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Dare To Love – Episode 23

Dare To Love

Dare To Love



I slowly opened my eyes and sights was blurry for awhile

After I could see clearly I sat down on the bed and realise that I was in Gerald’s room ‘You awake ‘ Gerald asked sitting on his chair

I ran my hand through my long hair as I checked the scars on my body

They all completely gone

All gone

I looked out the window and it was already dark ‘Gerald….’

‘Here ,eat something’ he said as he dropped a tray of food on the table

‘Am not hungry Gerald…am fine ‘I said and he looked at me for awhile before one of the maids walked in and took the food away

I really am not hungry anyway

‘Gerald am I going to die…are they going to kill me ?’ I asked and he looked at me

‘You not going to die’

‘I read the AMELDIA law book..any human in the land must be killed and there is nothing the king himself can do about that’

you are not going to die’

I will die Gerald…they going to kill me ‘

‘Kira look at me’ he said as he cups my face in his hand ‘ do you trust me?’

‘More than anything ‘

‘Then I am telling you now that you not gonna die …I promise ‘

He used his thumb to wipe my tears as he pulled my face close to his

I closed my eyes as his lips met mine

He broke the kiss and whispered in my ear ‘ they can never harm you Kira’

‘You can’t die cause I can’t live without you…that just how much I love you Kira’ he said and my heart skipped a beat

I have always loved him very much

I thought he was only attracted to me but hearing him tell me he loves me sounds like a whole new thing

‘I love you too Gerald ‘ I said and he smiled before he caught my lips in his again

My heart was beating very fast as I wrapped my arms around his neck

I really want something to happen between us today

If this is my last day it being alive i must atleast do one of the things I have always wanted to do

Gerald stood on his feet and walked to the closet looking for something in it

He brought out his jacket and said ‘you might feel uncomfortable sleeping in the same room with me ,so do not worry I will sleep in another room ‘

I stood on my feet and walked towards him I can see it in his eyes

He does not want to do anything with me

He does not want me to have the wrong thoughts about him But I could read him like an open book

I moved close to him and kissed him all over again as I slowly unbuttoned his shirt ‘Kira i…..’he held my hands to stop me

‘What…you do not want this to happen?’ ‘This is not about me, it about you ‘ he said

‘ I have always wanted this ‘ I said and he sighed

He looked at me for awhile before he pulled me close and kissed me like never before

My back slowly met the wall as the kissing intensified

Gerald’s hand went under my short dress as he caressed my thighs and raised my legs to wrap it around his waist

‘Do not worry, I won’t let you fall ‘he said noticing the fact that I was a bit scared of falling.

I could feel his hard on rubbing against my gentals

He carried me off the wall and we both went to the bed as the making out continues Gerald kissed my neck as his finger slowly traced my stomach down to my VG

I moaned as he slid his finger into it

‘You are damn wet ‘ he whispered in my ear and that made me aroused

He slowly slides his finger in and out of my wet VG making me moan another finger was added to the one in it already as he used his thumb to rubb my cl*t,I was going to have my first orgasm as he slid his finger in and out of my VG still rubbing my sweet spot with his thumb

Gawddd’ I moaned between my words as Gerald continued his finger magic

Gerald pulled my dress off as His hand grabbed my left boobs and squeezed it gently in his hand which made me let out a faint moan

With his finger still in me busy making me feel waves of pleasure

He slowly went for my boobs but me being so shy and all covered it with my arms

Gerald removed my arms and pinned both of them above my head with his right hand giving my b**bs a m

ore lifted look

I felt so much pleasure when his mouth sucked on my left and then the right biting it gently

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He was holding my arms above my head with so much force that I was feeling some kind of pain but I was too engrossed in the pleasure o was feeling so I payed little attention to that

He stopped sucking on me and slid his finger out of me and grabbed the edge of my panties as he slid it down

I feel kinda wierd as my VG was naked in front of him like that

I closed my laps preventing him from seeing it but he smirked and slowly parted my legs themselves

He kissed me from my cleavage down to my abdomen and he looked at me one my time before he placed a soft kiss on my VG

I moaned and before I knew what was going my mind went wild as he used his mouth to play magic on my VG

I could not control my sounds anymore

This feels so darn good

Forget about what I have been feeling in the past this feels better

I never how it felt for someone to eat you down there but now I know

He moved his head back to my mouth and kissed me making me taste my orgasm in his mouth

He kissed my neck and I helped pulled down his Jean as I grabbed his p*nis in my hand

It was so damn big my hand could not go around it

I wonder if it can fit

He whispered in my ear ‘I am about to have you as mine permanently..tell me now if you don’t want this to happen ‘

‘Wouldn’t have come this far if I didn’t ‘

He smirked and made me wrap my legs around his waist positioning his c*ck at my entrance

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I closed my eye and inhaled deeply as he slowly jams an inch into me

I squeezed my eyes in pain ‘I promise it will be over soon ‘

He said as he kissed my neck

My arms were still pinned above my head as he went further into me and I gasped in pain but Gerald Quickly caught my lips in his kissing me with so much passion trying to distract me from the pain

And it worked

Gerald finally pulled his length into me and at first it hurt but it was only a matter of time before pain turned into extreme pleasure

And he was right

I really did scream his name as he thrust deeper into me faster as my body adjust to his length

Sometimes I will try to reduce my voice thinking the other room occupant will hear me but this is am extremely fancy hotel so am sure the rooms are bulletproof

After some times he finally released into me

That was my first night

Just like my imagination

The second day I woke up and Gerald was not sleeping next to me

I sat down on the bed running my hand through my hair and pulling the sheet close to my chest

I stood on my feet and put on a white rob as I went to the bathroom

I was feeling some pains all over my body and my VG was still so sore

I removed the robe and my entire body has bruises on it

I am sure this is why he never wanted to have s*x with me

I am human but he is not

The door opened and Gerald walked, I quickly put on my robe because I do not want him to see all this bruises on me

I smiled faintly at him but he was looking grumpy as usual as he walked towards me

He stood in front of me and I was feeling kind of akward

He slowly reached for my robe and wanted to pull it off but I stopped him using my hand to hold hid ‘what are you doing Gerald ‘

He took my hand off his as he slid the robe off my body and sighed when he saw my entire body covered with bruises

‘This…’ he ran his hand through his hair ‘this is exactly what I was afraid of…look what I did to you ‘

‘No Gerald do not think that way..yesterday night the best night of my entire life ‘

‘You do not understand Kira, just take a look at yourself..I shouldn’t have done this ‘

I put on my robe and said ‘You know what Gerald…the bruises isn’t hurting me right now,but the fact that you regret what happened yesterday, it really hurts you know’ tears rolls down my eyes but I wiped it and stormed out of the bathroom

‘Kira…kira..kira’ Gerald called my name repeatedly but I ignored him as I walked around the room trying to cool myself down

‘Kira’he called one more time as he held

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my hand and pulled me close ‘I am sorry okay..I am really sorry..I just really hate it when you hurt and I feel so stupid being the person that hurt you ‘

‘But you hurting by regretting everything ‘

‘Am sorry Okay …am really sorry ‘ he said as he hugs me and the bruises on my body disappeared slowly

Later in the Afternoon

It was time for my judgement

I was outside in the open in front of thousands of AMELDIANS

Gerald was nowhere to be found the only person present is the Council and Rose who use to be my friend

And now wants me killed by all means

I was chained like a prisoner actually I am a prisoner

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, the king will arrive very soon but in the mean time ,let me introduce my self ,I am Rose ,daughter of the Great leader of the Gronites tribe, and this is my brother Aart ‘she said pointing to a guy

I think I have seen him somewhere before

I think in school

So he is Rose brother

And what is a Gronite

‘The new leader of the Gronite tribe and I, I am your future queen of for this imposter, this human who pretends to be one of us I suggest we stone her to death ‘ Rose shouted and the people of AMELDIA Roared in approval

Gerald arrived and sat down on his throne

‘Well your majesty, since you are the King, tell me how do you want your mistress to die?’ Rose asked and Gerald looked at her and smirked

‘She should be burned alive ‘Gerald said and I was shocked



He wants me dead

‘Start the fire ‘ Gerald ordered

I looked at him unable to believe all this and he just watched me like I was nothing



Is he just the cold king he has always being

His guards started the fire and I looked at Gerald one more time who doesn’t seem to care at all

I looked at everyone one last time and then I started crying and screaming as I was being pushed into the fire but Gerald still didn’t seem to care at all

I was pushed into the fire and I could hear people of AMELDIA hailing Gerald’s name

The fire was burning and I was screaming but suprisingly it wasn’t hurting

It felt so cold

I stopped screaming wandering what is going on and then my body started turning into pure Gold

What the heck is going on

Why am I turning Gold

And why am I not burning

The only thing burning was my cloth

I look like raw gold that just pass through fire

I could hear the people of AMELDIA gasping and whispering words to each other

They noticed I wasn’t burning

And the look on Rose and her evil brothers face was priceless

Gerald who wasn’t looking suprised at all stood on his feet and walked towards me

I saw Gerald stood on his feet and walked towards the fire staring at me in it

He stretched his hand into the fire and I looked at it for awhile before I held his hand and he slowly pulled me out of the fire

I was still pure Gold even my face looks like that and if not for the gold alien I looked like right now I will be totally naked in front of the people

My body started cooling down and the Gold started disappearing and Gerald quickly used a big cloth to cover me before all the gold disappeared and I get completely naked in front of the people

I returned back to my normal self still wandering what is going

Did Gerald do this

Maybe he did

I think he did

Gerald cleared his throat and said ‘ meet the Mother of fire ,Godess of War,the most powerful woman in AMELDIA and Also the Rare and Rightful Queen of AMELDIA…The VENNYOX ‘ he said and everyone immediately bowed before me

Including the council


Everyone except Rose and her brother who still looks so shock

AMAYA once told me about VENNYOX

She told me that the VENNYOX are the true queen of AMELDIA and the only one more powerful than her is the king

She also said they are extremely Rare and they only come once in 100 years

So how come I am a VENNYOX

how is that possible


So guys

You know who Kira is now

She is the VENNYOX rightful queen of AMELDIA

Remember when Amaya mentioned something about her being extremely poweful in the second chapter of this story

Don’t y

ou think this is what she meant

Stay tuned for the bect chapter to find out more secret and how am ordinary human is the most powerful queen in AMELDIA


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