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Dare To Love – Episode 20

Dare To Love

Dare To Love

(The first night)


Not for readers younger than 18

Contains strong..I mean highly strong sexual content Read at your own risk

And if you find the sexual words or scene quite offensive my sincere apologies This is my new way of writing srx chapters in my novels


I walked out of the bathroom wearing a big shirt that was slightly below my butt area and drying my hair with a towel.

Gerald was standing in front of a mirror shirtless and Holy shit that sexy body of his always makes my imagination go wild

He turned to look at me as he scanned my body with his eyes from my face down to my feet

‘Now how am I suppose to resist you when you look like that ‘ he said as he sat down on the edge of the bed

‘Well you had your opportunity ‘

To be sincere

I really wanted him to take me then

I do not know if I should be ashamed for willing to give myself like that or be happy for willing to give my self to him

I really want him Gerald and any body contact with him always turns me on

I have not had any sexual experience before but I atleast hope Gerald is my first

I walked towards him and pulled his cheeks lightly

‘Have you ever considered smiling every once in awhile ?’

He pulled me close making me stand between his thighs and then he wrapped his arms around my small waist

‘But I always smile ‘

‘Nope…you never smile …you more of the smirk guy ‘ I said and he shrugged

‘Maybe I will try to change that then ‘ he said as he smiled lightly

‘Now that more like it ‘ I said as I smiled at him and looked out the window ‘it still raining…heavily ‘

‘Looks like I was right ‘

‘Yea…need to sleep …will sleep on the couch sleep here ‘ I said as I wanted to move away from him but he pulled me close again ‘why can’t we both sleep on the bed together ‘

‘Why…I can’t do that…it a little wierd’

‘Wierd?….it not like am going to have s*x with you ….yet ?’ He said as he winks at


‘You pervert ‘ I said with a smile on my face ‘we are not even in a relationship…so why sleep on the same bed?’

‘Who said we aren’t in a relationship ‘

‘Well are we ?’

‘You dummy ofcourse we are’

‘You are the dummy ‘I said faking my anger

He smirks and said ‘as it is …if not Kira, then it nobody else’ He kissed the back of my hand as he pulled me close for a kiss

Even while sitting he is almost as tall as I am

So wierd

Our lips touched each other as we kissed each other slowly

Then a lot of passion was added to the kiss as he pulled me close and we both landed on the bed


Gerald was a bit confuse as he was being so close to Kira and the PARANOIA is not acting up

It like the demon is dead in him

On a normal day this evil demon will try it possible best to make him transform and devour Kira whole and whenever he resist

It leads to bleeding for Gerald

But this Time around it like the demon is totally dead

No reactions

Nothing at all


I was getting turned on by Gerald again

This was some kind of feelings I could not explain My instincts are telling me that tonight is the night The night I loose my virtue to the king of AMELDIA The night he takes me as his

Most girls might be having doubts about stuffs like this

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But I do not have any doubts

I am not a kid neither is he

And there is absolutely nothing I want more than to be with Gerald because

The truth is

I love Gerald

The act can be a fool

Falling in love with someone you never thought of

Falling in love with a man from a strange land

What if I wake up one day and this is nothing but a big dream

What if I wake up one day and none of this ever existed

Because even till now I feel like am in a dream world

Falling in love with a king from a strange land

I broke the kiss and said ‘Gerald i…..’

He didn’t allow me finish before he engaged our lip in another deep kiss

He broke the kiss and said ‘I know what you want to say Kira..your eyes already says it all..’

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He really can read my mind

Am like an open book to him

He placed my hand on his heart that was beating very fast ‘ I never knew I have a heart kira.. until you came into my life….now i realise I have it and it only beats for

you…no one else ‘

Is this Gerald saying all this words

Or someone else

Gerald has never been the serious one in that aspect He is either joking around Teasing

Or being a total pervert

But now he sounds so darn serious

His hands slowly went from the back of my smooth flawless lap up to my ass and he gently squeezed it

That does it

I pulled him closer and kissed him again like never before as we both fell on the bed

I was on top of him with my two legs between his and his hand wrapped firmly around my waist

He rolled over on the bed which made me under him while he was the one on top now still kissing passionately and our kiss was sort of rough anyway

He made me wrap my long legs around his waist and I could feel his hardness rubbing against my area

He slowly unbuttoned my shirt during the kiss tossing them aside and revealing my round perky medium sized b**bs

He broke the kiss and looked into my eyes

‘Now you gonna f**k me ?’ I asked

He smiles and shakes his head ‘I am going to do something I do not do….I am

going make love to you….but will still make you scream my name ‘

I smirked as he began to kiss me again

His hand grabbed my left boobs as he squeezed it gently in his hand which made me moan a little

He slowly parted my panties with his finger as he slid it into it and that made me moan even louder,another finger was added to the one in it already as he used his thumb to rubb my cl*t,I was going to have my first orgasm as he slid his finger in and out of my VG still rubbing my sweet spot with his thumb

‘Gawddd’ I moaned between my words as Gerald continued his finger magic

With his finger still in me busy making me feel waves of pleasure

He slowly went for my boobs but me being so shy and all covered it with my arms

Gerald removed my arms and pinned both of them above my head with his right hand giving my b**bs a more lifted look

I felt so much pleasure when his mouth sucked on my left and then the right biting it gently

He was holding my arms above my head with so much force that I was feeling some kind of pain but I was too engrossed in the pleasure o was feeling so I payed little attention to that

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He stopped sucking on me and slid his finger out of me and grabbed the edge of my panties as he slid it down

I feel kinda wierd as my VG was naked in front of him like that

I closed my laps preventing him from seeing it but he smirked and slowly parted my legs themselves

He kissed me from my cleavage down to my abdomen and he looked at me one my time before he placed a soft kiss on my VG

I moaned and before I knew what was going my mind went wild as he used his mouth to play magic on my VG

I could not control my sounds anymore

This feels so darn good

Forget about what I have been feeling in the past this feels better

I never how it felt for someone to eat you down there but now I know

He moved his head back to my mouth and kissed me making me taste my orgasm in his mouth

He kissed my neck and I helped pulled down his Jean as I grabbed his p*nis in my hand

It was so damn big my hand could not go around it

I wonder if it can fit

He whispered in my ear ‘I am about to have you as mine permanently..tell me now if you don’t want this to happen ‘

‘Wouldn’t have come this far if I didn’t ‘

He smirked and made me wrap my legs around his waist positioning his c*ck at my entrance

I closed my eye and inhaled deeply as he slowly jams an inch into me

I squeezed my eyes in pain ‘I promise it will be over soon ‘

He said as he kissed my neck

My arms were still pinned above my head as he went further into me and I gasped in pain but Gerald Quickly caught my lips in his kissing me with so much passion trying to di

stract me from the pain

And it worked

Gerald finally pulled his length into me and at first it hurt but it was only a matter of time before pain turned into extreme pleasure

And he was right

I really did scream his name as he thrust deeper into me faster as my body adjust to his length

Sometimes I will try to reduce my voice thinking the other room occupant will hear me but this is am extremely fancy hotel so am sure the rooms are bulletproof

After some times he finally released into me That night

That night was my first time and it still went on and on ….

No no no

I shaked my head out of that crazy little imagination

I cannot go that deep with Gerald yet

Not yet

That so silly

‘Hey’ Gerald said as he snapped his finger in my face ‘What?’

”you have been thinking about something for awhile now…what on your mind?’

‘Nothing, absolutely nothing …come on let sleep ‘ I said as we both climbed on the bed

My back was facing Gerald who pulled me close to him with his hand I inhaled deeply as his stuff was poking my back ‘Will you stop that?’

‘Stop what ?’

‘Stop using your thing to poke me’

‘My thing seriously ‘Gerald said as he smirked ‘okay fine …I will move my thing away from you…’

He said as he kissed my head and wrapped his arm around me

I feel good being in his arms

But that imagination felt so good

It felt so real


Guys just a imagination

Nothing happened between them

I know some people will curse me for this but am in my house

Come and meet me

This is not my handwriting anyway

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