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Dare To Love – Episode 27 [Completed]

Dare To Love

Dare To Love


‘And what makes you think my feelings for you are not real ‘ Aart asked as he caught my hand prevent ing from walking any further

‘And one reason why I should believe a liar ?….I mean for God sake you are the bad

guy …why should I ever trust you …trusting you will be a big mistake, a very big one ‘

‘Why dont you do this for the sake of our unborn baby ‘

‘My unborn baby ‘I corrected as I turned my face away

I really do not want to look at his face right now

It makes me sick

fine ,do it for your baby ….AMELDIANS will surely point fingers at you if you raise a child without a father…what are you going to tell the child if he ask about his father in the future ….you might think I am a very irrelevant thing in your life presently but trust me you….you need me just as much as I need you …for the sake of this baby let put our differences aside and raise it together …please Amaya just accept this proposal..I promise I have no bad motive ‘

I looked at him for awhile trying my best to control the tears that wanted to roll freely down my eyes

I know right now I am playing the bad girl roll

Acting like I can handle it all

But the truth be told I can’t do this alone

I really want my child to have a father

A lot of AMELDIA girls are single mothers but here I am having a guy that is willing to take full responsibility for what he did even though it nothing but a huge mistake

I think I should just agree to this

I have no better option anyway

I looked at Aart for awhile before looking down

‘Fine …I agree ‘I muttered

‘What ‘he arched his right brow in a manner telling me to repeat what I just said

‘I said am ready for the marriage ‘

‘Really ?’ The excitement on his face was out of this world and I just walked away leaving his questions unanswered

I clearly wasn’t in the mood to repeat myself

But he got the memo

Am getting married to Aart

My best friends older brother

‘WHAT!’ Kira exclaimed

‘Yea ‘

‘And why didnt you tell me all this sooner ?’she asked

‘Kira you have your own life to deal with I can’t just bother you with my own problems can I?’

‘But Amaya..we are friends…scratch that we are sisters and you couldn’t share this vital information with me

..tell me did Aart rape you, am sure he forced himself on you …that lowlife pervert…did he rape you ..

Am sure he did that and now he wants to marry you to cover up for his crimes ‘

‘No he didnt do that …trust me Whatever transpired between us was a mutual agreement between adults ‘

‘But still…..’

‘Look as the mother of the heir and the VENNYOX, can you please bless our marriage ‘

‘I dont wanna ‘she said childishly with her lips pout and her arms folded ‘Please ‘ I pleaded this time using the sad face on her

‘Fine…you two have a happy married life ‘ ‘she said and I smiled I hugged her and said ‘ I love you ‘

‘You know I love you too’ she said as she hugged me back

Time flies

Day after day

Weeks after week

Seven months later I was already heavy same thing applies to Kira Aart was suprisingly the best husband anyone could ask for

He treats me like a queen sometimes I forget that am just the wife of a rich Nobleman Sometimes I feel like the queen of AMELDIA

And I must confess over the past couple of months I find myself falling inlove with Aart

According to the customs of AMELDIA, a ceremony must be held to celebrate the arrival of a new member to the upper class family and therefore since Kira the kings wife and I the Gronite leader wife was close to their delivery time

A ceremony was held to celebrate this

‘I dont know why but I have some bad feelings about this ceremony ‘ I said to Aart

‘Really ‘

‘Yes …something is definetly going to go wrong ‘

‘Come on let be positive …here have a seat ‘he said as he helped me seat down on the chair ‘are you Okay?’he asked

‘Not really ‘

He kissed me on the lips and asked how about now

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I s

miled back and said ‘you really are full of surprises ‘

Aart sat down next to me and held my hand

‘Ma can you please bless my grandchild for me ‘an old woman said as she walked towards me with a baby

I carried the baby in my hands and smiled at the little thing

‘What a cutie ‘I said as I played with the baby for awhile before praying for the newborn following the AMELDIA traditions

I gave the baby back it grandmother as soon as the king and queen arrived


‘I really do not know why I have such bad feelings about this place ‘

‘Should we just cancel this ‘ Gerald asked

‘No. I can’t do that..I mean this day is not meant for me alone, it is also celebrating the arrival of Aart and Amaya’s baby…I really can’t be inconsiderate ‘ I said and he sighed

‘Okay then …but trust me am here for you ,nothing Is gonna go wrong Okay ‘ he said and I nodded

The ceremony started with the kings opening speech

After that different competition was Held

We decided to go a little old school by doing the Archery competition and whoever wins the competition will be given a price

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Everything was going smoothly until someone wearing a hoodie that calls herself the Killer stepped in

At first she pointed the board before she pointed directly at me and released

I was not scared seeing the arrow coming towards me

It is what I expected

Before the arrow could get to me Gerald caught it in his hands

‘Are you Okay ‘he asked looking really concerned

‘Yes ‘I said still very focused on her

I used my magic to remove the hoodie from her head and


I should have known

Everyone gasped immediately they saw her

‘Am not gonna spare at this time ‘ Gerald said as he wanted to stand up but I held his hand telling him to seat

‘I am here according to the customs of AMELDIA to challenge the queen of AMELDIA to a duel.

.no one has ever been able to challenge a VENNYOX cause you are all cowards and now I am doing that because if I kill the VENNYOX and her unborn baby , I can be the new queen of AMELDIA ‘

‘You are no warrior …you want to fight the queen in this state’

‘Exactly…no one can face her in her normal state, she is way too powerful…this Is the only time she is weak and I want to use that to my advantage unless it is considered a crime to violate the law of this land and you know a lot of people can die if you say no to this…so choose your people or your wife ‘


‘Leave it Gerald, if it a fight she wants a fight she will get’

‘Are you crazy….you can’t fight in this condition ‘

‘ Am doing this for AMELDIA ‘

‘If I loose you Kira ‘1

‘You wont loose me ,I promise this will only take a

minute ‘I said as I slowly changed into my true VENNYOX form which is the gold like being she turned into when they tried to burn her alive few months ago

Author POV

Rose was a bit intimidated when she turned to this and even with her small round tummy ,she still looks a bit fit and powerful

She formed a golden long spear in her hand with magic and walk towards rose who was also holding a big spear

‘Why didn’t you just escape when you had the chance to’

‘Not until I have my revenge on the Gronite tribe and rule AMELDIA ‘

‘So you prefer to die ‘ Kira asked

‘The only one who is going to be dying today is you’ she said and Kira arched her brow

This is going to be interesting

The duel started between the pregnant queen and rose

Everyone watched in silence praying their queen is protected

Gerald was suprised by the fighting skills of his wife

He never knew she could use the spear like that

Rose has always been a renowned fighter

Every Gronite is one

But Kira spent alot of time on earth she is not suppose to be this good He expected her to use magic

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Kira was gaining the upper hand in this fight despite her condition until rose managed to use the spear to give her a deep cut on her hand

Then she used magic to control the baby in her giving it utmost discomfort

Kira fell on her knee feeling pains from her hand and her tummy

She was weak and it looked like she couldn’t fight anymore

Gerald stood on his feet unable to watch

The only magic that can get Kira like that is the red pearls

And it almost impossible for her to control it

The only one that can control is me

I wanted to interfere in this fight until Amaya stopped me

‘No …do not get involved …trust her ‘

‘Amaya ‘

‘Your majesty…trust your wife ‘she said and I sighed and sat on the throne still unable to watch

I fell on the floor feeling unbearable pains

‘Oh great queen of AMELDIA. What a worthless way to end your life ….so tell me

,any last word ‘

‘F**k you ‘I muttered

‘Sorry what that ?’she asked

‘I said FUCK YOU ‘I shouted as I lifted my eyes and it was pure gold

Immediety overpowered Rose and she fell on the floor as I slowly sucked the life out of her

I stood on my feet very weak as I slowly changed back to my normal form while rose fell on her knee looking pale and lifeless as I sucked each and every soul out of her

I couldn’t do it

I couldn’t kill her

I just can’t

I stopped what I was doing

‘I am giving you one last chance to leave and never come back ‘I said as I turned my back and walk weakly towards Gerald

Then it happened

I felt something

Stab me in the back

Rose just threw her spear at me

‘Kira’Gerald muttered as I stare at him weakly

His hand went to my back and he touched the spear

And looked at Rose who was smiling clearly pleased with what she just did

His eyes focused on Rose and it didnt stop until he sucked each and every soul out of her

Her body turned into dust and that was the end if the villain

‘Kira please stay with me’

‘Gerald am fine…I can’t die…I promise am not going to die …am the VENNYOX remember ‘ I said as I slowly pulled out the spear thankfully it didn’t go deep into me

The cut and other cuts slowly closed up but I was still so weak

Very weak



‘Hey stop that ‘ I shouted as I chased the boys around the whole castle ‘why are you guys making live so difficult ‘

‘Mummy come and get me’ Adolph said as I weakly ran after him ‘okay I give up …you guys win’ i said as I sat down on the chair

Adolph ,Lucian and Herald ran towards me and hugged me

‘Tomorrow am sending you back to your momma Herald you make things difficult ‘

‘But I still want to stay here’

‘Dont you want to see your mummy ‘

‘I want to see her but I also want to play with Lucian and adolp’

Aart walked towards us and kissed the boys on their forehead before kissing my tummy


I am pregnant again

After the twin

Unfortunately the spear did leave a lasting effect on Kira

She cannot conceive again

Therefore Herald is her only child and the only heir to the throne

AMELDIA was a happy place ever since the VENNYOX arrived

And everyone prays it stays like this forever


‘Is this why you told Herald to go stay with Amaya for awhile ‘ I asked

‘Okay I love that kid but ever since he came into this world, I never have an alone time with you ….he is always around you and I feel like you do not even care about

me anymore ‘he said as he pulled me closer on the bed ‘You jealous freak ….he is your son ‘

‘I know …but atleast let me enjoy this moment with you till he comes back ‘he said as he kissed me on the lips

‘I love you Gerald ‘

‘I love you more Kira ‘he said as he kissed me again

The End

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