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Dare To Love – Episode 10

Dare To Love

Dare To Love

‘You know what on second thought ,I will drop you off myself ‘ Gerald said as he walked towards his closet and brought out a jacket

‘But why?….I can manage ‘ I retorted

He moved towards me and said ‘I will drop you… let us go ‘ he smirked and

walked away while I let out a big sigh..

After about 30 minutes of driving, we finally arrived at my house ‘Here we are ‘ he said

‘Oh thanks ‘ I said as I tried to unhook my seatbelts but I couldn’t ‘I said we here…I did not say you can leave ‘ he said

‘Oh you did this ….I should have known…now …what do you want ‘

He smirked and said ‘can you give me what I want’ ‘Uhn’

He moved his face close to mine that our noses were almost rubbing each other ‘If u tell you what I want now, will you be able to give it to me?’ ”no.. cause …am sure you just going to ask for something ridiculous ‘

He smirked and said ‘…what can I say. …it you like you know me too well Marinette ‘

‘I know you enough to know that you a mother f**king pervert ‘ ‘I told you many times not to use the curse words on me’ ‘Then quit provoking me’

‘You need to know how damn hot you look when you angry ‘

‘What the …….you know what please can I go to my house now Gerald ‘

He opens the car door and pushes me out of it making me fall on the floor with his mind

‘See you tomorrow ‘ he said as he drove off

‘F**k you….he can’t be a common gentle man ‘ I said as I stood on my feet and

dusted the sand of my body

‘What an idiot ‘

Immediately I entered the room ,I saw Amaya standing with her arms crossed

‘Hey Amaya ‘

‘Gerald dropped you off’

‘Oh you saw that’

‘Yea which was quite strange….what going on ?’

‘Nothing, absolutely nothing is going on….he only dropped me off to annoy me saw the way he pushed me out of the car’

‘But Kira ,you are too free with Gerald..Gerald is extremely evil ‘

‘It alright Amaya…am fine ‘I said as I climbed up the stairs looking exhausted

I slept on my bed and remembered how Gerald was so caring towards me today

Before he behaved like a complete jerk again

…like …what the hell ‘ is his problem

‘he is so wierd

********#$$#$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$% So the next day was kind of wierd

Not kinda

Very wierd

…what do I mean by this

Let me show you

I walked into the school and the first person I saw was Gerald looking ever so hot and handsome as he walked in th e hall way while students were bowing their head


Sometimes i envy him

‘so much power and riches

Any girl except me ofcourse

He stopped walking and turned to his left were he saw me

I rolled my eyes while he smirked and walked away

Oh that sexy smirk

It really to die for

”and you tell me there is seriously nothing between the two of you’ Amaya said ‘Ofcourse there isn’t…. ‘why do you care so much anyway?’ ‘Because he’s dangerous and am trying to protect you’

‘Thanks Maya , but I don’t think I need protection….thanks though ‘ I said as I

walked away

I went to the library to collect some books and on my way out of the library, I bumped into someone making all my books fall on the floor

‘Am so sorry ‘ he apologised immediately as he fell on a squat to pick up the books on the floor while I also did the same

We raised back on our feet together and he smiled at me

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He was handsome

Like really handsome

But still nothing can beat that arrogant Gerald

‘Am so sorry ‘

‘Oh it nothing…just forget about it ‘

I said as I tucked my hair behind my ear

‘Oh you the new girl…Kira right?’

‘Yea ,you know me?’

‘Not really….people just talk about you a lot here ‘

‘Oh really …that strange ‘

‘Ummmm…well my name is Edward ‘ he said as he stretches his hand for a shake

‘Well you already know my name ‘ I said returning the handshake which left a pretty smile on his face

He is a cutie though

Soooooo Edward and I were hanging out the whole day He is such a fun person

We even went to the cafeteria together where all the fun started Immediately Edward and I walked into the cafeteria

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We saw Gerald sitting in the cafe which was so unlike him He never sit in the cafe and to top it all he is sitting at my spot

The cafe was extra quiet today which is so unusual but immediately I saw Gerald I know why everywhere is so quiet

The king of AMELDIA

‘Let sit here ‘ I said to Edward as we both sat down on a table

I can’t sit at my spot since Mr king has taken over

Edward and I started talking and laughing

And jeez

…what with the scary look on Gerald’s face right now ‘he was totally glaring at me Anyway who cares

He should go f**k himself

‘Ummmm … Edward, I will be right back….I need a juice box from the vending

machine’ I said

‘Okay ‘

I stood in my feet and walked pass Gerald avoiding all means of possible eye contact

I walked towards the machine and put my coin in it waiting for my drink I felt a hand around my arm as it turns me to my back ‘…what the f**k is that thing you talking to?’ He asked

‘His name is Edward and he is not a thing’ I said as I struggled to free my arm from his tight grip

”he is like an open book ….i can read him …he has bad intentions stay away from


‘Excuse you….you dont get to tell me who I should and shouldn’t hang out with ‘ I


‘Actually i do….you are mine for now remember….’

‘I am not yours ‘

‘I refuse to involve myself in any kind of argument with you ‘ he said

‘Gerald will you just let me go….people are watching ‘ I said

He looked around and said ‘well that perfect ‘

‘Gerald just leave me ‘

‘Stay away from him then’

‘No you don’t get to tell me what to do’

‘I won’t repeat what I said ‘

‘And what you gonna do If I don’t ‘

‘Oh really’

‘Yea what will you do ?’

‘Okay then…let me show you ‘

he moved his hand to my wrist and made me follow him to the middle of the cafeteria as all students focused on us

‘I want you all to look at her very well ….take a good look at her…if I see any of

you guys looking at her with your lustful eyes or other evil intentions, take my word I won’t hesitate to bring your souls out of your body and feed it to event demon in this land’

What the heck

Oh no

‘And if any of you girls try to pick on her …cause I can read your mind and you all hate her …you also have evil intentions and if you try to do anything to harm her I

won’t hesitate to also feed them to every demon of this land ….so everyone in one word any guy found anywhere around her is gone trust me…all guys here should

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avoid her like a plague unless you will have to come face to face with me…do you all get that ‘ he said and everyone nodded

I looked at Edward who quickly packs all his belongings and ran out of the cafe

I sighed and glared at Gerald who smirks deviously

‘Come with me ‘ I said as I held him by the wrist and pulled him with me out of the cafeteria

Everybody moved out of my way totally avoiding me most especially the guys

Gerald and I went to his private room and i angrily slammed the door behind me


‘Do not raise your voice…I might be free with you and allow you talk the way you want towards me…do not misuse that opportunity’he said as he took a sip of his wine

I was actually intimidated

I know this guy is capable of anything so I have to watch my tongue when am around him

‘You. ..why can’t you just leave me alone ‘

‘I dont know…there are two things I want from you that I won’t stop until I have ‘

‘What the heck is your problem Gerald …why do you have to be such a pain in the ass uhn’I bit my lips which is something I do whenever am really upset or nervous

‘I told you …do not bite that lip like that when you around me ‘

‘It my lip and I can bite it however I want and beside what you gonna do ‘ I said and he stopped the wine he was drinking and looked at me.

Like seriously

Haven’t I learnt enough lesson

I really should stop asking him that question unless I might end up in trouble

Whenever I ask him what you gonna do

He literally does something

‘What am I gonna do?’

‘Uhn uhn ‘ I said trying to look like am not actua lly scared right now

He stood on his feet and walked towards me while I slowly moved backwards ‘Stop right there’ I shouted but he stopped and looked at me He was just like a feet away from me and i was nervous again

‘Stop tempting me Marinette .. can’t you see …am working on my self control ‘ He was staring at me and his incredible man beauty made me feel kinda awkward No nervous

Like the fool that I am …I bit my lips again unable to control my self from doing that

‘Oh f**k it ‘he muttered as he pulled me close by the waist and I almost went crazy when his lips met mine

I tried to push him away buy he was top strong and at the end I gave up as his hand held my waist against him with so much possessions while his second hand held my head for support

His kiss is screaming my brain

I have the urge to wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back but I didn’t

Our tongues danced around with each other and he slowly bit my lower lip which made me double crazy

How can someone kiss so well

There was lust passion but I do not think there was any traces of love in it

He slowly broke the kiss and looked at me before he planted one last soft kiss on my lips

Okay now that one has a little love in it

I guess

He slowly let go of me and walked out of the room

While I fell on my knee and ran my hand through my hair

Like what the f**k just happened


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