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Dare To Love – Episode 3

Dare To Love

Dare To Love

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‘This is all fucking confusing ,just who the hell are you?’

‘Oh yea ,my name is Amaya ,and here you name should be Kira not Marinette ‘

‘But Kira, marinette…what going on ,this isn’t real…it either they are shooting a movie in Hollywood right now or maybe this is a dream ..I know if I pinch myself really hard i will wake up from this dream ‘

I pinched myself really hard while closing my eyes and then slowly opened my eyes again

‘Have you woken up from your dream now’ Amaya asked sarcastically with a mocking grin on her face

‘Oh nooooooooooooo..whyyyyyyyy’ I wailed as I sat down on the floor

Amaya went to her wardrobe and that was when I finally noticed just how big and fancy this room is

It looks like something have never seen on earth

I just can’t describe it

The wall that glitters like it is made of diamonds

Or the closet door that was looks like a real gold door

The bed

So big

Bouncy and all

‘Your parent’s must worth millions ‘

She looked at me and smiled

‘I have mo parents ‘ she said nonchalantly as she went back to going through her closet

‘Wait, then how did you have all this ‘

‘An a witch ,a very powerful one …I can just poof anything to existence this house you seeing ,do not be decieved I didnt pay a dime for it ‘

what ,so you a witch…I thought witches were old and ugly with big pointy hats and always flying around with a broom ‘

‘Foolish earthlings….they deceive you all with movies and cartoons that brings to

life their stupid imagination of a witch…..I am what a witch is ,beautiful, hot and I

do not go around flying with a broom ‘

‘Okay…I will try to act like I believe you …and I will try to act like this is all real ‘ I said making the air quotes with my finger

She stares at me and shrugs before she went back to what she was doing

Her personality is quite fascinating

It like she doesn’t even give a damn what I say or think

She is like those bad girls that doesn’t care about anything in high school movies have watched

‘Okay so put this on ‘ she said as she gave me an outfit just like the one she was wearing but with a different colour’

‘What do I need this for?’

‘School ‘

‘School, on this planet… not going anywhere other than earth…take me back

to earth right now you over pretty barbie

mmmmmmmm…..mmmmmmmmm….mmmm’ that was the sound I made when I

couldn’t talk again

‘Well am sorry for that ….it just that you talk too much and am getting sick already

so put that on and I will release you from the spell ‘she said as she walked out of the room



I walked out of the room into the main sitting room when I put on the clothes Amaya gave me

I looked like a living cartoon

I have to admit I love this look

Extremely beautiful

Soft skin

Straight long legs

If I was a guy I will drool over something like this

I packed my hair in a ponytail and it was still down below my butt Now this hair is something I might never get used to The length is so darn annoying

My real hair ain’t even this long

Although it makes me look prettier but still


‘Oh that right…I almost forgot’ Amaya said as I eyes twinkled and then the heavy lump in my throat preventing me from talking was gone

‘You just have to do that didn’t you ….I knew it ,all witches are just evil ‘

‘Please do not make me repeat what i just did ‘ she said as she walked out of the house and I followed her

A yellow car

A model have never before on earth was parked outside her building

It looks more like a Lamborghini car

But a more improved version of that

We walked towards the car and the back door automatically opened ‘Waw…did you do that with a remote or something ‘

‘No it motion control…just get in ‘Amaya said and I got into the car I got into the wierd car and immediately the seat belt fasten itself ‘Where to Amaya ‘ a computer like voi ce said in the car

‘ HGS college’

The car started moving itself and I was shocked ‘Wait is this car driving itself?’ ‘Yea ‘


‘Fascinating right ‘

‘Have seen things like this in movies and have also have heard of it but never seen one in reality ‘

‘Oh …like I said welcome to AMELDIA ‘

‘Ummmmmmm…you said something about college ,I am not a college student am a high school student unless college means high school in AMELDIA ‘

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‘No ,It doesn’t and do not worry about anything at all’

‘But Amaya …it …’

‘You know Kira am fighting the strong urge to stop you from talking so please stop making this hard for me ‘

‘ what an attitude, I am not Kira…I am Marinette ‘ ‘Well your name is Kira now ‘

‘What I am …mmmmmm…mmmmmm….mmmm’

Holy shit she has stopped me from talking again This ain’t fair at all

I glared at her and she rest her head on her car sit ignoring me and she closed her eyes

Oh my word

I hate her

She is way worst than violet

I want to go back to earth

Or heaven

Or hell for all I care

As long as am not in this strange planet called AMELDIA

I popped my head out the window and different thoughts were going through my mind

Ameldia isn’t different from earth

But one thing right about this place is the technology

The railway is like a bridge with a transparent tube like tunnels

And the train looks like glass and it five times faster than the normal train on earth The buses were longer than usual

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The cars were of different models I have never seen before This place really is fascinating

I got down from the car when it stopped and Amaya looked at me and the lump in my throat was gone as we walked into the school

The student here looks like normal human But too pretty and too handsome to be real Although the not so fine people were available But the extremely beautiful people are Wow What the heck is this place

‘Stay here ….I will be back ‘

She said and I nodded

I waited for about 2 minutes trying my best to ignore the wierd way students were staring at me

I heard the sound of a piano and ‘waw ….where is that coming from?’

I traced the sound to a room not too far from me

I slowly opened the door and peeped in and all I saw was a guy No not just any guy

I could only see his side view and he is probably the hottest guy I have ever seen

He isn’t the typical cute boy I see on earth in the past

This one is


I could only see his side view ,I couldn’t see his face

He looks like those bad boys I see in movies and reality

There was tattoo on his beck and am sure there are more tattoos but I couldn’t see then cause his round collar top prevent me from

I could see tattoo from his arm just below his shoulder where his shirt sleeves stopped down to his wrist

He had different tattoos of the cross, moon and although wierd shapes drawn on his finger

His black and red hair almost reaching his cheeks gives him that bad boy vibe

And his earrings

He looked like the hottest bad boy have ever seen

Boys like this will be interested in electric guitars and probably drums

But being interested in classical instrument like a piano is quite awkward

Pic below

He pressed one last button on his piano and stopped playing like he noticed someone has been watching him all along


I want to see his face properly

He raised his head and was about to turn to my direction when someone yanks me back before I could see his face

‘Amaya ‘ I muttered

She pulled me to the toilet and closed the door behind her looking really scared

I must say have never seen her like this before

‘Did he see you?’

‘What ?’

‘Did he f**king see your face ?’

‘No,no he didnt ,you pulled me back before he could…..but why you so scared ‘

‘That man….he is the most powerful human here ‘

‘And probably the most beautiful ‘ i said playfully but Amaya smacked me and said

‘Be serious would you ….that man is too powerful forget about him being gorgeous

that is the ruler of AMELIA ….you know like earth has president and maybe queen

he is the soul

and entire ruler of AMELIA…no one ,I mean no one in this school goes close to him like that….if he had seen you today , he will know who you are instantly by

who you are I mean he will know that you do not belong to this planet and that is the end …we don’t know what he might do ‘

She said and I sighed

I didnt know that

Well maybe he will barnish me back to earth

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I mean that works

‘Okay …I wont go close to him ‘

‘Good …you see,you can’t resume school today according to the principal, you have to wait till tomorrow so the car will come now and take you back to the house…am sure you will be able to manage on your own till am back right?’

‘Yea sure ‘

‘Good ‘

I walked out of the school and entered into the car that took me back to the house I still couldn’t get the MYSTERIOUS man off my mind

How can a guy so young be the ruler of this place How can he be so powerful

Is this true or is Amaya being ironic

I got to the house and saw a little puppy

‘Puppy ‘ I squirmed as I picked up the little thing and started playing with it Must be Amaya puppy

It looks just like a Teddy bear

I explored the whole house with the puppy and settled in on the couch later in the evening

The big screened TV switched on itself and Amaya appeared on it I was startled but when I saw Amaya I calmed down

‘Look Kira I wont be home early tonight ,so I will see you later’ “Okay’

‘There is food in the freezer so stuff yourself ‘…and no matter what, I repeat no matter what please do not leave the house tonight Okay?

‘Okay ‘


‘Bye ‘

I just want to go back home I said to the puppy while petting it

I slept off on the couch and woke up later in the day when I was hearing strange noises

I checked the digital clock on the wall and it was 8:56am Where is Amaya

Isn’t she meant to be back home

The noise didn’t stop

It was like a big bird was flying

An extremely big bird cause the wings flapping sound so loud and powerful

I walked out of the house and immediately I had this wierd vibe

I felt empty

I walked even further till I got to the empty street No one

Not a single soul was passing

I was still getting that wierd vibe when I saw something big flying from the sky down

It was black

Like a shadow

The closer the thing came the bigger it becomes and the louder the sound of it wings

I wanted to run away but it was like something was pinning me down I couldn’t move

It finally landed on the ground and it was a human

I couldn’t see it properly on the dark empty street but I was sure it was a human With big wings

The street light reflected on me alone and the brightness of the light couldn’t make me see it properly

I tried to move but I couldn’t

The thing or is it persons moved closer to me and the street light went off and I could see it clearly

The moon light was very bright and that really helped me in seeing it I could hear the sound of it feets as it walked closer to me

It folded his big malificent like wings to the back still walking

The thing finally stopped about two feets away from me

I couldn’t see his face

But I could see his body

No doubts his face would be as pretty as his body He has this totally sexy

Very sexy body that woman usually fantasize over

And his eyes was covered with his hairs leaving just his nose and very beautiful lips that has a lip ring for view

He has a small very short red horns on the right and left side of his head

Devil advocates

He had a scary owl on his shoulder and holding what looks like a skull I was totally scared

His wings were big ,strong , with black feathers on it I was shivering but I still couldn’t move

The thing stood in front of me and although I couldn’t see his eyes through his hair I know

I just know that he was staring at me

He is going to kill me

Am sure this thing knows am not from AMELIA now I tried to speak but I couldn’t

He looked at me for awhile longer before he spread out his big wings They look so Magnificent

I thought he was going to do something to hurt me but instead he flew away Hi

s big wings blowing a very heavy breeze as it took off to the sky again

I could feel my body again and I ran as fast my legs could carry back into the house

I think I should start listening to Amaya

Pic demon below


So guys who do you think this wierd creature she saw is And are you still enjoying the story

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