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Dare To Love – Episode 25

Dare To Love

Dare To Love

I opened my eyes slowly trying hard not too pay much attention to my head that hurts badly like it was beaten by a big stick

I gently rubbed my head with the tip of my finger while observing the room

Am in Gerald’s room

P”Hey”Gerald waved with a smile on his face while I rewarded him with a little glare ‘Kira i…..’

‘How long have you known about all this ?’

‘Since the first day I saw you ‘

I sighed and ran my hand through my hair ‘and I do not deserve to know about this?’

‘Kira …please i….’

‘Do not come close to me Gerald ….please don’t ‘ I warned as I raised my hand

signifying stop while Gerald sighed and moved his chair close to me ‘ see Kira, I know that I was wrong …very wrong for everything….but I didnt tell you out of fear

of losing you ‘

‘How will telling the truth make you loose me ?’

‘Look I am the PARANOIA ‘

‘ that added to the least of things you couldn’t tell me ‘

‘And being with you was a great risk for me due to the presence of the strong human soul in you..the PARANOIA couldn’t resist that and since I didn’t allow it to have your soul it ended up eating me slowly…if I had told you about you being the VENNYOX then it will definitely lead to you finding out about the PARANOIA and now tell me Kira if you should find out that you are a great danger to me …wouldnt you have stayed away from me?’he asked and I stared at him for awhile and nodded

He is right

I would have stayed away from him

‘That one of the reason why I couldn’t tell you and beside am not allowed to …until you are in your full VENNYOX form telling you about this Can cause so much danger to you…I only let the secret out because you have fully transformed …if you haven’t then I I definetly wouldnt expose you in front of everyone…I would have found another way to save you ‘he said and I inhaled deeply before hearing a knock on the door

‘Come in ‘ Gerald said as his Royal Servant walked

‘Your majesty you have a guest ‘he announced as he stepped aside and Aart walked in the room

‘I will excuse both of you ‘Gerald said

‘No need for that, let him say whatever he has to say ‘ I replied

‘Kira i….’

‘What do you wanna say ,that you are sorry…you want me to forgive you ,you were wrong and you so sorry for trying to kill your own sister and the man that she is inlove with …isn’t that what you have to say ‘i said and he was quiet ‘your akward silence right now only means that am right ‘

‘Kira am so sorry ‘

‘No Aart …not today, I will forgive you eventually because you are my brother and all but today…please not today…I do not even want to talk to you so please just leave…NOW! ‘ I yelled as he slowly turned his back and walked away

‘He made a mistake…’

‘I didnt say I wouldnt forgive him …I just want him to realise what he did was very wrong and beside he is my only family …I have no choice but to forgive my brother anyway ‘

He sighed and said ‘ the people want us to get married today ‘

‘How did you know that ‘

‘I can hear them’

He smiled and said ‘one of the VENNYOX powers ‘

‘I didnt even know who I was until today …I guess Amaya brought me here for a reason ‘ I said and he smiled

‘So what do you say…about the marriage ..’

I stood on my feet and walked around the room ‘you are the king ….I am your

queen…I can never say no to this anyway ‘

‘Look what the people want doesn’t matter when it comes to this ‘

‘It is the law of AMELDIA…once the VENNYOX is found, the king must get married to her immediately ‘ I said

‘I am the king ..I am the law …i can reverse it ‘ He said as he stood on his face

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I walked towards him and hugged him placing my head on his chest ‘don’t you want to get married to me ?’

He wrapped his hand around me pulling me closer to him ‘you know I live for you Kira and ofcourse I want to get married to you ‘

‘Then let get married today ‘I said and he sighed

Everything happened so fast

AMELDIA wedding is just like the white

wedding done on earth

I was dressed in the most beautiful white gown with a diamond tiara placed on my head signifying that I am the queen

I looked extremely beautiful

Everyone was present

Everyone In school

Am really happy to be here

To be finally getting married to the man I love

Vows were exchanged on the Altar

Just like Gerald I consider myself to be the luckiest for such prince charming to be mine

Gerald is my better half

So after the wedding I went inside to change to something comfortable for the main Grand AMELDIA Ceremony

I looked through my closet and this were my old cloth

Nothing good enough for such Ceremony

‘Will just wear whatever I have ‘I said as I wanted to pick a gown from the closet but someone pulled me back

‘Gerald ‘

‘That not your closet anymore ‘

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He held my hand and pulled me out of the room ‘This is ‘he said as he opened another small room filled with different expensive looking dresses shoes and bags

Even the richest girl on earth doesn’t have a closet as big as a room

‘What tha…….’

‘You like it?’

‘Isnt it a bit too much?’I asked

‘Is there anything too much for you ?’he asked and I sighed

‘I really dont know what to say Gerald…I have never seen so much clothes meant for me …..i mean is this a mall or something ‘I asked and he smiled

‘You a big dum dum’

‘Dum dum apologize ‘


‘Apologize right now Gerald ‘

‘Fine am sorry and I Kapologise ‘

‘Kapologise? ‘

‘Am sorry that the best I got ‘

‘You are impossible Gerald ‘ I said and he smiled ‘so what to wear here ?’

‘You are not wearing anything here for the feast …come with me ‘ he said as made me follow him to his room

And a Mannequin was wearing a long white fitted fish tail dress

‘Waw …Gerald this is …this is too beautiful’

‘Yea I picked it specially for you ‘ he said and I smiled ‘I knew you would like it ‘

I looked at him and smile while admiring the dress

Gerald slowly grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him as he used his hand to pull my zipper down slowly

He moved the gown off my shoulder as it fell on the ground revealing just my underwear

‘Gerald i… ‘I couldn’t finish before he caught my lips in his I wasted no time in wrapping my hands around his neck as he deepened the kiss while his hands were now on my butt using it to pull me closer to him

I broke the kiss for breathe and said ‘ gerald we still have alot of things to do and if we do this now

You just gonna smudge all my makeup and hair ‘

‘Come on you will just do another one ‘

‘Guest are waiting Gerald…later tonight Okay ‘I said as I walked towards the Mannequin

Even i want him so bad

Like right now.

But the people

‘Oh f**k the guest ‘ I cursed as I walked towards Gerald and pulled him close to me again kissing him all over again

‘What about the guest?’he teased

‘just shut up Gerald ‘ I said as I pushed him on the bed and sat down on his tummy ‘today am the one in control ‘ I whispered in his ear while he just smirked

I slowly unbuttoned his shirt while I started kissing again his hand went to my butt gently squeezing the soft tissue while I teased him sexually by moving my hips back and front on his hard on

Gerald made me turn over with him on me as he slowly kissed my neck and tore my bra

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‘Geez Gerald that my bra ‘

‘Uhn does it really matter ‘he said and I moaned as he slowly kissed my left n*pple and stroked the other one with his finger

He pulled my pant off me and I pulled him close and whispered ‘no making love today ,just f**k me ‘

‘Now you talk dirty…what have I turned you into ‘ he said and I laughed but that laughter soon turned to moan as he jammed into me

I gasped as my body tried to adjust to his big size

Gerald started off slowly as he went deeper and faster into me

I asked for this

Now am about to go crazy

‘Oh my…oh geeerralddd’ his lips caught mine as he reduce the pace and after some minutes something warm was released into me while Gerald and I were trying to catch our breathe

About an hour later we both walked out of

the room like we didnt just f**k each other head off for an hour

‘Your majesty we have been waiting for you ‘ AMAYA said

‘Am sorry we just had something important to attend to ‘

‘Oh…Kira but your makeup…it a little smudged…

What happened she said and I gulped

‘Oh it nothing Amaya…I just…Ummmm….i….i was doing some work sooo’

‘Yea a real work ‘ Gerald teased while I punched him telling him to shut up but Amaya figured everything out and gave me a very wierd smile

‘Oh I See…i.will have Beatrice fix your make up for you right now ‘ she said as she walked away smiling

‘Gerald you…’

‘…what I didn’t say anything ‘

you are impossible ‘ I said as I walked away pretending to be annoyed But I was not at all

“Kira am sorry ‘ Gerald pleaded while I just walked away smiling


So after the grand ceremony that night

The king and queen are nowhere to be found

All the guest have already gone to their houses while I decided to come out for some fresh air cause I spent the night at Gerald’s palace that night.

I saw Aart sitting next to the pool drinking himself to stupor

‘You look terrible ‘ I said as I sat down next to him

‘What do you want?’ He asked

‘You might need someone to talk to ‘

‘You are the last person I want to talk to ‘

‘We don’t like each other…agreed but tonight let put those differences aside…I know how you must be really hard for have no one left …I felt the same about my mother … I am sorry am not the type that knows how to console a person but I can do this ‘I said as I poofed a bottle of liquor in my hand ‘let drink away our sadness ‘ I said as I opened the bottle and took a gulp of it

This what I normally do whenever I remember my mom and am sad and lonely again I still want revenge on that devil for all she has done

‘My sister do you think she will forgive me?’ Aart asked and I looked at him before taking another gulp of the Alcohol

‘She is just like your mother..a kind, sweet VENNYOX…Kira will definitely forgive you, she only has you and Gerald left as family anyway ‘ I said and he smirked as we both drank away our sorrows that night

(Still Amaya pov)

The next day was a funny day for me as I woke up sitting on the bed with a terrible hang over

I turned to my side and saw Aart also sitting on the bed looking so shocked as he stared at me

It was then I realized I was naked in bed

And so was he

And this is his room

‘AMAYA what the hell are you doing here …like this ‘ Aart asked but I gasped and quickly pulled the white sheet close to me and saw a small blood stain on the bed

I tried to move but I felt a small sore between my legs

‘AMAYA ‘ he called my name again as balls of sweat rolls down my forehead

Did he

He didnt


This can’t be possible

This can’t be



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