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Dare To Love – Episode 17

Dare To Love

Dare To Love

‘Gerald please…stop making this hard for me ‘ I said still trying to push him away


‘As it is….I do not like the idea of staying away from you but I can’t just bring

myself to do such a thing to her…no I can’t Gerald try to understand…we can’t be the way we use to be before …Charlotte or should I say rose is the future queen of just stick with her Okay…JUST LEAVE ME ALONE ‘ I shouted and he slowly let go of me

He stares at me for awhile before he turned his back to leave

I was going to stop him from leaving

But I held myself back

I do not want to make matters worse

He is clearly pissed at me for pushing him away

But what choice do I have

I can’t just betray rose

My conscience

It just going to bother me forever

It really gonna


Gerald walks out of the room looking kind of upset

And now what going on

I slowly walked towards Kira’s room and peeped into it

She is crying

What could have happened between she and Gerald

I wanted to walk towards her and comfort her Maybe not

Maybe for now she needs a time of her own

To figure all this out

She still hasn’t tell me what transpired between her and Gerald but I know she will tell me eventually


I picked up my car key and decided to go out for some fresh air

Am so bored

And yet again extremely worried about my friend Kira

I was on the road driving and listening to music when something another car drove into mine making our car hit each

‘What the hell’ I said as I got down from the car and walked towards the reckless driver looking very upset

‘You …can’t you watch were you going …just look what you did to my car’ I said shouting at the driver I haven’t even seen yet ‘what are you still doing in that car

…come out now …I need to teach you a little lesson ‘

The car door opened and someone got down from it

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Holy shit

What the heck

This must be the secondpst good looking guy am seeing in Ameldia

Almost as good looking as Gerald

My facial expression changed immediately I set my eyes on this man’s beauty

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What the heck is going on

He is just perfect

He button his suite jacket and walked towards me

Perfect hair

Perfect height

Impeccable fashion sense

He removed his shades and looked at me like I was nothing ‘How much for the damage?’he asked looking so grumpy I couldn’t utter a single

I just went mute

Say something you buffoon

‘Are you gonna talk or not?’ He asked rudely

‘Do I look like I need your money…a simple apology is what I need for the damage caused ‘

He looked at me and back at the car before he turned his back to leave ‘Hey aren’t you gonna apologize ‘

He ignored me and opened his car door and drove away

What a rude man

What the heck

Why am I so stupid

I just couldn’t say anything anymore

He isn’t even as handsome as Gerald although almost but I still went mute like he the most handsome guy have set my eyes on

Oh he totally scratched my car

Now I have to repair it.more interesting stories for free at topster stories.

Am a witch but I still do not have the ability to repair stuffs


You step into AMELDIA and morons come attacking you

What the heck is her problem

So lousy I just couldn’t stand talking to her for a minute longer

The gate to the big estate opened and I drove in

I parked my car

Got down from it and gave the keys to one of the security so he can park it in the garage

I unbuttoned my suit jacket

Remove my shades and walked into the main mansion

‘Where is she ?’I asked one of the helps

‘Upstairs sir ‘she said and I walked all the way to her room and barged in

‘Waw brother you do not even knock this day anymore ‘she said sitted on her couch going through her Magazine

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‘Any updates ‘

‘Didn’t you hear the news …I managed to get into fiona’s her head …will be getting engaged to Gerald very so


‘And how did you do that ‘

‘I reminded her of an old family bond’

‘Good…that the first step to get close to that royal family and finally kill the king’

‘Trust me I have it all planned this time around …so Many attempts to kill him but I actually failed..i even disguised myself as a maid trying to kill him but that didn’t work but this time around ,it not going to be the Same..everything was a lie ….I

was never inlove with Gerald…seeing him with that girl made me cry the other day because I want him to fall in love with me so he can trust me entirely and killing him would have been easy…but instead he fell for her …I have always wanted to kill Gerald…..I am sure he doesn’t know I was the one who sent the whore that tried

to poison him back then….this time around I even managed to fool the girl he is

inlove with…I fooled her making her think I was in love with Gerald and she betrayed me …am sure she is going to try to bring us close to make up for mistakes and after I get into Gerald’s life….I will kill his little girlfriend making her die a

slow painful death in front of him and he won’t be able to do anything about it and after that …I will take his life…kill the entire royal family and we will rule AMELDIA together AART’

‘Yes we will rose…we have this thing planned out this time around …they won’t know what hit them’



Who stone me

So who knew rose (Charlotte)is so evil

She and her evil brother Aart wanna kill my Gerald and kira

And Kira is somewhere killing herself


Let just see what happens

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