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Curious – Episode 8

Adanna woke up the next morning to discover her husband had already left for work, she was surprised since he did not wake her up to get him breakfast but then remembered how they parted ways last night and gave a long hiss.

She quickly did all the house chores and set off to stroll because she really needed to clear her head. Just as she stepped out of the gate she saw her handsome next door neighbour coming out of his own house.

“Hello” she said
“Hey what’s up” he replied
“cool” she replied as she started walking away.

“Where are going to in such a hurry?” He asked

“No where in particular, I just want to stroll and see the neighborhood for myself”
“It that’s the case can I join you,cos I was heading to stroll myself”
“Sure feel free to tag along” she replied and all of sudden becoming shy.

He joined her and they started heading down the street.

“Am Adams, whats your name?”
“My name is Adanna” she answered cautiously as she began to feel nervous tho she did not understand why.
“Lovely name” he said and she just nodded her head without uttering a word.

They walked in silence and she stylishly stole glances at him as she tried to study his profile.

Adams was still trying to understand why he asked to join her to walk. Like he doesn’t know her and it’s not like they have spoken to each other before but he just felt a pull to know her better. It wasn’t like he wanted to date her or something I mean she is married I guess its safe to say he just wanted to be friends.

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He tried to make small talk but it was not getting him anywhere so he just decided to chill and walk with her.

They walked for a while in silence when she asked
“What do you do for a living”?

” Am an artist” he replied
“Okay, that’s cool. So when will u show me your work”? She asked

” Anytime you want to see them just let me know but there is going to be a catch tho” he said while laughing.

“Hmmmmm,what’s the catch?
” If I show you my paintings then you will let me paint u” he winked at her.

“As long as I wear a Beret and hold a long stick am okay with it” she replied smiling

“That’s good to know, wait hold on what is the stick for?” He asked
“To flog your silly butt0ckz of course” she said as they both burst into laughter.

They talked about a couple of things,their families,friends,school and so many other random topics till they got back to their house and he asked if she wanted to come in and see his paintings now but she declined saying she wanted to go and start preparing lunch for her husband but promised to come see them whenever she was free.

Samuel was in the office going through some files when his cell phone rang
“Hello Kylie,how are you doing?”
“Am all good and you?”
“Same here” he replied
“Okay,so am calling to remind you about our date”.

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“Our date?” he asked
“Geez Sam not date date,I mean the arrangement we made yesterday where am supposed to show you Lagos” she said amidst laughter.

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“Lol I know what you were talking about just wanted to pull your legs” he replied
“Okay oo,if you say so. You will come pick me up from my house by 7pm then we will go to somewhere cool”

Okay that’s no problem just text me your address and I will be there”.

“I will do just that, so lemme leave you to your work and will see you later”
“Alright dear” he replied as she ended the call.

Hours later……

Samuel pulls up into the driveway of the address Kylie sent to him,step out of the car and heads to door,he was about to knock when the door was opened and he saw Kylie dressed in a hot red dress.

He could not possibly call it a gown because it could pass for a shirt. He did not even know he was staring too much until he heard
“Are you through inspecting,can we be on our way now?
“Sorry for that,but you look really great” he replied.

“Thanks” she said as they walked back towards his car.

They had fun, she took him to a bar and from there they headed to a club,he wasn’t even someone who clubs at all but with someone like Kylie who kept teasing and cheering him up he got real turnt up in the club. He did
not even know it was late until when they were leaving and he checked his watch damn his wife would be worried he thought but then again he remembered her words from last night and his mood just changed.

How she could even say something like that to him kept baffling him I mean he met her a virgin so how the fvck does she know who satisfies and who doesn’t but then again maybe something was troubling her and she just lashed out on him because she had never complained before so why start now.

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Kylie had so much fun with Samuel that she even forgot he was married. He wasn’t really excited about going to a club but after she convinced him and a couple of shots later he was all up in her business on the dance floor
letting her grind on him and all that.

Everything was going fine until when they were on their way home and he just locked up like something was
troubling him or something. She wondered if he felt bad after hanging out with her but then again maybe she was just reading a little too much to his mood.

They pulled up to her house and both came down from the car,she could still see that he looked troubled so she invited him inside.

It was obvious he wasn’t comfortable with the idea but for what ever reason he decided to honour her invitation and he came inside her house.

She offered him a drink and then they spoke for a while about nothing in particular and somehow the atmosphere just seemed tensed and she doesn’t
know why she did it but she just kissed him.

He wasn’t responding at first but after a while he gave in. They were going at it and all of a sudden he
just broke the kiss,stood up and left her house.

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