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Dare To Love – Episode 4

Dare To Love

Dare To Love


I was breathing heavily as i keep thinking of what I just saw This is wierd

What the heck is that

I have never seen anything like that before

I jumped in fear when I heard a knock on the door ‘Who is that?’I asked looking scared ‘Amaya ‘

I rushed to the door and immediately opened it for her

I never thought I will say this but I am so happy to see her Like really happy

‘Am so happy you back Amaya ‘

‘What wrong you look so scared ‘

‘You didn’t see anything…outside there …did you?’

‘No I didnt ‘

‘But ,there was something…i swear i saw something ‘

‘Wait a second…did you step out of this house tonight ‘

‘Yes I did ‘

‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooooooo. ..nooooooo you shouldn’t have ,what did you see ?’ She asked looking so concerned

‘Well a flying man…more like a demon with black big wings ‘

‘You saw The PARANOIA ‘

‘The para what now ?’

‘The PARANOIA, the demon…no one sees the PARANOIA…nobody at all sees it and go Scott free…you never see the PARANOIA and still be alive ….I f**king told you not to leave this place didnt I ‘

‘But it was like something was drawing me close to it or is it him …I really can’t explain it Amaya ‘

‘I understand ,and that happened because you do not belong to this universe, you could have fight it or something ,you came face to face with a demon Kira ,a demon, it could have killed you….it can suck out your entire soul in just a second ‘

‘Please let not think of the creepy things it could have done to me ,am just grateful…like really grateful I made it back with my life ‘

‘Yea but still ,why….why the heck did the PARANOIA let you go so easily ‘

Amaya asked with a puzzled look

I also couldn’t explain all this

Why did the PARANOIA creature let me go so easily

Amaya and I went to bed that day still scared and confused

I just came face to face with the most powerful demon in AMELDIA

I am really tired of this place and it misery and I will seriously do anything to go back to earth now

Even though earth is hard ,I am still familiar with the place and it rules

Unlike this place that I know absolutely nothing about


Just like the previous day I got ready again and went to school

Well ,here I am in school Now am standing in front of an awkwardly tall boy who was staring at me with a confused look on his face

Maybe he knows am not from AMELDIA

‘Who did she say she is again?’the boy asked Amaya

‘She is my cousin ‘

‘Oh really, I never knew you have a cousin ‘

‘I never knew you don’t mind your business ‘ Amaya said as she grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me with her

We entered the big hall like class through the back door and found our spot near a pretty proud looking girl with wierd eyebrows

I must confessed she looks like those pretty, proud and classy college diva who thinks they are better than everyone

Ummmmm am sure because she looks like them doesn’t mean she is actually one

She must be different anyway

But this college is actually wawwwww

The class

They actually teach the same subjects earth schools teaches it students

I tried to grab the pen on the desk but then it shocked me

‘Arghhhhh’I screamed and everyone focused their eyes on me

‘Is everything okay Miss ‘the professor asked

‘She is really sorry, everything is fine ‘ Amaya said

‘Nothing is fine I just got shocked by a p…..’I couldn’t finish before Amaya stepped

on me

That her way of telling me shut up and I got the message so I kept quiet immediately

‘She is fine sir ‘

The professor nodded and the rest of the class shifted their attention from us as they went back to their activities

‘Waw you can’t use a simple pen..what are you ,an Illiterate ?’ the girl sitting next to me said

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I knew it

She is one of them

Just ignore her maybe she will shut up then

‘Look Kira,this isn’t an ordinary pen …it works with your brain and the reason it shocked you now is because

it is charging and you not meant to touch it when it charging…you meant to switch it off here ‘she said showing me a small switch near the desk ‘so when you switch it

off….the pen scans you and get connected to your Brain so all you have to do is

think about the word and the pen writes itself ‘ Amaya took her time to explain it to me

‘Waw that quite fascinating ‘

‘Waw she has to teach you how to use a pen….wierdoooooooo’she said stressing

the ‘O’

Normally I do get intimidated by things like this

But I really do not know where I gathered the courage to answer her back

‘You wanna know what wierd right now ….the fact that you never mind your

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business’ I said and she gasped ‘and do something to that wierd thing on your head you call eyebrow…it looks like a dead raccoon’s tail ‘

‘How dare you ?’

‘Ummm sorry Amaya can you mute this girl’

‘With pleasure ‘ she said as her eyes twinkled and the wierd girl couldn’t talk anymore ‘

Amaya and I smiled at each other clearly enjoying the way she was struggling to talk

I think I like this universe

Am bold here

And I can finally stand up for my right

So after the current lecture we went on a lunch break

If this kind of school was on earth it will probably worth lot of dollars

What kind of a place Is this?

Even the cafeteria looks so fancy

I walked towards my table with Amaya holding a tray of food in my hand

‘WHERE IS SHE ‘ an angry voice shouted

I turned my head to see who it was








‘What the heck …what is violet doing here?’

Amaya looked and me and smiled before she said

‘I know you scared but do not be …that violet you seeing, that is not the violet from your planet…this is Morra…but the advantage here is whatever you do to Morra will affect Violet on earth because they are connected to each other…if you decide to let Morra bully you, violet reign of terror will continue on earth schools but If you stand up to Morra, someone will stand up to violet on earth which means you indirectly having your revenge for all she had done to you …think about it ‘she went back to her food

‘There she is ‘ the girl I insulted earlier said as she pointed at me Amaya is right

I have to stand up for myself

‘You ‘ violet look alike said as she walked towards me ‘why the heck did you speak to my sister that way?’

Oh the proud girl is her sister

Morra actually looks prettier than violet

Longer hair

And she looks like a girl here unlike violet who looks like a tomboy ‘Am talking to you b**ch ‘she shouted

I ignored her as I lifted my fork to my mouth to eat my spaghetti but she smacked it off my hand which made me kind of mad


Not kind of

Really mad

Now I have lot of bad things to do to her

Control yourself

Try to control yourself Marinette

‘Hey you ‘she said snapping her fingers in my face

She used her hand to lift my face using my chin ‘are you so dumb .. can’t you talk uhn?’

All this while Amaya just sat down focused on her food like we weren’t even there

‘Hey!’she shouted as she slapped me

I didn’t hold my cheek

I know she is dead if I decide to unleash all this anger I sat down on the chair thinking of what to do to her

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I wasn’t looking scared and I think that annoyed her

‘Need to teach this b**ch a lesson ‘ she said as she raised her hand to slap me again but I held it and used it to pull her making her hit her forehead on the table and she fell on the ground with her hands on her head

‘Argghhhhh’ she screamed in pain

I stood up from my chair and I dropped to a squat

‘What were you about to do ?’ I asked her

‘You b**ch’ she said as she wanted to punch me but I caught her fist in my hand and almost crushed it in my hands

‘Ouchhhhhhh’ she cried out in pains

I hope the violet on earth is feeling the same pain am making morra go through

I hope someone is doing the Same to her

‘If you know what good for you …avoid me ‘I said as I stood on my feet and walked back to the table

The girl I insulted angrily picked up her plate of food and threw it away making it land on a

nother person

The other person got angry and threw her own food back at her

‘FOOD FIGHT ‘someone shouted from the corner of the cafeteria as everyone stood on their feet and started throwing their food at each other

Someone were using strange powers like telekinesis

Force field


Etc to prevent the food from hitting them

So all student in this school has their own special abilities

And I thought I will never see powers like this in reality

Only in super heroes movies

AMAYA and I looked at each other and shrugged before we pick up our own food and we started throwing food at people

What a fun food fight

I wanted to throw an apple at a guy but then he dropped to a squat before the apple could hit him making it hit another guy behind him on the head


the whole cafeteria was graveyard silent as we all stared at the guy I just hit with a apple

I stared at him looking scared as he stares at me with that cold deep black eyes



This is AMELDIA Ruler

I just F**king threw apple On the ruler

Okay I know I shouldn’t focus on his beauty and sexiness right now but I still can’t help but stare at him

He looks soooooooooooooooo handsome

I mean

Is this even real

He is a guy but he looks prettier than a girl even with all the bad boy look

He is soooooooo hot

Soooooo handsome

Looks so cold and very intimidating

Now back to the real Matter

I just threw food on AMALDIA ruler

And the way he has his eyes so focused on me right now I turned to my back and all the students were gone

I couldn’t see just one student in the cafeteria only Amaya is here She looks so scared

Like extremely scared have never seen her like this before Never ever

He walked towards me with his hand in his pocket

He looked like a total bad boy with lit bad boy fashion I was so scared

This guy must really be who AMAYA described him to be because all the students disappeared immediately they saw him

He stopped walking when he was just about 3 feets away from me This Is the end of my life

When I told God to take my soul I never said I want to die in a MYSTERIOUS land in the hands of the hottest boy I have ever seen

This is the end

Am sure he knows am not from AMALDIA now

He is going to kill me now

I am literally dead

Why me

I just want to go back home



So guys

What do you think he is going to do to poor Marinette/Kira Is he going to kill her or spare her

And is he aware of the fact that she doesn’t belong to AMELDIA



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