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Dare To Love – Episode 12

Dare To Love

Dare To Love

I am so confused

Like What the hell is going on?

I feel like am already developing some kind of feelings for Gerald But he is such a dirt bag

But why does he have to be so darn cute

And to top it all extra caring and kinda protective of me Can someone like Gerald actually like someone like me

I mean he is like the Most powerful human in this powerful place

And am just an ordinary human

No way

No way he can like me

Am not saying he is too good for me

But Gerald actually does not look like the kind to develop any kind of feelings for a woman

The only thing he knows how to do best is to f**k and pay off since he is probably richer than the richest man on earth

What a king

You know what stupid heart

Just stop beating

No way Gerald is into us

Aren’t we suppose to hate and not develop some silly feelings for him

I mean Amaya will definetly kill him if i develop any puppy love for Gerald ‘what wrong?’ Charlotte asked as she walked towards me ‘oh it nothing Charlotte’

‘ummmmm…. Kira’


‘can I ask you a question?’

‘I don’t see why not’

‘is there something between you and Gerald’

‘me… Gerald.. What… How…. No’ I said laughing between my words

‘waw that a relief.. Because if a girl like you likes him…. I do not think I will be

able to compete with you… I mean you are like extremely pretty I do not stand a chance at all’ she said and I smiled

It actually almost skipped my mind that Charlotte also likes Gerald

I was the same person who told her Gerald is not good for her it will be kind of inappropriate if I should go after that same Gerald

It just not going to make sense at all



‘you seem to be lost in your thoughts’

‘oh am sorry…. And please do not say that… You so pretty I also get jealous…. I

feel like you prettier ‘

‘we both know that not true kira….. Anyway let forget about that and get back to

work before the chief maid arrives’ she said and I smiled and went back to work

Well Gerald did not call me to his room that day and I just went back home without seeing him

It so sad.

The next day, I went to school and still couldn’t find Gerald anyway

‘who are you looking for?’ Amaya asked…

‘no…nobody’ i said

‘is it Gerald?’ she asked


‘I knew it… Have been noticing the closeness… You guys will make a cute couple’

‘what… You seriously think there is something between Gerald and I’

‘ummmm… Yeah.. I do not know how you did it but Gerald is a big catch’ she said

‘I have no feeling for Gerald’

‘really… Fix your hair, Gerald is coming’

‘what…’ I said as I quickly used my hand to comb my hair to the back

She smiled and said ‘that was a trick… Gerald is not coming…. see you like him, if

you didn’t… You wouldn’t have done that’

‘that was a really dirty trick Amaya’

‘I understand you… You just being confused… Lucky for you… You have a love doctor like me to guide you’ she said

‘you a real jerk Amaya’ I said

‘for reals this Time fix your hair… Gerald is coming’ she said ‘like am gonna fall for that’

‘am serious’

‘not you not’

‘hey you’

Oh no

That Gerald’s voice

I should have known Amaya wasn’t lying

due to the sudden graveyard silence

I turned to my back and smiled

This demon looks like an angel

It like he is becoming more handsome

‘your majesty’ Amaya stood on her feet and bowed

‘you know that is a little old fashion… Let Just shake hands like normal people’ ‘oh.. But that highly disrespectful sir’ Amaya said ‘it fine…Amaya..that your name right’ Gerald said

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‘and how did you know that?’ i

She asked

‘I know everything’ he said as he patted her on the shoulder ‘hey you’ he said as he turned to me

‘looks like you forgot your ego at home’ I said and everyone Gasped I think am not meant to talk to the king like that

‘they varnished the day i kiss you’ he said as he winked at me My cheeks flushed in Embarrassment

Everyone just heard that

They gonna think we official

Most especially after what he said that day ‘so, what are y

ou doing here?’ I asked

‘I wanna take you somewhere’

‘but it during school hours’

‘I didnt say am taking you now’

‘oh…then what are you doing here?’

‘I want to have lunch here with you’ he said ‘lunch… Here… With us’

‘yea what the big deal?’ he asked

‘I mean you a king and you might not want to dine with the commoners’ I said

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‘hey.. Hey.. Hey’ he said


‘Just shut up already’

How rude

Typical Gerald

He sat down next to me and I was nervous again Having him so close

One of his servant came and he whispered something to his ear

It was only a matter of time before everyone food was replaced with the best

The food served at the cafe was good

Looks yummy

But the one Gerald servant brought looks more yummy and it was given to everyone in the cafe

I looked at my food and Gerald who was staring at me


‘I should be asking you that’ he said


‘why you not eating?’

‘nothing.. The food looks too much… I do not think I can eat it’

He moved closer to me and whispered in my ear ‘you eat this food or I will be forced to kiss you here’

‘you such a pervert’ I whispered as I picked up the fork and started eating

Gerald on the other hand was staring at me with so much interest


‘anyone ever told you how stupid you look while eating’ he said while Amaya on the other hand was trying to control her laughter

‘don’t you ever have anything good to say to me’


‘you… Forget it’ I said as I went back to eating

Later in the evening I went back home instead of going to work

Following Gerald’s order

And few hours later I saw Gerald’s car in front of our house

I ran outside the building immediately

‘what you doing here? ‘

‘oh you here… Was about to call you’

‘why you here’

‘come on let go’

‘to where’

‘told you we going out’

‘but am not ready… Am not dressed’

‘you look fine… Well close enough’

‘what that suppose to mean?’

‘nothing… Just shut up and get in’ he said

‘how rude am not going anywhere’ I said as I folded my arms

‘I can’t belivei have to do this’ his eyes focused on me and my body was moving on it own

Never argue with a guy that uses magic

He used his magic to make me get into the car ‘you jerk… Stop using magic on me’ I said

‘well you leave me no choice’ he said as the car started moving

This is one smooth ride

I wish I had a car

Amaya has one though

But it her car

I don’t get to ride it around

After driving for awhile with akward silence between us

We finally arrived at a very big mall

It nothing like the one i see on earth

It is so big and beautiful

‘okay we here’ he said


“come on get down ‘ he said as he put on his shades that made him look really cool

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He got down from his car and i followed as three huge looking man dressed in black followed us

His bodyguards

He is way stronger than this guards but he still walks around with them

We started walking together and girls were really admiring him

Seriously right now I feel like peace of Garbage next to him

His extreme good looks

And his ridiculously expensive cool bad boy outfits Am sure they all know he is the king

That why they couldn’t take their eyes off him

And just like me girls were drooling

I feel so akward

We got to a place at the back of the mall

Different Lamborghini like cars were parked there

This cars looks so awesome

‘come on choose a car’ Gerald said


‘you heard me’

‘For you?’

‘yes for me’ he said

‘okay that car looks awesome’ I said as I choosed a black car That car is 200 hundred million Ameldies

I think am gonna start a real job and maybe in two hundred ayears time I will buy something like this

It looks so awesome

I just love it

‘is that the one you choose’

‘yea… It suits your personality’ i said and he nodded and whispered something to the seller

The seller gave him the key and he looked at me ‘ hey catch’ he said as he threw the keys at me and I caught it in my hand

‘what is this?’

‘what does it look like dummy… It a car key’ he said

‘a car key… What do I need thi

s for’

‘ the car.. It yours’

‘what… But you said it yours’

‘no… I have alot of cars.. Why do you think i want more… This car is yours and I had to lie so you will pick the one you trully want’ I said

‘but I do not want a car from you… Most especially one that cost two hundred Million ameldies … That too much’ i said

Two hundred million Ameldies is like a billion dollars

Why will i want to ride a car that cost a billion f**king dollars

‘the money is not much… It a cheap car and it yours’

I would have blamed this king for stealing his peoples money but I can’t since everyone in this world is rich in their own way

The only difference is some are richer than the other

‘I do not want this’

‘of course you do.. Everyone thinks you my girlfriend.. And why will the king girlfriend walk around with no car’

‘okay Dumbo… I am not your girlfriend and I do not want this car’

‘this car is yours.. They don’t accept refunds… Have paid for it already’

‘I still don’t want it’ I said as I folded my arms

‘no problem then… Have that car thrown into the sea… Am sure she prefers that’ he said

‘what you gonna throw so much money in the sea’

‘yes since you do not want it… Am throwing it away.. Am sure you prefer that’ he said


Guilt trip much

‘fine I will take the car you psycho’

He looked at me and smirked

‘that my little kira.. See you tomorrow’ he said as he patted my head like a child and walked away





Why is this happening to me

Oh that guy is really crazy

And how come I fell for that ko refund shit

He is the king he can even take this car without paying if he wants

Am such a fool

But i can’t just allow him throw such expensive car away

He might have alot of money but it not meant to be wasted

Gerald is such a psycho



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