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Dare To Love – Episode 19

Dare To Love

Dare To Love

(The secret )

I wrapped my arm around him still kissing him

We broke the kiss for air but it was only a matter of seconds before he caught my lips in his mouth again

He pinned my back to the wall as he lifted me off the ground making me wrap my long legs around his waist

I broke the kiss afraid I am going to fall

‘You are in my arms …I can not let you me ‘ he whispered in my ear

I nodded as I used my arm that was still wrapped around his neck to pull him closer

I was wearing a short skirt so in this situation my private area was slowly rubbing against his groin

He broke the kiss and said ‘you have no idea how much I actually want you ‘ he squeezed my ass and I gasped

that created a very wierd feeling in me

It really is something I like very much

He caught my lips in his mouth before i could utter a single word and smoothly moved away from the wall and we both fell on the bed with my legs still wrapped around him

He slowly rocked his hardness against my area and that made me moan

His hand slowly found it way to my panties and he pulled it aside

‘You are so wet’ A moan escaped my mouth as his hand touched my area

‘You like that ‘he said and I nodded ‘if you like that you will like this even more ‘

He slid a finger into me and I gasped and wriggled my hip

‘Hold still’ he whispered in my ear

I calmed down immediately as he slid his finger in and out my gentals using his thumb to rubb my clitoris

I have never felt so much pleasure at once before

Maybe because I never been this close to any guy before

He slid his finger out of my vagina and broke the kiss ‘ you really so hard to resist ‘he said as he moved away from me

Every wave of pleasure building inside me died as soon as he moved away from me

Why did he stop now

I thought this was all he had always wanted

‘Why did you back out …isn’t this What you have always wanted from me ?’

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He looked at me and smirked ‘now you make me feel like have always wanted nothing but sex from you ‘

‘Well isn’t that the case?’ I asked

He moved close to me and cups my face in his hand ‘ofcourse I want to f**k you hard…that was one of the reason i forced you to be my maid…but you wrong if you think all i want from you is s*x than you are wrong ‘

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‘Why did you stop then’

‘Cause I was not planning on having s*x with you ‘

‘Oh …I see …I will see you tomorrow ‘ I said as I stood on my feet

Adjusted my panties and when I looked out the window it was a storm

It was raining cats and dogs out there

‘Bad weather ‘I muttered

‘Looks like someone is going nowhere tonight ‘

‘How you sure of that ….it can stop anytime soon’

‘It not stopping until the next 7hours ‘

‘And how did you know that ?’

‘Am the king ….stuffs like this often happens in AMELDIA and it has it own

special meaning ‘

‘Really…what does it mean ‘

‘I will tell you that…in the future ‘

‘Okay..guess am spending the night …I will be in the bathroom ‘ I said

‘You can change into one of my shirt if you wanna put on something comfortable for the night ‘ he said as he lit his cigarette still looking out the window

I removed the cigarette from his mouth and squeezed it in my palms ‘take a break from smoking this stuff’

I said as I walked into the bathroom

I looked at myself in the mirror and asked myself

*what the point of all this sacrifice if Gerald is never going to let go of me…forget about Gerald, the question is can I ever let go of him*

*why do I have this feeling that rose has nothing but bad intentions…why do I feel like she is not worth all this at all…but come to think of this …I barely know this girl…can I trust her …my instincts are never wrong…I have been having nothing but bad feelings about her this past few days and whenever something like that happens i know that something bad will surely happen to my life ….the same thing

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happened with my step mother, my father’s death and my mother’s death …i had this sa

me feeling, what if rose is not who she claims to be …what if she doesn’t love Gerald like she claimed to…there is something about that girl that is a little strange though

..I just have to figure it out …a little provocation will help …i am going to provoke her to see who she truly is ‘


I cannot tell her

Just how dangerous she is to me

I can’t tell her any of this yet

I cannot tell her that I can’t get intimate with her because her human soul still has full control of her body

If I try to then the PARANOIA will waste no time in sucking her entire soul and I won’t be able to do anything about it

I can not tell her that the reason I am bleeding is because the PARANOIA is eating me up because I do not allow the demon to take Kira’s soul

Although I managed to control the PARANOIA from eating my soul but I could not stop bleeding because am nothing but a demon

I am not allowed to love her

She is pure light

And that really bothering me

No king of AMELDIA is allowed to fall in love with a woman most especially a human

AMELDIA king are meant to be strong, cold and cruel

And now that I have alot of feelings for this woman

It will kill me


The only remedy for now is to stay away from her

Stop having this feelings for her

But i can’t

I really can’t do that

I know I am going to die very soon

Unless they are able to find a cure

And if they do not

I only have a year left

That enough time anyway

I Dared to love her and if there is no cure before my time is complete

Then so be it


So guys

One secret unfolded Waw so Gerald actually willing to sacrifice his life just for Kira

That so sweet

Now the question is

Is our dare Gerald going to die or not

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