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Dare To Love – Episode 26

Dare To Love

Dare To Love

‘Amaya what the hell are you doing here?’ Aart asked

‘Have you gone mad …I should be asking you that question…what the heck am I doing butt naked in your bedroom ‘


‘Exactly…am so dead …am really dead …how …how the heck did I end up here

…what did you do to me ‘ I said as I pulled the shit closer and stood on my feet while he grabbed the pillow and used it to cover his exposed part

Something happened yesterday

We were both drunk

But how

How the heck did we end up in such compromising situation

There must be a logical explanation for this

I grabbed my clothes and stormed out of the room ignoring Aart and not worrying about walking into somebody on the way

I ran into my own room ,closed the door and rested my back on the wall breathing heavily

I am such an idiot

I can’t believe I had sex with Aart

A guy I do not even like

Oh my life is a total mess right now

Why the heck did I do that

I shouldn’t have done that

Something like that shouldn’t have happened between Aart and I at all

It shouldn’t have happen between us

Oh I am so dead


I woke up the next morning and tried to move my body but I couldn’t since Gerald was placing his hand on my waist using it to hold me down

‘And where are you going to?’ He whispered in my ear I smiled and said ‘ the bathroom ‘ ‘You ain’t going nowhere ‘

‘But why’ I said as I turned to face him

‘I enjoy having you this close that why’

I smiled and said ‘get away you sicko ‘

I gently pushed him away and went to the bathroom smiling

Married to a guy you love

That so much fun

Later that day ,I got dressed and went to the dinning table to have breakfast that morning with Gerald

The way the people treat me is so different

I feel special

And loved

Because I am the VENNYOX

The queen of AMELDIA

I was about to seat on the chair and suddenly ,I was so dizzy and almost fell on the floor but Gerald caught me before I could

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‘Are you okay?’

‘Yeah sure am fine…am just a little dizzy ‘

‘Sit okay ‘

‘Yeah sure’I said as I sat down on the chair

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I had the urge to puke immediately the aroma of the food hit my nose and I rushed to the bathroom inorder to avoid ruining breakfast for everyone

‘Kira are you Okay ?’ Gerald asked immediately I Walked out of the bathroom

‘Yeah am fine just a little sick’

Gerald looked at me for awhile

‘What wrong?, is there something on my face ?’I asked but he walked towards me and held my hand before placing his hand on my tummy

‘Hey what that for?’

Gerald looked at me and smiled before saying ‘you are pregnant ‘


‘You are pregnant ‘

‘Are you crazy .. we had sex just few days ago and am pregnant already ‘

‘Things work differently in AMELDIA when it comes to stuffs like this….and beside

you the VENNYOX am the PARANOIA…’

‘So what you trying to say now is that am pregnant ‘

‘Yes ‘ he said and I smiled

I was extremely happy

Am going to be a mother


I was walking on the hallway in school when I saw Aart

I turned my back to avoid him but he ran after me and held my hand as he dragged me to an empty room

‘What do you want Aart ?’

‘I am sorry ‘

‘Please stop that …do not make me feel stupid by telling me sorry…your sorry isnt going to fix anything anyway ‘ I said

‘But Amaya ‘

‘Aart can we just go back to the way we were….let pretend this never happened

between us ‘I opened the door and walked away leaving him speechless

This is my faith and I just have to accept it

I had sex with the guy I do not like

At all

I have no feeling of love towards him and I just gave out my virginity like that

This is so sad

I recieved a message on my phone


Kira is pregnant

Two weeks later after the grand festival for the coming of the heir to the throne

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Wierd things started happening to me

Morning sickness

Wierd cravings

It was then I realized that I am pregnant

As if having sex with Aart wasn’t enough


ow am pregnant

For him

This is officially the worst day I my life

I went to the school still thinking of my life and trying my best to avoid Aart He shouldn’t know I am carrying his child I do not want him to know that

I closed my locker after arranging my books in it and flinched when I saw Aart

He looked at me and said ‘you are carrying my child ‘ in a very low tone Oh yea

He is a gronite

All it takes for them is one look at you and they know everything about you ‘So ‘ I said as I turned my back to walk away but he keeps following me

‘Amaya ‘ he called my name as he held my hand

‘What the heck is your problem ‘ I said as I yanked his hand off mine ‘okay fine am pregnant so what…..what exactly are you gonna do about it uhn…I told you pretend

this never happened between us’I said as I turned my back to leave but he held my hand in said

‘Just marry me then’


‘ I want to take full responsibility for what I have done so marry me ‘

I looked at him and smiled ‘ i hate being pitied

..we clearly do not like each other …so why force a marriage because of guilt ‘

‘I do not know how you feel towards me …but I have always liked you …since the first day…my strong urge for revenge didnt make me show it back then…but I have always liked you Amaya and I still like you very much…alot ‘

‘I see …so this is your tactic ….marry me so your sister can finally forgive you for what you have done right ….you wanna use me uhn ‘

‘Amaya believe me ‘

‘Enough…I do not want to have this conversation with you…am out of here ‘ I said as i walked away

He likes me

What a joke


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