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Curious – Episode 44

It felt good to come back home and to familiar surrounding. Adanna has been back for three days now and besides visit to her doctor, she had been indoor,she had clean,wiped and dusted everything she could lay her hands on.

Since returning back to the house in Banana Island,she let go of the staffs not because she could not afford to pay them but because she couldn’t pay them but she wanted to start everything afresh and once the
divorce is final,she will get herself a new place with furniture and staff she chose herself.

She had spoken with her lawyer on the phone and had been told that Samuel had agreed to settle and everything they own will be split in two and their house and everything in it will be sold and the money split between them,tho every jewellery he gave her when they were together will still belong her and that once everything was pushed through and signed then the divorce will be final. She had already hired a real estate
agent to find a house for her. Her phone rang to interrupt her thoughts
“Hi,Adanna its Tony Shogo you were on my show the Tony’s show a while back”
“Yes,I know you. How have you been?”
“Am fine and you?”
“Better than expected”
“Okay,the reason am calling is to know if you will be free to be on my show on Friday,not as a guest but as a co host. Am having a round table conversation and I will like to be one of the personalities on it”
“What is the topic for discussion?”
“It’s not really a topic but errm,I got this mail from someone who wants his wife to leave her job and be a full time housewife or that she should get another job that’s less time consuming so they could try and raise a
family but she refused because according to her,she currently has her dream job and doesn’t want to leave it. So basically the discussion would just be us saying our views on the matter, whether or not she is right and state our reasons”
“Tony, you know am a big fan of yours but I don’t really think am the right person to discuss matters like this,how can I talk about someone’s marriage
when mine failed it just doesn’t sound right”

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“Adanna we are not talking about how to keep a marriage or not basically we are focused on whether the lady is right to keep her dream job instead of
getting something less time consuming to start a family with her husband that’s all”

“I really don’t know Tony”

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“Adanna stop this victim storyline its beyond crazy,your husband stepped out on your marriage and you divorced his sorry butt0ckz end of story,besides you should be the best person to talk about this after all its an open secret that your soon to be ex husband never allowed you to work so basically you have more insights in this matter than any of us”
“Hmmm,you know what lemme think about it and get back at you”

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“Okay,I will like to know your answer by tomorrow so I should whether am to find someone else for the spot”
” okay I will”
“Be strong and hang in there, they are a lot of us out here who are rooting for you”
“Thanks, I appreciate it” the line went dead.

She sighed and went back to her cleaning.

That night she got a visit from Susan,ever since her ordeal they have become close friends,before now they only spoke on few occasions and most times it had to do with Adams but now their friendship was way deeper than that.

They cooked dinner together and ate and then they talked
about different things including the call she got earlier from Tony,Susan felt it was a good platform to use to get back out there,her fans will know she is back and it will also help publicize her blog. Well seeing how she
had nothing to loose,she decided to accept,she called Tony and told him so.

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When Susan left,she went upstairs to her room,carried her laptop from her table and sat on the bed. She logged on to her site and stared at her screen for a long time,she decided to change her blog’s layout. She chose
red because it felt fierce and that’s what she wanted to represent. She updated new stories and surfed the net for things she felt will interest her readers.

She was about logging off when a little voice in her head told
her to try something new,she stared at her screen for a while and then hesitated for a bit but went ahead to post pictures from her vacation and even gave a review for the hotel and her tour. She was about updated when
on second thoughts she decided to make it a new segment on her blog and asked her readers to share their own pictures and reviews from vacations.

She chose the name Adz Travels for the section.
Adz from her name Adanna,she didn’t want to use Ad’s because she felt it was too boring.

She checked her wall clock and discovered it was 4am,she decided to call it quits,she turned off her laptop and went to sleep.

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