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Curious – Episode 51

Kylie couldn’t remember the last time,she had this much fun. They had gone to the park and it had been real interesting,especially watching little Sam take his first steps. It was almost getting dark,so they decided to return home,since they all came in Susan’s car,she drove them back. No sooner had they entered before she heard the maid scream from the sitting room and
they ran there only to find Samuel slumped on the ground with foam by the side of his mouth.

They quickly rushed him to a nearby hospital but he pronounced dead on arrival.

Adanna walked into Susan’s office. “Hey you madam”

“Hey Adanna,how are you doing?” She walked around her desk to hug her
“Am fine” she said and took a seat while Susan returned to her desk

“So what brings you to my boring office, I swear I can count on one hand the number of times you have been here”

“Just checking on you,how are you and how was the burial?”

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“Am fine,the burial was okay and my sister is doing just fine tho I must admit its more good riddance than sorrow for any of my family member”

“Am sure and I believe they should have you thank for that”

“Errm, I don’t understand”

“Susan there is no need to pretend with me,I have lived and known Samuel for a long time and the reason for his death don’t add up plus there is also the fact that the woman who crashed your marriage also died in a similar fashion”

“That’s just coincidence”

“Yeah it could be but I no better than that and no am not judging you,lord knows if I had half your heart I probably would have done worst. I just want to thank you for ridding the world of two scumbags. There is a part of
me that wants to know how you did it but I will rather not know”

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“Are you sure about that? Not that I am admitting to anything just so you know”

“Yes am sure,tho I wonder how ex husband is still alive”

“Oh,he was smart enough not to eat or drink anything from me. Not that I do anything to that foods and drinks I give to people,just so we are clear”

Adanna chuckled “I will remember not to consume anything from you anytime I piss you off” she stood up “ I guess I will see you around” and walked out.

Susan watched her leave and smiled,the one thing all this disasters had done for her was to give her a best friend and sometimes she felt like she had known Adanna all her life.

Adanna climbed into her car still laughing with herself. Her life so far has definitely been a journey, so many ups and downs but looking at it right now,she doubt she will change a thing.

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She glanced at her ring finger
where the beautiful engagement ring Adams had proposed to her with shone. She didn’t want a big wedding this time around and she needed to hasten
things up because her visit to her doctor last week confirmed that she was six weeks pregnant. She hoped the baby will be a boy so she can call him Thomas. So many things to wish and hope for but for now she is thankful and just living in the moment.

She doesn’t know what the future might throw at her but she is damn sure that she is ready and strong enough for anything. She put her key in the ignition and started the car and drove away from all the sorrows and darkness into the promise of light and love.

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