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Dare To Love – Episode 18

Dare To Love

Dare To Love


It been two days since I last saw Gerald

It was the weekend do I did not go to work neither did I go to the college so there was no way of seeing him

Especially now that am avoiding him and he is clearly upset with me

Now it a Monday morning

I got dressed and picked up my car key that I am planning to return to him today

Now I am fully sure of the fact that I really like Gerald and maybe he likes me back to

Or does he see me as a common property of his

Or perhaps I am some girl he plans on slamming for a couple of times and throwing her away like a used tissue

Now am In front of the college

Why am I so nervous

Why does my heart ache so much

I know am definitely going to see Gerald today

I slowly knocked on the door to Gerald’s special room in the school and pushed it open when I heard no reply

I saw a man in his fifties busy arranging some files on the table

‘Hello sir ‘

‘Oh hi…how may I help you ?’

‘My name is Kira …ger….I mean the kings friend..where Is he ?’

‘Well he didnt come to the college today for some reasons ‘ ‘Strange…he never misses a day ….have any idea where he is ?’

‘I will ask him and if he tells me to tell you his location …I will call you immediately…just drop your number ‘

‘Okay sir ‘ I said as I gave him my number and walked out of the room

This is so strange

The first person I bumped into was rose who gave me a very dirty look

‘Hello rose ‘

‘What were you doing in there ‘

‘You school here now ?’

‘Not the question I asked you Kira….I thought you said you gonna stay away from

Gerald…I do not see you doing that ‘

‘Relax…Gerald is not in there anyway…and beside I came here to drop something for him ….No need to worry ,Gerald is yours ‘

‘I know he is …but when you have a very big farm ,if you want a good harvest you have to keep nastu pests away’ she moves closer to me and said ‘Gerald might be The king ,but you…you are most definitely not the queen to be …you are nothing but a cheap commoner who isn’t fit to be one of his maids not to talk of being the future queen of AMELDIA ‘ she said as she walked away

My eyes was filled with tears and I blinked repeatedly to prevent the tears from flowing freely down my cheek

I wonder why Charlotte or should I say rose is being so mean to me all of a sudden

Isn’t she suppose to be my friend

Here I am trying to rectify my mistakes but there she is not willing to show any sign of forgiveness towards me at all

Sometimes I feel like am making the wrong choice

I feel like she doesn’t worth my sacrifice at all

Not at all


I arranged my books neatly into the lockers and closed them

‘O.M.G…Amaya come take a look at this new guy on the basketball team ‘ My friend Darlene said

‘Why am not interested ‘

‘What if I tell you that he is almost as cute as Gerald is ‘

‘In this school that impossible ‘

‘That what I thought …come take a look at it yourself ‘

‘No Darlene …am not interested ‘

‘No you have to come with me ‘she said as she held me by the wrist and pulled me all the way to the Bball court

‘Here we are ‘ she said ‘ take a look at him ‘

She pointed at him with so much enthusiasm in her eyes

‘Whatever ‘ I said as I turned to look at the person

Wait a second


That is totally Mr rude pants that crashed into my car without apologizing yesterday

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Oh do I hate this guy

I should have know when Darlene told me that he is almost as cute as Gerald

But what is he doing in our school

Never seen him here before

‘Oh shit …my battery just went out ‘Darlene said ‘you know what …help me get him on camera with your phone ,I will be in the bathroom, be back in a jiffy ‘ she said as she ran away giving me no time to argue with her

She is gonna be upset if I do not get him on camera so let me just do this

I brought my phone out of my bag and started filming him

I wonder what she needs this for anyway

The game ends and Mr rude pants looke

d towards my direction

He focused on me and I think he knows what am I doing already

I quickly stopped the video and hid my phone at my back acting casual like nothing happened

He walked towards me and I was nervous

All sweaty and shaky

‘Were you filming me ‘

‘No I wasn’t ‘

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‘Then why are you hiding your phone behind your back ‘ ‘No am not ‘ I said

He focused his eyes on me as it turned from sky blue to black

My hand was moving like it has a mind of it own as I gave the phone to him and his eyes went back to normal immediately

‘You know am also a witch and you don’t see me using magic on you ‘I said ‘I know you are …but sadly our kinds are more powerful than yours ‘ ‘You a Gronite ‘

‘You smart ‘

Gronites are tribes of AMELDIA

Extremely powerful beings

But ofcourse the royal family are still more powerful most especially the king

But no matter how hard you try you can’t get into the mind of a gronite

Not even the king himself can do that

That just their number one special power

‘Oh so you were filming me …how cute ‘he said ironically

I snatched my phone from him and said “well this is not mine …it belongs to my friend ‘

‘Well delete it …I do not want to be seen on ugly girls phone ‘


He didn’t say a thing before he turned his back and walked away That mother f**Ker

I have been called a lot of things

But ugly ?

No one ever calls me that

I should have know

The Gronites are as rude as hell anyway

So it really not a surprise

I just gonna stay away from him

Wierd creatures


I recieved a message on my phone immediately later in the night telling me Gerald’s location

I got into my car

Well not my car for too long

And drove all the way to his location

I stopped my car when I got to the big hotel that Gerald was in

I got down from my car and slowly walked into the hotel The door was open and I pushed it open and got in

I looked around the big fancy hotel room and Gerald was nowhere to be found

I only saw about TWENTY bottles of liquor on the floor and also cigarette burns And I saw the figure of a man standing on the dark balcony Gerald

I went to the balcony and saw him

Looking as ridiculously good looking as ever and staring at the moon

‘You have been here since when ‘

‘Since I left your house ‘


‘Just needed to be alone ‘ he said all these still focused on staring at the moon I sighed and said ‘those bottles are from when ‘ ‘Just today ‘

‘Gerald had twenty bottles today ‘

‘Relax…alcohol doesn’t affect me you know ‘ he said

‘Gerald I came here to return this ‘I said showing him the car key He turned to look at me and I could see so much grief in his eyes So much pain

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He looked at me and smiled lightly

‘It yours ..why you giving me ‘

‘Cause you bought this ‘

‘Not in my name…but in your name…’


‘But I do not want it anymore ‘

He looked at me and sighed

He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out a very beautiful necklace with a half moon shaped pendant

The half moon looks like a it was made of combination of silver and diamond

Infact this necklace is real diamond

‘Come closer ‘

‘Why ‘I asked

He used magic to move me close to him and held me on the spot

Never argue with a guy that uses magic

He slowly put the necklace on my neck and released me from the spell

‘I am not the romantic type ..I can’t say sweet swords …neither do I beg …but this time around i want to put my ego and pride aside and tell you this ….please do not stay away from me’

He said and the tears that have been trying to hold back just rolled freely down my eyes

He grabbed my right hand and looked into my eyes

He is begging yet he looks so cold

As cold as ever

No facial expression

Just the Same cool guy face he wear everyday

‘Why did you give me the necklace and why is it in shape of a moon?’

‘I will tell you that …but not today ‘ he said and I sighed

No need asking him further questions

He ain’t gonna answer anyway

He removed his hand from his big coat and pulled m

e close by the waist

He slowly used his hand to tuck my hair behind my hair and cupped my face in his left hand using his thumb to clean my face

‘Gerald I have to go now ‘ I said as I slowly pushed him away and turned my back to leave but he grabbed me by the wrist and pinned me to the wall

His face was so close to mine as our nose slowly rubbed each other

Our lips brushed each other lightly as he lowered his head

His body was resting on mine and my knee could feel his man area

‘I know you hurting ,just as much as am hurting right now, so why you fighting it ?’

‘Gerald rose……’

‘Do not say a word ,just forget about rose tonight…it just you and I….am never

gonna get married to her and am never gonna be with another woman if she ain’t you ‘ he said as his hand went from my thigh down to my waist

My heart was beating so fast I feel like it going to pop out of my chest any second

He brought his mouth close to my ear and whispered ‘it you I want kira..not rose..not anyone else ….just you ‘

I shivered as his lip brushed my neck lightly

And then I went crazy when he planted a soft kiss on my neck

He moved to another spot on my neck and slowly bite and sucked the spot Am gonna get a hickey there

I unconsciously wrapped my hand around his neck as he brought his lip close to mine

I closed my eyes immediately his lip touched mine using my arm that was wrapped around his neck draw him closer to me

It like his kiss only get better than the last

The passion

The way he slowly kissed me

It like I can feel nothing but love through this kiss

He pulled me closer with the waist to deepen this kiss and I wasted no time in returning the kiss

Our tongues dancing around with each other

The way my heart was beating during this kiss

I wonder if I can actually let go of him




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