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Dare To Love – Episode 16

Dare To Love

Dare To Love

What going on

Gerald is getting married to Charlotte

But Charlotte was a maid just like me

How come she is the Garcia daughter

According to Madam fiona

The are very rich people

‘Hello name is Rose Garcia…Gerald future wife and also the future Queen of AMELDIA ‘

‘Excuse me …who are you again ?’Gerald asked ‘My name is Rose ‘

‘Yea ..okay…I will like to talk to my mother alone…so all of you …leave …right now’he said and we all stood up and walked out of the dinning room

I saw Charlotte talking to one of her guards and I decided to walk over and ask her what this is all about

‘Can I talk to you in the garden….I promise it will only take a minute ‘

‘Okay ‘ she said as she followed me


‘Why mother ?’

‘You didn’t tell me you have a partner ‘

‘Well I you can see ‘

‘Gerald she is human ‘

‘I know that mother’

‘Do you …..?’

‘Yes mum …..I do ‘

She sighed and said but you know what this can do to you …you know it will ruin you Gerald…you not allowed to have this kind of feelings in the first not to talk of having it for a human…she will be the end of you ‘

‘I know mum ,but it can be stopped…there might be a cure ‘

‘Might…I can’t risk your live on a probability, you are the light of AMELDIA, if

you die darkness will rule the whole kingdom…if you die migullo will take over

and migello might be my son but I know deep in my heart that he can never rule

AMELDIA like you can…..Gerald please do not risk your life for a mere human ‘

‘ I thought you will see just what I see in her ‘

‘I do Gerald …i know she is special but this silly little infatuation of yours will bring you nothing but doom ‘

‘Stop it mum…infatuation is not the right word for what i feel for her’

‘Whatever feelings you feel for her will destroy you’

‘If you want to see some destructions, try getting me engaged to Rose’ I said as I stood on my feet and walked away


‘Waw… this is who you really are Charlotte…why didn’t you tell me’

‘And why should I?’

‘I thought we were friends ‘

‘friends?….that was also what I thought…until you went ahead and betrayed me’

‘Betrayed you ….how?’

‘You know that I am inlove with Gerald because I told you about my feelings for

him…I trusted you back then and what did you tell me …you told me that is no good for me …that he does not deserve someone like me …but what happened to

you he was good for you ?….he deserves someone like you?’

That true

What she saying is right

What kind of a person am i?

I knew she was inlove with Gerald but I


No why

‘Charlotte ‘

‘Rose ‘

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‘Sorry Rose….I promise there’s nothing between Gerald and i… I swear ‘

‘Oh really….’

‘I swear there is…I promise I will fix everything with Gerald…I will make sure you both together ‘

‘And am suppose to trust you …never…I can never trust you with Gerald…I disguised myself as a maid just to get close to him ,do you think you can love him as much as I do….you obviously in love with Gerald …I will he stupid to ever

believe a word you say’

‘Tell me what can I do to make you trust me again ‘

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‘You want to know what you can do ?’

‘Yes anything ‘

‘Stay away from Gerald… far away …avoid him like a plague ‘she said as she walks away

I sighed and sat down on the bench

She wants me to stay far away from Gerald


‘Where is Kira?’ I asked one of the servants

‘She left’ that girl named rose my mother wants me to get engaged to said as she walked towards me

‘I did not ask you ‘ I said

‘Am sorry your majesty ‘

‘Did she say where she was going ?’ I asked her ‘No …she did not tell me’ she said I looked at her and walked away

My mum

Wants me

To get married to her

She’s not my type at all

Why her


I locked my self in my room recieving random texts and calls from Herald But I decided not to pick his calls

Neither did I reply his messages

I still feel absolutely

guilty about what I did to Charlotte

Or should I say rose

Everything would have been much better if she wasn’t my friend Staying away from Gerald is so hard But I have to

Maybe it the best thing to do

I hate myself

I hate everyone

I shouldn’t have been this close to Gerald

Now my heart hurts

The fact that he will get married to Charlotte soon hurts

The fact that he can never be mine because we are two different beings from two different word hurts

The fact that I will now have to watch him from afar and won’t be able to get close to him hurts

It all hurts so much

I heard a knock on my door and quickly wiped the tears on my face ‘Go away Amaya ‘

‘But Kira….someone wants

to see you ‘

‘But I do not want to see anybody ‘ I said

The door opened and Amaya walked in

‘Are you sure you do not want to see him ‘she said as Gerald walked in

‘You ‘

‘Yes me’

‘I will excuse both of you now ‘ Amaya said as she walked away ‘Gerald what are you doing here ,you have to leave now ‘ ‘And why ?’

‘Just leave now ‘

‘Not until you tell me what going on ?’

‘Well for starters…you getting engaged soon and we really can’t be close the way we were before ‘

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‘And you actually think that I will get engaged…to her ‘ ‘Gerald you don’t understand ‘ ‘Make me ‘

‘Rose Garcia is Charlotte…one of your maids ‘

‘Really, she once worked as a maid in my house …I do not understand ‘

‘It was a disguise…she has always been in love with you and she went undercover as a maid to Hey close to you ‘

‘And how come I never noticed this Charlotte…and forget about that…what does she have to do with us ?’

‘She was my friend and I knew she liked you and I went ahead and got so close to you forgetting the fact that she actually likes you and that a betrayal and I told her you not good enough for her and that was because I really do not like you back then infact I hated you ‘

‘Nonsense…nothing but nonsense ‘

‘Maybe to you…but if there is one thing my mother taught me and that is to put others feelings ahead of mine and that exactly what I am doing ‘

He pulled me closer by the waist ‘well my mother only taught me to be a king and

one thing a king does is they always get what they desire….’

‘Stop it Gerald…move away ‘ I said trying to push him away from me

He placed his right hand on my left cheek and said ‘I have never wanted anything more than I wanted you…I get everything else I want with ease but you make it hard for me to get you and I respect that…infact that what drives me crazy… …that what makes me want you more and more every single day’ he sighed and placed his hand that was on my cheek earlier at the back of my neck ‘I know you want me as much as I want you….you know me Kira, I can be an Angel and a demon….if

anyone tries to get in between this desires of ours I wouldn’t hesitate to get rid of them…including Rose Garcia…and that is a promise ‘

‘You really are crazy Gerald…you out of your Goddamn mind’

‘Am crazy and am out of my mind…you can call me obsessed and mentally deranged am all of that and it because of you kira….I do not want rose ,I want you

…and there is nothing you or my mum say that will change that…nothing …I just want you Kira…

Nothing else

Just you’

This is the first time Gerald is talking with so much passion

And he looks damn serious

Is this is way of telling me how he really feels

And he is right

I do want him

But no


I can’t just betray Rose like that

What kind of a person will I be

I really can’t


There is really fire on the mountain

Is it just me thinking this or is Gerald obsessed

Crazy or what

Am confused o

what you think Gerald really feels sha

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