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Curious – Episode 48

Adanna was going through her email when her phone rang,she checked the caller ID but it was an unknown number “hello” she said
“Hey babes wassup”
“Lord,Thomas how many numbers do you have?”

“Is that how to reply a friend you haven’t heard from in a while huh?”

“Gerrout joor,this one you are calling me,I hope am save?”

“Yeah,for now tho. I will be coming to Nigeria next week….”

“Wow that’s good news,I hope you bring a lot of goodies with you” she said cutting him short

“Yes I will and am calling you to let you know that I will be staying at your place”

“My what? Did I ever tell you I run a hotel or something,if you are going to stay at my place be prepared to do some house chores too”

“That’s no problem,I can scrub your back,even apply your cream. That’s enough chores right?”

“You are crazy. Just let me know your flight details before hand so I can come pick you up”

“Alright shawty I will keep you posted. Hope you are good tho?”

“Yes,I am”
“How bout lover boy?”

“He is fine too, I will ask about your significant other but I don’t I want to know the model you are currently frolicking with”
“When you put it like that you make it sound like I am a bad person but if you are really interested in my love life I will let you know they are about three models currently and some other ladies I can’t remember their names”

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“You are so unbelievable,you know that right?”

Chuckling he replied “yeah you just told me now. So we’ll talk some other time alright.

I will text you about my flight details soon. Take care”
“Yeah you too” and the line went dead.

She focused her attention to her mails and continued sorting out the ones she wanted to use.

Kylie was preparing a bath for the baby when she heard Samuel’s car drive in. She looked at the clock and it was too early for him to be home,maybe he forgot something or came back to eat,he usually did that sometimes.

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She focused her attention on little Samuel as she bath him and then dressed him. Lifting him up she said “My little prince is ready for his bottle now” and all she got from him was a discontented squawk. “Okay,Mr hungry man
let’s go get your bottle” she rocked him on her hip as she walked down the stairs to the kitchen to get his bottle. As soon as she retrieved the
bottle from the microwave and sat down on kitchen stool by the counter,she fed him.

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Sam took the Tips of the bottle into his mouth,sU-Cking greedily while his feet were drumming against her forearm. Samuel staggered in reeking of alcohol “did you not hear me when I called you earlier?” he screamed at her “I have been home for half an hour now and you still haven’t given me my food,do you expect to starve or something” he continued

“Well as you can see,am taking care of little Sam and will attend to you as soon as am finished”
“So am suppose to wait for you to take your time your Majesty before I can eat in my own house?”

“Look don’t put words in my mouth,I had a really stressful day at the office and if you are really that hungry you can as well dish your food, after all your hands function too”
“Are you speaking back at me?”

“Well since little Sam is not capable of understanding all I have been saying that leaves just one other person here don’t you think?”

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“Are you talking to me in that tone woman?”

He said as he walked towards her and gripped her arms and started twisting it while she struggled and winced in pains “I don’t hear your sharp mouth anymore,I guess you are just a loud mouth with an empty brain” he dropped her suddenly and knocked off the bottle from little Sam’s mouth to the ground “now you can clean that up” and walked away. Little Sam let out a loud wail and she began to rock him while she gentle murmured to him and soon he was settled and fast asleep. She carried him to his nursery and placed him in his cot and sat
beside him while she sobbed quietly.

After she cleaned the messed in the kitchen,she went upstairs and found Samuel fast asleep on the chair,she wanted to wake so he will move to the bed but decided against and went to bed.

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