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Dare To Love – Episode 2

Dare To Love

Dare To Love

I remembered my parents

My father and mother

I stood up and walked towards the window as I raised my head to the sky

Do not worry father and mother

I am going to join you very soon

We will all live in heaven and leave this cruel world behind

I really can not wait to join you

I want to join you in heaven

I went to sleep that day andThe next morning I was woken up by the sound of my neighbors

I walked out of the building only to see big bulldozers

‘What going on?’I asked someone

But then I knew what was going on when I

saw my stepmother and her Daughter

‘Oh hello Marinette ‘


That my name


‘You ,what are you doing?’ I asked my step mother and her daughter as they walked towards me

‘Oh…waw ,is this where you live….this is so sad…well where are you going to live now…well let me tell you that I just bought this entire place and now am about to

bulldoze it ‘ my stepmother said

‘What you can’t do that…why…this innocent people wont have a place to stay ‘

‘So and in what way is that my business….i bought this already…..listen up

everyone ,look am really not a bad person, not at all….but your house is going to he demolished today because of her …it is all her fault…I just hate her so much I do

not want a happy life for her,so if your house get demolished today it really not my fault at all….so if you wanna pour your anger on someone for all this it should be

her ‘ my stepmother said and the people glared at me

Illiterates with little to no brains

They can be easily brainwashed

I looked to my left and I saw a little girl staring at me

She looked so pretty and tears rolled down her eyes as she still focused on me

How can a little girl of her age stare at me like that

Something is definetly wrong here

The way she was staring at me

Was so strange

My step mother agent walked into each houses and they started throwing people’s things out the windows

And then houses were demolished

The queen sat down looking pleased with an umbrella over her head

She had a roof over her head

But she was taking the shelter of some people just because she feels she has the powers to

What a devil

Immediety I felt something hard hit my head and I touched my head with the tip of my finger and brought it back to my sight


I looked at the people as they picked up stones

They threw the stones at me and I wonder

This is the 20th century

Who does this to an eighteen years old in America

The police arrived and immediately they all ran away leaving me to wallow in my pains and misery

They are hurt and they need someone to pour the anger on agreed But do they have to do this to me

They are meant to do this to my step mother but they can’t Why

Because she is rich and powerful and apparently they are poor And messing with a rich person is

I stood on my feet with Bruises all over my body and that was when I decided No I ain’t doing this anymore

Am not a strong person that can face problems or situations

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I ran weakly to a bridge and looked at the sea below This is the perfect way to end my life

I looked at the sky one more time and said ‘Am coming mother and father ‘

I closed my eyes and jump down from the bridge into the sea

Nothing to live for on this earth

Let me go to a place called heaven

Or hell maybe the devil will care about me atleast I can’t be the only one on earth

I felt myself fall into the deep blue sea

I couldn’t see anything

It was darkness

Pure darkness

Nothing but darkness l

Then the water started making wierd noises

I opened my eyes in the deep blue scary water

I can’t swim



It so scary

The water

It is also scary


All I could feel is pure fear

I saw something under the water

Like a wave

It was a big wave rolling very fast under the wate

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I tried to swim back to the surface hoping I can escape from this scary wave

But like a vacuum cleaner

It swallowed me up

Now this is pure darkness cause I couldn’t see anything

Cause I just got swallowed up by what looks like a water tornado I think I finally got the death I want ***************************************

Now I see darkness

No light

see Light

More and more light

It all light

Like I just woke up from a big nightmare I opened my eyes and sat down abruptly while breathing heavily ‘ a voice said and I turned to see what it was

I almost screamed but I do not know why I didn’t

She looked like those ancient Chinese ladies I see in movies She is definitely Asian

Like what going on

She had this extremely long hair ,small eyes nose and

lips….she looked more like a real life Asian doll…that flawless skin….she is

definetly not human….I have seriously never seen someone like this ‘

‘Are people from earth seriously so foolish,why you staring at me like that ‘ she asked and I flinched

She sounded so bold, cold,confident

‘Who are you?’

She looked at me for awhile and stood on her feet

She was dressed the way normal Humans I know dresses

Short flair white skirt ,black longsleeve fitted top that was tucked into her skirt ,a

black boots and her hair reaching her knee….what kind of a hair is that exactly

‘Who exactly are you?…and do I know you?….and have I seen you before? ‘

‘Know me…you don’t at all,but seen me, yes you have on earth ‘

‘I don’t understand, aren’t we on earth?’I asked and she laughed

‘This is a place far better than earth, although it is like earth but it still far better than earth ‘

‘This is crazy, you insane what do you mean I haven’t seen you before, and beside I wonder why someone like you Is on earth you should be in the museum or something by now because being this damn beautiful is not normal ‘

‘Okay I will take that as a compliment child ,but look at yourself before you judge other people ‘

‘Okay first of all ,am not a child cause you look my age and again what do you mean look at yourself?’

‘Stand up ,check the mirror ‘

She said and I stood on my feet

I felt lighter and taller and then I felt something tickling the back of my thigh a little below my knee

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I grabbed Whatever it was and it was white

Very white, smooth, straight, shiny

Wait a second

This is my hair

What the heck is this

Why do I have white hair

I checked the mirror and I shook my head

‘No this isn’t me ,what did you do to me….what the heck happened to me’.

‘Your body died Marinette ,this is your soul in a whole new body…this is you now’

‘No,no,no,am not this slim,not this pretty, this isn’t my hair ,this isn’t my skin,this isn’t my height why the f**k am I a living doll?’

The wierd girl started laughing at me nonstop

I glared at her and she laughed harder

‘I made you this,I gave you this body, I brought you here ‘

‘Where is this place, how come you know me and why am I like this ‘

She stared at me for awhile and turned into something that scared me

She turned into that little girl that was staring at me earlier just before I committed suicide

I wanted to run away

But it was like something was holding me down

Preventing me from moving

I couldn’t move at all

‘Will you stop trying ,because no matter how hard you try you can’t move from that spot’ she said still in her little girl form but with a full grown adult voice

Okay this shit is creepy

‘Welcome to Ameldiia, a planet just like earth,we dress like earthlings, our city looks like earth even our houses just like earth but the only difference is AMELDIA has Magic,and also Technology higher than that off earthlings ….this

is a hidden planet that no one knows about and trust me if the people of AMELDIA finds out that you an intruder ,If they find out you dont belong here and you are from earth you a gonner….we celebrate Christmas, valentine’s, Easter,

Halloween, we celebrate basically all earth holidays we are just like earths ,no difference at all but here there is magic and higher technology…welcome to AMELDIA’

‘No,this is all confusing ….This look…you…am I not suppose to be dead by now

….I got swallowed up by a hurricane in the water what am I doing here….this hair

..I am cutting this hair …this is not my hair ‘I said as I pick up a knife and when I used it to touch my hair

My hair glowed and The knife turned hot red and it burnt me

‘MY HAND!’I screamed as I threw the knife away looking at my burnt hand

‘Girl ,if you know how powerful that hair you just tried to cut off is ,you wouldn’t have tried to cut it now ….If you know just how powerful you are with this looks

then you wouldn’t try to lea

ve it ‘ she said as she turned back into her normal self ‘you have no idea how powerful you are ‘ she placed her hand on my burnt hand and it healed immediately ‘welcome to AMELDIA, the magical EARTH!’

Okay lord

I change my mind

Wake me up from this dream

Or better still take me back to earth cause I am more than willing to face all the troubles on earth

But this is

What the heck is going on



Confusing right

She jumped into a see only to find her self in a whole new place

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