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Dare To Love – Episode 24

Dare To Love

Dare To Love

‘What are you talking about …how can she be the VENNYOX…she is just an ordinary human from earth…she can’t be the VENNYOX ‘Rose shouted

‘You all know me,Amaya …Head witch of Ameldia….my mother told me about the

former VENNYOX just before she died …let me tell you all AMELDIANS what you do not know today ‘

Amaya knows about all this too

What going on ?

‘This woman over here…’ she said pointing at me ‘her earth name is Marinette but her real name is Kira but she doesn’t know that herself …She is the daughter 0f the former VENNYOX….We all should know the story of the former VENNYOX but

since some of you do not know let me Narrate the story ….the former VENNYOX

whose name was BRIELLA was the bestfriend of the head witch who was my mother’


That my mother’s name

‘…Briella didn’t know she was the VENNYOX at the time she fell in love and got married to the leader of the Gronite tribe who happens to be your father Rose and aart ‘

What the hell

But my mum husband was my dad back on earth

What does Rose and Aart father has to so with this

‘Her first son was Aart and her second child was Kira over here ….Rose was never

their child…so Aart,this Kira you wanted dead is your real sister ,she is your real sister,rose is just a girl your parent found in the snow on one cold winter night a year after they gave birth to you AART…they made you believe she is your sister but she is not

…your Mother the VENNYOX ran away to earth when she was eight month pregnant with your little sister over here ,she did that because the king who was Gerald father wanted to Marry her so bad after everyone found out she was the VENNYOX despite the fact that she was Married to the Gronite tribe and she was carrying his second child ‘

This is all making sense now

‘King Herod ,Gerald’s father was willing to follow the rules of the land which is the king must always get married to the VENNYOX no matter what…and beside he needed the VENNYOX to heal him because the evil demon that lives in the soul of all kings of AMELDIA which is the PARANOIA was slowly killing him simply because he was truly in love with the woman he married back then which was Gerald and Migello mother Queen Fiona ‘

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‘Yes that true ‘ Fiona Gerald mother said as she walked out of nowhere ‘ the PARANOIA is an evil demon but it is also one of the reasons why AMELDIA kings are so powerful…if a king cannot control this demon it will kill them and one thing this demon hate the most is love ….it also happened to my son over here…he was

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falling in love with the VENNYOX but the demon PARANOIA wanted to have her soul by all means but Gerald did not allow that ,she was still one hundred percent human then which made her very vulnerable to the attack of the demon…but when the PARANOIA couldn’t get her ,it started eating up it owner which is the king ,but now that she is the VENNYOX she is the only one with the ability to cure GERALD unless he will die soon ,as long as the VENNYOX is with him then there is nothing the PARANOIA can do ‘

‘Kira’s mother the former VENNYOX fled to a planet for the humans called Earth to avoid a serious war between the Gronites leader and AMELDIA King….the

VENNYOX knows that her husband the gronite leader can never win a war against the king himself so she decided to run away leaving her

and husband behind and just as expected there was no war…and then KIRA over here was born on earth and the man she thought was her real father back in earth was just a man who helped her father …that man was her adopted father and Kira your real father is the leader of the GRONITES who is also AART father ‘


This is all too much to take in

Even my so called brother was shocked

‘What about my father ,our father ..his father killed him right, even after mum fled to earth when i was just three years old and she was also pregnant back then but his father still killed my father ‘ Aart said pointing at Gerald

‘That where you wrong AART ,Gerald’s father the former king wasn’t the one who killed was none other than rose ‘ AMAYA said and AART and everyone else was shocked

‘What do you mean ?’ Aart asked

‘Rose was the one who killed him, one thing rose over here has always been after is power…she . Nikilled your father seven years ago when she was just sixteen after she realised that her real parent weren’t the Gronites leader family …she knew she can never have the upper hand in the tribe, so she decided to kill the leader before anyone can find out the secret behind her birth ..she lied to every Gronites that it was the AMELDIA king who killed you father Aart while she was the one who poisoned him .. she killed my mother because she knows that my mother knows the secret but she doesn’t know my … she also wanted you to kill GERALD so she Can rule AMELDIA…Rose used you all along AART…she kills everyone with their weakness…she knows your father’s the Gronite leader weakness is ghost ashes and she poisoned him with it ,she knows my mother’s weakness is sunflower and she also killed her with it and she knows that the only weakness Gerald has is Kira she was going to kill her and use her to destroy the king not knowing that she is

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AART looked at rose who had no sober in her eyes at all

‘She is lying right ‘ he asked

‘What can I say the truth…to be sincere I do not want the truth to come out yet but since it did then it no problem ,the truth is I do not care about anyone at all…I just want AMELDIA all to myself…I want to be the one to rule this kingdom…am a girl from the limbo tribe that was wiped out years ago by the Gronite Leader in a war…I am the last of my tribe…all I wanted is revenge, I wanted revenge after I found out who I was and what your father did to my people …now that I got my revenge I really cannot control my taste for power and I decided to use you in my plan ,my stupid elder brother who loves me so much and will believe any lie I tell him…can you see …and trust I swear on my parents grave I won’t stop until AMELDIA is mine

‘Guards get her ‘ Fiona ordered but rose disappeared before they could

‘There’s no point chasing her ,you will never find her anyway ‘ AMAYA said as she turned to face me

I couldn’t take all this anymore

This is too much secret

I can’t

Everything went blurry and dark as I heard faint sounds of my name until I finally passed out.


Now that the secret guys

Three more episodes to go

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