she moaned again

It got to a point she started making wierd choking noises but I didn’t let her break the kiss

She struggled hard to push me away but I did not let go

I finally broke the kiss and said ‘next time, do not think so loud ‘

Her eyes widened, she was unable to speak and her mouth was wide opened

Blood flows down her eyes and mouth as her black hair turned grey ,her eyes was pure white and her skin pale

The demon in me just sucked her entire soul

I wouldn’t have killed her

Would have just f**k her and let her go like I do to everyone of them

I was even willing to let her go after punishing her with my d**k but all she wants for me is pure death

So why let her live

I picked up my robe and put it on as I sat back down on the couch with a cigarette in my hand looking at her lifeless body on the bed

I smirked and pressed the bell and immediately the servant walked in

‘Clean that up ‘I said and they nodded looking scared

They carried her lifeless body out of the room as the council man that brought her walked in

‘My lord’

‘Do not ask me why I did that just now…..I do what I want ‘

‘I wasn’t going to question your authority, I know you do not kill without a reason ‘

‘Good ‘

Now back to the girls matter

What should I do to this girl


I walked into the school the next day and saw people gathered around something

Kira and I forced our way through the crowds as we saw Gerald assistant holding flyers

‘What going on?’

‘Gerald is throwing a party for freshers tonight

‘Uhn ?’



But that really strange

Gerald never throws a party before

He never cared about the student

So why suddenly

‘What wrong?’ Kira asked

‘Gerald, he is a little strange…I mean party for new student, that kinda strange ,no scratch that ,it very strange ‘

‘Oh….am not going ‘Kira said

‘And yeah it compulsory ,have any idea how rude it is for you not to go….he will

definitely not spare you ,come on ,let go to class and go home to prepare ourselves ‘ I said as I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her with me ‘


I walked into the school hall were the party is being held

The place was actually Wawwwww

They where different drinks and students dancing

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Some were in a corner kissing

While some were playing different fun games

‘I will be right back ‘ Amaya said and I nodded before she walked away Some of the guys couldn’t take their eyes off me How strange

I really can’t blame them

I was looking so beautiful today

Now that I think of it ,I have never seen an ugly guy in AMALDIA they are all just very handsome but still none of them None of them can beat Gerald

I sat down on a chair in the party

‘Do you want anything ma’m ?” The guy selling drinks asked

‘No am fine ‘I replied and he nodded before he went back to whatever he was doing The whole place was silent and I raised my head to see what going on It was the most handsome bad boy walking towards me

The whole school focused their attention on him while bowing their head Power really is great

I was absolutely shocked when he pulled a chair out next to me and sat down on it He focused his eyes on me

I looked at the other students and I was a bit bothered by their undivided attention on us

‘Hello’ I muttered looking a bit scared

No alot scared

He didn’t answer me instead he looked at the students and they looked down unable to make eye contacts

‘Stop looking at us ‘he said and they all turned their back and continued their party Holy shit he has the deepest sexiest voice So manly

So powerful

So hot


I could see the concerned look on Amaya’s face as she stared at us from a corner I looked away and looked back at the guy staring at me

I started playing with the edge of my top feeling very awkward ‘Name ‘he said

I looked up and said ‘Kira’

He smirked and said ‘ your real name ‘

My eyes widened as I looked at him straight in the eye ‘Kira,that my name ‘

He looked at me and smiled lightly

‘you clearly not from AMELDIA ‘

‘w…what…what…why did you say that?’

”Because a person from AMELDIA will know that you do not look me in the eye while talking to me ‘ he said and I quickly looked down ‘look up I didn’t tell you to look down did i?’he asked and I looked at him again

He looked around and back at me again ‘this is really not a comfortable place to talk right ‘

‘Wha….’I could not finish my word before I found myself in another place

‘Where are we ?’i asked looking at the big empty room we are in

‘This is somewhere in my house ‘

Now i am scared

How did i get here so fast

He really is as powerful as Amaya described him to be

‘I wonder what a woman from earth is doing here in AMALDIA ‘

‘How d..did ‘

‘How did i?’he asked ‘I know everything….it is obvious …even though you look like

one of us with this extremely long hair ,you still not one of us ..’ ‘I really do not want to be here ….’

‘You have two condition you will work as my slave or you die right here….choose

one ‘


He grabbed my hair and I squeezed my eyes in pain

‘Do not play dumb with me…do i look like I like repeating my words ….Am giving

you a condition I do not give the rest Marinette ‘ he said as he slowly let go of my

hair ‘and I hate hurting weak creatures like a woman…so please do not make me hurt you ‘

‘How d…di..di you ‘

‘Know your name ?…..I hate being asked questions….so now answer me unless ‘ he said as he focused his eyes on me

My skin started turning hot red

My whole body felt like it was on fire

My pure white hair was turning black and


He is damn serious

I could see the wicked look on his face and he is definetly going to kill me

He is going to kill me


As much as I wa

nt to die

Death is really painful

I do not want to die like this

I wanted to scream in pains but I couldn’t

‘I…i… I will…will..’

‘You will what?’he asked as he sat down on the couch

‘I…I will be yo…..your slave ‘

‘Good decision ‘he said as he stood on his feet

I fell on the ground as my body went back to normal

Everything was cold again

He is evil

He is really the demon they said he is

And I just gave myself to the demon

I agreed to be his slave

Now I wonder

If death isn’t better than the decision I just made


Ummmm guys

What do you think of Gerald

Is he evil or not

And what do you think he wants from KIRA Find out in the next episode


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