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Damsel In Distress – Season 1 Episode 4

Episode four

I prepared breakfast in the routine manner and dressed in my sexiest dress as we departed for our day’s activities. At noon my work at the university was finished and I returned to the apartment. I cleaned, scrubbed and made it as cosy as possible.

Flowers were placed in vases at several locations about the apartment. Soon the wine I had bought was cooling in the refrigerator and the pork roast dinner was cooking. The table was adorned with red table cloth and white napkins to compliment our cheap china and silver.

When John came into the room from his day’s activities I met him at the door with a chilled glass of white wine and the usual perfunctory greeting, only this time “my Man” got a meeting that left me excited and lusting . . . “This is a party to celebrate a good year,” I said. As he completed his evening’s ablutions in the bathroom my excitement grew and I concentrating on carrying my plan to perfection. . . .”Jumping his bones before he had been properly prepared could blow the whole thing,” I reasoned.

Dinner was perfection. . .my best culinary effort ever and after the second bottle of wine the tension that was present at the table had disappeared. John appeared relaxed and we discussed many things. . . .but our futures was never mentioned. It was as though we neither one wanted to face the next few days. My plan was proceeding on schedule.

After dinner we enjoyed the free camaraderie that had been present when I first moved into the apartment. We did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and began our evening’s preparations for the night. As was the custom I went to the bathroom first. Once in the bathroom the routine was forgotten. The new red teddy with matching panties and negligee came out of their packages and were laid out carefully as I made my final preparations for bed. When I left the bathroom, the sheer quality of my dress left nothing to the imagination and I made sure John got the full view. As I sat with my back to him at my dressing table I brushed my hair to it’s most glossy sheen and made myself as beautiful as I knew how.

As I went to my bed John went into the bathroom and I could hear the usual ministrations that I had come to recognize with John. According to my plan he should have been all over me by now. He had just gotten my best shot and showed no signs of abandoning his course of action. “Dam, this plan was failing,” she thought.

When John returned from the bathroom to his bed, I stood up and removed my negligee. In my Teddy and panties I felt naked and exposed. . . .AND EXCITED as I faced John. The lust showed like the look of a caged animal in his eyes. . . I was having an effect! His hand was under the covers and I was sure it was wrapped around his stiff cock. He rolled on the bed, facing away and I was left to turn out the lights and begin the night. As I lay awake, feigning sleep, I knew I had failed and I reviewed my plan to see where I’d gone wrong. My confidence began to wane and I was sorely troubled. When sleep finally came it was in short naps between crazy dreams and lust filled thoughts.

As I tossed and turned I heard John, also unable to sleep, tossing and turning in his bed. He occasionally groaned and my whole being was attuned to his being. I was excited and I lusted. “Well, I’m not ready to give up,” I thought. I got out of bed, removed my teddy and panties, moved to Jakes bed, lifted the covers and slid in between the warm sheets. The familiar man smell I encountered would have revolted me a few months ago. It excited me more now.

This was a new venture for me. . .I’d never seduced a man before! Of course, I’d never been this enamoured with a man before either. “I want you. Before we part I want to experience the only real man I’ve ever known,” I said as I snuggled up to John, spoon fashion. John was perfectly motionless although it was obvious by his breathing and condition that he was aware.

Secure in the knowledge that I had not been rejected I continued, “Love me John!” “I’m not the woman I was when I came here. You’ve helped me to be the woman I am. My power came from you and the quiet confidence you gave me. My strength came from your encouragement. My compassion and caring I learned from observing you. I want to . . . .”. It was at this point that John turned and faced me in the bed. Our eyes met and I say the look of lust. our bodies met and the violence of his roll left me on my back with John half covering my left side from feet to shoulders. His left leg rested between my legs and he pressed firmly against my left breast as he bent to kiss me.

The kiss was firm and his tongue immediately sought mine. I was quick to return mine in oral swordplay. Erotic, maybe! Engrossing it was! So engrossing in fact I did not feel his hand on my right breast, nor the tenderness in my swollen nipple. As the swordplay became more familiar, and my mind had time to wander, I became aware of the sensation the rough hair and skin on his left thigh was having on my inner thighs and labia. It was then that I became aware of the powerful sensation in my breast. Soon I became aware that my genitalia were being ground together by a steady humping and I came to realize it was my ass driving me into the leg above me.

As the foreplay continued I grew more and more excited. John was doing all the exciting. . . . .it was his event! John exercised all the power. . .I had wanted it that way! As the intensity of the play increased I longed to take the lead myself. . .to exercise power such as I felt. “But How?” I thought. “What’s the proper place for a woman in the act?”. I wanted to grab his prick and minister to it as I had been forced to a few months ago. . . but I didn’t. Instead, I reached down to the place where his tool was trapped between our bodies with my right hand, proceeded to caress it. John’s reaction was immediate and positive. “Do it some more,” he said.

Soon the prick in front of me was the center of both our attentions and all other activity was subordinated to this single activity. We turned in the bed and adjusted our positions to facilitate the easiest access to the action. I had never felt such a surge of power as I felt when I saw Jakes reaction. Then, I thought back to some months previous when I was forced to endure several cocks in my mouth. . . .I suddenly wanted to suck on the one before me. With it In my mouth I gagged and choked several times as I tried to please my lover. . .Although, it was not a totally satisfactory experience I savoured the effect it had on John. I knew that I’d do that again. . . . and I’d be better at it!

As my mouth disengaged the head of Jakes cock, I started to return to our former close in position. Strong hands guided me to a new position and I was aware of Jakes rough skin against my breasts, thighs and legs as he settled on top of me. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world and one that I wanted more than anything when I felt Jakes cock pass my labia and proceed into my vagina. The slight sensation of his entry without proper lubrication hurt and I cried out softly. . . but it was too late, John stopped. “I’m sorry,” he said.

“No! No! Keep on doing,” I said as I raised my ass to better impale him in me. He started again and this time there was only pleasure. With Jakes cock as deeply embedded in me as it was possible to be our tongue swordplay became a frenzy. I felt the course hair of his chest on my tits which were now fully swollen and most sensitive. As he backed his giant organ from the innermost depths of my vagina I recognized a sad moan coming from my throat. The cock which lay partially embedded was driven to my innermost depths. The rhythm of sex began and I was participating fully in the act for the first time. . .no reservations! . . .and no hangups!

I was striving for something. All the pleasure and all the sensations were forcing me to strive for something. “It was orgasm , of course, but surely feelings this strong weren’t directed solely at ‘coming”, I thought. ” I want it all.” Pursuing this avenue of knowledge as I was it took only moments to realize that my greatest pleasure was derived from giving pleasure to my lover. My own orgasm had just been brought on by the pleasure I’d given John.

As our bodies moved in the steady rhythm of sex my excitement rather peaked and waned like waves in the ocean. All the events of the action resonated together to form little peaks and bigger peaks and for the second time, a crescendo, as my second orgasm hit me with a stunning blow. I was totally wiped out as the waves of pleasure took all measure of my control.

Slowly the steady grinding and humping picked up and continued as all verbal communication stopped. All attention was directed to the place between my legs where the action was taking place. “I’m gonna’ come soon,: he said. The action picked up and our bodies thrashed in wild abandon as we drove towards the final completion. With my feet planted on the bed and my ass driving upwards in a manner to impale the cock to the fullest extent, I felt a throb as he planted his seed deep in me. As our bodies froze motionless, the steady Squirt! Squirt! Squirt! continued as he planted the remainder of his semen deep in me.

After the last bit of semen had left his tube, my ass slowly settled back on to the bed and my legs relaxed as another crescendo washed over me. So, this was the highly touted sex that I had gone off to college for. . . . .

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