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Curious – Episode 42

Work she discovered was a photo shoot for a fashion magazine as she discovered Thomas was a photographer. This morning,they were at a private beach where the shooting was taking place.

Everywhere was rowdy as everyone was going about their business. The editor of the fashion magazine and Thomas were going through details for the shoot and also arguing about things she could not hear.They were supposed to have started but one of the.model was yet to arrive and the other three were being the ultimate divas and driving everyone insane.

She recognized two of the models from a TV commercial, where they had appear sweet and down to earth but the real life version of them were just the opposite.

When the last model finally arrived,they had to rush up her makeup and get her ready for the shoot. Soon,shooting commenced and Thomas worked his magic. She had never seen him so concentrated and it was mesmerizing watching him work. He was confident
about his work and it showed in how he carried himself and the orders he gave. Half way into the shoot,the model who arrived late slapped another who returned in kind and soon a tussle began and in the process they pushed another model who collapsed. Staffs ran in to break the fight and the model who fainted was taking to a corner where she received medical attention.

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The editor gave an hour break to sort things out and also for lunch. Thomas walked off the set and towards the water and began smoking, that was probably his hundredth cigarette for the day,she lost count after he finished the first three packs.

She picked a plate and took some sandwiches and two pack of juice and went to meet him.
She gave him a pack of juice and a sandwich and they ate in silence and watched the waves.

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After a while he led her to some rocks where they sat down
“Sorry about all the mess you had to witness,I would have love to tell you this was a one time thing but this is the fashion industry, its always a miracle if a shoot goes smoothly” he took another cigar from his pocket “do
you mind if I smoke” when she nodded he lit it and took a long drag
“Those models must be very strong to knock the other one off like that” she said and he looked at her like she was a child and laughed
“Lord Adanna don’t be that naive,even a rat would have knocked her off her feet. Its very obvious that she needs to eat something but all these models are always starving themselves its crazy”
“I guess she wants to maintain her trim figure”
“What about if she dies in the process huh?” He took another drag and faced the sea.

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“What made you become a photographer?”
“Money,I needed money so I worked as an assistant for a photographer and with time I grew in ranks and started shooting for myself and then went to a film institute for a programme and returned fully”
“Wait,so you are saying you don’t like your job or what?”
“Am saying I got into it because of the money,I don’t hate but I also am not that thrilled about it like I once were. I like the art of photography,I mean its like immortalizing a moment you know but am at a point right now where I want more. I have always wanted to do documentaries but here I am taking photos of those entitled brats but am not complaining because the
pay is good and looking how far I have come and am grateful. I mean who would have thought that a boy like me could ever leave the slum and make it this big”.

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” I guess your family will be proud of you”
“Maybe but they are all dead so I don’t know if they are proud or not”
“What happened to them?”

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