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Dare To Love – Episode 21

Dare To Love

Dare To Love


I woke up the next day and when I tried to move ,o felt a big arm on my waist and I smiled to myself


‘And where are you going to ?’Gerald asked

I turned my head to the back to look at him but his eyes was still closed

‘Bathroom ‘ I said and he moved away from me ‘Just dont stay too long ‘

I stood on my feet and rushed into the bathroom smiling to myself

One night with the guy I like and it felt so amazing

I really loved it

Although nothing happened betweens us but why do I feel like it did Like we were intimate or something

I went back to the room after changing and Gerald was already on his feet looking for something in the hotel closet

He brought out a white long sleeve and put it on

‘So are you ready to go back home now ?’I asked and he looked at me before looking away

‘Sure …I am …we have school remember ‘ ‘Yea that true …I will be on my way’ I said

He moved close to me and pulled me close by the waist ‘see you in college ‘ he planted a kiss on my lips and moved away from me

I smiled and walked out of the hotel room Looks like the king and I are a thing now Sort of

Now for rose

I must figure out how to deal with her

And see the kind of person she truly is

I just have this wierd feelings

I feel like she is up to something .

I must definetly find that out

I went home to freshen up and Amaya has also left for college Very punctual

We actually both punctual but being in the hands of Gerald I kinda overslept


I was busy listening to the professor when the rude guy I always bump into say down next to me

The girls behind and around were just giggling and busy whispering words to each other

This girls always seem to run after food looking guys cause they never stop talking about Gerald

And Mr rude pant too

Most especially Gerald anyway

‘Hey …now i see you again ..Remember me ,the girl you drove into and also fought with on the basketball court ‘

He looked at me and said ‘so?’

I scoffed and starred at my book

‘It no surprise…typical Gronite behaviour ‘ ‘Excuse me ‘

‘What…am just being honest…you guys are rude, arrogant pricks …it just who you are …I mean you a gronite ‘

‘Listen up little witchy …I suggest you keep your mouth shut ‘

‘And I suggest you stop acting like a total Jack face gronite…I mean what the hell’

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‘So the person sitting next to you will be your project partner and the project is due on Monday’ the professor said interrupting him

Rude guy and I both looked at each other and then at the professor

‘No way I will ever do a project with you ‘ I said and he smirked and stood in his feet

‘Good job failing then…and in case you change your mind ,here is my number’ he said as he dropped a card on the table and walked away

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What a total jerk

I mean what the hell


I walked into the school and the first person I saw is Gerald

He walked toward me and we chatted for awhile before he turned his back and walk away

I headed towards the girls restroom and bumped into someone

‘How many times do I have to warn you Kira…back off …remember you are nothing

…you just ome of his whores and he is going to use and dumb you like the rest and at the end of the day i will be the queen of AMELDIA ‘

‘Then let play a game then…who get Gerald …may the best player ‘ I said as I wanted to walk away but she held my arm and pulled me back

‘Do not test me Kira…I can be very dangerous and I want Gerald and whoever is in my way ….I am taking them down and that a promise girl ‘ she said as she walked away.


What the heck was that

She’s sounds so different


And powerful


Is she really dangerous or was that a mere threat

I knew something ain’t right about that girl

I just have to find out who she truly is

I feel like she is hiding something

Later in the night Gerald and I were walking on the streets talking about random things


s time around people actually did not look so scared like they use to

‘What wrong ?’ I asked


‘Ameldians, they are not the way they use to be …very scared of you ‘ He looked at me and smirked ‘let just say I removed the fear in them ‘How?’

‘I have magic ‘ he said and I laughed

‘Oh ,the great king Gerald ‘

‘And beside…you once told me to form a connection between my associates and I…and here I am ,doing that ‘

‘Well that nice Gerald…am sure your people will love you more once you show them who you are ‘ I said and he smiled

Shit he looks so good when smiling



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‘One day …if I die ,will you be happy…you know you will finally be free…you wont be a slave anymore ‘

‘I can’t even imagine you dying and besides that you a god and gods are immortals, they never die ‘

‘But what if kira,Kira, what if I die?’

I stopped walking and focused on him ‘Gerald why the hell are you talking about death all of a sudden..I feel so scared now like something is wrong ‘

‘No Kira ,nothing is wrong…you know talks like this are normal’

‘Then why are my instincts telling me that there is something wrong ….my instincts

are never wrong ‘

‘Trust me kira… like you said am a god and gods never dies ‘

I stared at him for awhile and decided to let the topic slide

Maybe there really is nothing wrong

I saw a strange shadow and the walls and it was like the shadow walked towards me and pushed me on the streets in front of a running bus


I shouldn’t have mentioned that in front of her

She is really smart and she can figure out everything have been hiding in seconds

Something like a black shadow with a woman figure came behind and pushed her on the streets and disappeared really fast

I looked at Kira and she was about to get crushed by a moving bus

‘KIRA!!’ I yelled as I quickly used magic to move her backwards and she fell on the floor close to me before the vehicle could crush her

‘Kira are you Okay ‘ I said as I ran over to her and helped her up ‘you are fine right ‘ ‘Yes Gerald I am but what kind of a shadow was that’ ‘You saw the shadow ‘

‘Yes Gerald ..I did ‘

‘But…how ‘

No Ameldian can see the Gronites shadow not to talk of an ordinary human Only the king can

Or is she…….

‘What wrong Gerald…aren’t I suppose to see the shadow’

‘No it nothing just forget it ‘ I looked at her hand it was bleeding badly

‘That a deep cut you must have gotten it due to the cut …lemme help you ‘ I said as I wanted to help her heal it but the cut covered up on it own

What the hell

‘Thank Gerald ‘ Kira thanked me thinking I was the one who covered up her deep cut

But her body did it

On it own



Is she transforming already ?

Is she becoming the one ?


Am sure you guys are clueless right now

Have no idea what happening

You will find out very soon

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