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Dare To Love – Episode 15

Dare To Love

Dare To Love

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I was on my way to the maids room when I stopped by Gerald’s room

I could hear him coughing

I slowly knocked on the door as I pushed it open

He was fast asleep


For a minute or two there I thought he was coughing blood again

That quite strange

I was about to turn my back and leave when

‘And where are you going to?’ Gerald asked still with his eyes closed

‘You were not sleeping?’

He smirked and opened his eyes ‘being the king of AMELDIA you should never fall into a deep sleep

…you never know when someone will sneak in and kill you in your sleep ‘

‘Must be really hard …being the king and all ‘ I said and he smirked

‘Not really …..’he stood on his feet and walked towards the balcony while I

followed him immediety

You can really see Some parts of Ameldia from his balcony

‘Am the youngest king in the history of AMELDIA…just 25 ,past kings are way older, so handling this whole kingdom on my own kinda sucks’

‘Well that what you think …I will die to have so much power you have ….it actually

great to be the head of something important ‘ I said and he smirked ‘Maybe people just view things from different perspectives ‘

‘Yea …that absolutely true ‘I said

I felt something roll down my nose and I touched it Blood

Then I started coughing and that caught Gerald’s attention

I coughed in my hand and

More blood

‘Hey…blood ‘ Gerald said looking absolutely shocked


What the hell is wrong with her



Why is there so much blood from her

This is meant to be happening to me alone why is it going to her now Why

What the heck is going on now

‘Kira …..’

She was immediately unconscious and I caught her before she fell on the floor No

This can’t happen to her

This must not happen to her

I promise I won’t let him get you Kira

I swear I won’t


I woke up the next money with a very blurry eyes sight

I rubbed my eye with the back of my hand and looked around

I am in Gerald’s room

In his bed

What the heck am I doing here

I looked at my self and I was only wearing my underwear What the heck

I pulled the duvet close to my chest

Oh no

Did gerald take advantage of me yesterday

I can’t just remember what happened yesterday and how I ended up in Gerald’s room

Oh I hope what am thinking is not true

It can’t really be true can it be

Oh am ruined

Am finally ruined

I glared at Gerald as he walked out of the bathroom drying his hair with a towel ‘Oh you awake ‘

‘You ..just one night…one night in your house and you didnt miss the opportunity to destroy every bit of dignity I have in me’

‘What you talking about?’

‘What am I talking about ‘ I picked up the pillow and threw it at him ‘ I only used one night in your house and you decided to rape me …you had s*x with me’ I said as I threw my shoes at him

‘Will you quit it …I didn’t do anything to you’ he said

‘Really, then explain why I am in your bed ,early in the morning, half f**king naked ‘ I yelled

‘Well you had too much to drink….’

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‘Me …well I do not drink alcohol ‘

‘I was pretty shocked myself when you walked into my room drunk and then you tried to seduce me, well to be sincere I was falling for it myself that why you half naked but then I had to resist you which was pretty hard…I did that because I want you to be very conscious on our first night together ‘he said jokingly

My cheeks flushed in embarrassment immediately

So I was the one at fault

And I blamed him for nothing

‘Am sorry ‘


‘I said am sorry Okay…am sorry …am sorry …you happy now ‘ I said and he smirked

‘Have your bath and put this on’ he said pointing at a very beautiful dress on a mannequin

‘And why should I put that on?’

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‘Because my mother ,the queen just arrived and she wants everyone in the dinning room…you have to have to look your best to see her …she can be extremely judgy ‘

Am gonna meet the former queen of AMELDI



‘Come on out this on ‘he said

‘But…Okay…but can you please turn around ‘


‘Cause am half naked ‘

‘So it wont be my first time seeing you like this ‘

‘Cut it out Gerald…can you just turn…please ‘

‘Nope ‘


‘Fine ‘he said as he went to the balcony

I quickly stood on my feet and ran into the bathroom

This is my first time in his bathroom and I was not really surprised that his bathroom alone is the size of my late father’s living room back on earth

This house

His room

Everything is extremely huge and fancy

Even the richest man on earth can’t afford such luxury After spending some minutes in the bathroom

I walked out of the bathroom and couldn’t find Gerald anywhere I put on my dress

Saw a shoe and a purse and a note saying wear me How silly

I also put that on and packed my hair in a bum

What with all this expensive outfit

I look absolutely beautiful

And kinda different

I walked out of the room and I saw Gerald standing at the entrance dressed in tucks ‘Waw …why we all so formally dressed ?’

‘Because my mom is here…very important people in AMELDIA will be at the dinning table for breakfast this morning’

‘But Gerald shouldn’t I be with the other maids?’ ‘It not in our deal to work on a Saturday morning ‘

‘Okay fine …but meeting your mum isn’t that a little too much ‘ ‘Nope ….i want to know if she will see what I see in you ‘ ‘What that?’

‘Nothing never mind ‘

‘But Gerald I am not your friend, neither am I your girlfriend am just a slave ‘

‘You not my friend that right, you not my girlfriend either …you are more than just a silly child title …you are something more than my girlfriend and about you being the slave ..why do I feel like I am your slave ‘he said and I stared at him

What he said just now

I don’t know what it means

Am something more than a silly childs title

He is the slave

‘You enjoy talking in riddles dont you ‘

‘Yes I do ‘ he said as we go to the big dinning table

Everyone immediately focused on me

Even migullo is here

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And some other rich looking man and woman

I feel so akward

Like am not in my place

This is so wierd

A very beautiful slim tall classy woman in her forties walked towards us

‘After all this years …I must confessed am so happy to see my son the king of AMELDIA again ‘she said as Gerald smiled and hugged her

‘You still look as beautiful as ever mother ‘

‘And you my son looks extremely handsome ‘

Now I see where Migello and Gerald Got their extreme beauty from

This woman is damn gorgeous

‘And who is this fine young lady?’ She said with a smile on her face while staring at me

‘Kira she is my…..’

‘Friend’I said cutting him short ‘ I am his friend ,it really nice to meet you ma’m I must say you look absolutely beautiful ‘

‘Why thank you…I get that alot …please have breakfast with us ‘ she said as I smiled and followed her

Gerald moved close to me and whispered in my hair ‘Friend ,seriously ‘

‘Yes …what am I suppose to say ‘

‘You know what never mind ‘ he said as he walked to the table and sat down while I sat down on the chair next to him

Everyone was staring at me including that migello

The look on his face was so wierd

What is he up to this time

I felt a hand on my thigh and I gasped

I looked at Gerald and he smiled and winked at me

‘You pervert ‘ I muttered

‘What that ‘ His mum whose name is fiona said

‘Nothing Ma’m’

I smacked Gerald’s hand off my thighs and the look on his face was that of a baby who got his candy taken from him

What a childish pervert

‘So guys I have an announcement’ Madam fiona said as she stood on her feet with her wine glass ‘ let me start with my new company that will be opened on Monday, and i will like to say a big thank you to my two sons for helping me in this and also I will love to announce the engagement of our king Gerald ‘


I looked at Gerald who looks absolutely confused

‘He will be getting engaged to the daughter of the rich and powerful Marisol Garcia…please welcome Rose Garcia ‘

Gerald is getting e


To some other girl

The look on his face right now makes it known to me that he is absolutely clueless about this sudden engagement thing

‘Gerald you getting engaged?…how?’

‘I am just as confused as you are Kira…this is just like my mum ….making

decisions on my life without informing me ‘

The door to the dinning room opened and someone walked in

Someone absolutely shocking


She was looking so fancy and pretty

The opposite of the common pretty maid I knew her to be

‘Ladies and Gentlemen meet Rose Garcia ‘ she said pointing at Charlotte


Is Rose Garcia

Like what the heck is going on


Okay guys

Who is shocked cas am pretty shocked myself

So Charlotte is getting engaged to Gerald

How do you guys feel about that

And what could have brought about Kira coughing blood and why did Gerald lie to her

Find out on the next episode of DARE TO LOVE

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