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Curious – Episode 46

Her ringtone woke her up,she answered the call “hello”
“Lord,babe when did you get that hard,I mean I was just cheering for you while you drag that thing for all she is worth. Mama you have been trending on twitter since last night”
Hearing the accent she started to laugh “really Thomas, you wake me up very early in the morning for this?”

“Yup cos am so proud of my baby girl,I think you need to pay me because we both know that the former wouldn’t say that,geez you cursed on national TV girl,if my influence is not rubbing on you then I don’t know what it is”
“It has nothing to do with you, am just fed up”

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“If you say so. I love the way you have upgraded your blog its dope”
“Yeah its part of the fed up program”
“Okay but hope you are good? And between how is lover boy?”

“Am not having this conversation with you, right now what I need is sleep so go find a chore or something then call me back when you know human beings are awake” she ended the call then switched off her phone,chuckling she went back to sleep.

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That day,she had calls from everyone who had her number,Susan even came around with a bottle of champagne because according to her,the new Adanna
needed to be celebrated. Later in the evening,Adams took her out for dinner at a cozy new restaurant in Lekki,she made note to feature the place next
time she was posting on her blog. She took pictures of the place and the food before she began to eat and catch up with Adams since she hadn’t seen
him for close to a month now,they talked about a lot of issues including his unborn child who will soon be delivered any moment from now.

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Adams drove in silence,Adanna was slumped on her seat snoring lightly,he turned to look at her and then use his right hand to caress her face gently so as not to wake her .

Tho the evening had been exciting and fun but deep within him,he could feel her pulling away from him,he couldn’t really pinpoint why or how but his guts were telling him so and they have never been wrong.

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