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Dare To Love – Episode 22

Dare To Love

Dare To Love


I stormed into my house looking extremely upset

‘I hate her …I hate her…i hate her ,why wont she just die for goodness sake ‘ I yelled looking absolutely frustrated

‘What is it this time ?’my brother who was focused on a magazine asked

‘I tried to kill her but that stupid Gerald saved her just in time ,now I do not want to kill her anymore . .I want her to be humiliated the way she humiliates me most of the time ‘

Dear sister, sometimes I wonder what goes on in that little head of yours ‘he said as he patted my head

‘What the f**k are you talking about ‘

‘I mean sometimes I wonder if you really as smart as you claim to be ….why bother

yourself when you can easily ruin her ‘

‘Just go straight to the point Aart’

He sighed and said ‘Kira is human ‘

‘Human….eeewwww….that disgusting…what the heck is that Creature doing here in


We gronite really hates Human

So much

It just a natural thing anyway

‘Well how come I never knew this ‘

‘I just found that out myself…her human blood is not strong…it like she is no pure human ‘

‘Well whatever …who cares of she is pure or not…but am just going to use the fact that she is not human to my advantage…let just see how the people of AMELDIA will react to this ‘ I inhaled deeply and grinned wickedly

Oh I just can’t wait


I walked into my bathroom the next and looked at myself in the mirror to give myself that little daily pep talk shit

Then the strangest thing happened to me

My hair started floating in the air on it own and then I flinched and the hair dropped back on it own

What the f*ck was that

Or Is Amaya trying new Magic tricks on me again Something is really strange

I looked at the mirror again and my hair started floating

‘I am not gonna spare you Amaya ‘ I muttered as I stormed out of the toilet but Amaya was no where in sight

I checked the whole house and she was not around either Is she hiding somewhere

Oh I just remembered she told me that she is leaving for school earlier this morning I have no class until 10:00 and this is just 8:00 So that means Amaya is not around

If Amaya is not around then what the hell 9s happening to me Must be one of my imaginations It not real Anyway


I went back into the toilet and had my bath

I walked out of the bathroom few minutes later And I felt something

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It was like I was not walking on the ground anymore

Infact it felt like I was walking on nothing

And why does my view looks so high

I looked down and noticed i was floating in the air

‘Aarrgggghhhhhh’ i screamed and fell on the floor hitting my butt on the ground ‘How the heck did that just happen?’

I asked no one in particular

Okay I gotta get out of here

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I quickly skipped into I could find in my wardrobe and when I tried to grab my car keys it moved back on it own

‘What tha….’

I tried to grab it again but it moved back.

Somebody better explain what the hell is going on or am going to loose it

I tried to grab my car key one more time and it didn’t move away from me this time

I finally grabbed it and stormed out of the house

And got into my car immediately

I got to get out of here

I stopped my car when I saw three hefty men dressed in black standing outside my house

I stopped and got down from my car ‘hello…how may I help you ‘I asked politely but they walked towards me and grabbed me by the arm

And when I actually tried to move he grabbed me and slapped me Before I knew what was happening I was in Geralds mansion

Thousands of AMELDIANS flooded the streets to his mansion all looking Angry and upset

The Men rough handled me and pushed me down the car ‘kILL THE HUMAN ‘someone from the crowds shouted

‘BURY HER …BURN HER ETC’were the nasty comment coming out of the people How the heck did they know that I am human

I felt something big And rigid hit my head as blood flows down it

Someone just threw a stone at me

Then the people star

ted throwing stones at me while the men dragged me into Geralds building I was already covered with deep cut and blood

I was pushed on the ground in Gerald’s sitting room

I raised my head and noticed that I was surrounded by old looking people sitting on a chair

‘Summon the king ‘one of them said to the maid and she bowed and walked away

Few minutes later Gerald arrived and that was when I stood on my feet looking so week and covered with blood

Extreme shock was written all over his face and he couldn’t utter a word

It seems he knows nothing about all this


I noticed thousands of AMELDIANS standing outside my mansion this morning and just when I was about to ask what was going on , a maid told me the council was waiting outside for me

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The council

What the hell are they doing here

I went to my living room only to see my Kira covered with bruises and deep bloody cuts looking so lifeless

What the heck is going on

I was shocked and dumbfounded

I got really upset as I changed my eyes to pure red

The man who pushed my Kira dried up immediately and everyone gasped including the elders

The remaining guys standing with her moved away from her immediately and I walked towards her and helped her up

‘Kira what wrong …..who did this to you ‘I asked but she was too weak to talk

I sat down on the floor and moved get close to me resting her head on my che

‘Your majesty she is human…..she must die now ‘one of the elders said and I sucked

his entire soul immediately ‘

‘Oh Gerald ,sucking your associates soul wouldnt solve anything ‘ A voice said as i raised my head to see who it was


That mad woman

‘Kira …open your eyes’ I called her name and she slowly opened her eyes

‘There is a rule in AMELDIA that all humans must be killed ‘

‘Shut your mouth ‘

‘I can’t….this is a rule that even you as the king can’t stop no matter what ‘rose said and I glared at her immediately choking her

She was turning blue as her soul slowly leaves her body

‘G…g…ge…Gerald…st…stop….’rose said as I slowly sucked the life out of her

‘Gerald ….plea…please leave …her ‘ Kira pleaded and I let go of rose immediately

making her fall on the floor coughing out blood

‘Kira are you Okay?’I asked and she nodded as her cut closed up itself like it did yesterday

Am sure people think I was the one who did this but it happened on it own

They dare not do this to her if only they knew who she truly was

But they do not

They can’t really be blamed can they ?

‘She is right your majesty, all humans must be killed ….it the rules,you can’t do

anything about it and you as the king must pass the judgement ‘

‘And I will pass the judgement…tomorrow, but today you all should get lost ‘ I said as I stood on my feet and carried Kira in my arms

They just won’t stop until they kill her

And I wont be able to do anything about it

The only option I have left is to reveal the truth

T.b c

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