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Curious – Episode 43

“Let’s see,my mum had an accident and was admitted in the hospital, my siblings were heading over to see her on a bike and got crushed by a truck and my mum died later that evening. Don’t ask about my father because I
don’t know who he is,I have never seen him and my mum never spoked about him. I was the oldest child and had to fend for the family early and I probably would have been on that bike too but I was on duty to wash the
plates at the restaurant where I worked so that’s about it”

“Geez,you had to grow up fast I guess”
“Yeap” he replied.

They talked about their childhood and she even told him about her the things that had been happening in her life in the past months,she even told him about her suicide attempt, which was strange for her,giving the fact that she had not been able to open up to anyone before but with him it was so easy to just tell him and it didn’t help that he was a good listener and she was open with him.

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Soon the break was over and the shoot continued, apart from the grumblings from the models from time to time,everything ran smooth and they wrapped up
early. They had dinner at a restaurant and then he dropped her off.

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The next couple of days seem to move fast,Thomas made each and everyone of them memorable. They had a lot of fun and he took her to many places,she felt
like she was a local who had spent all their life there. The night before she was to return to Nigeria he took her to see a movie and they had dinner at a cozy restaurant by the water side and took a stroll down the beach.

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When it was late, he took her back to her lodge.

Once again standing in front of her door like their first night he said “I guess this is goodbye,I would have loved to take you to the airport tomorrow but I have a photoshoot first thing in the morning.”

“Its no problem, I already made plans with the hotel to take me”
“Okay,that’s cool,so then…ermm goodnight till when ever we see ourselves again” he said looking into her eyes
“Yes but you know you don’t have to leave now,we can both go inside and chat and maybe watch another movie”

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Taking her hands,he replied ” believe me I want to go in with you but chatting or watching a movie is definitely not what I have in mind so we are not going to tempt faith….I might be a lot of things but married
women are off limits for me and even though you are in the process of getting a divorce,you are still married so that’s just beyond me right now” he gave her a peck on her cheek and walked away.

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