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Curious – Episode 40

She woke up every early the next morning and got ready. She was putting on jeans and boats with a tank top tho she wore a long sleeves denim jacket on it that she left unbuttoned.

She was wearing the jacket to be
fashionable rather it was to cover up her wrist.

She took a pair of sunglasses, her carry-on bag that had her wallet,camera,toiletries and a spare long dress in case someone decides to drench her again. She walked
out and stood in front of the building and at 8:30am the tour guide arrived, a local and her name was Sheila. They were two college students who were also staying at the hotel and had booked the tour so they all went
together. Sheila was brilliant, full of knowledge and her timing was spot on,she made sure they arrived before the crowds.

Our first stop was the fishing village of Hout Bay and a boat ride out to Seal Island then to the Cape of Good Hope and later to the Cape Point Nature Reserve then off to boulders beach for lunch at a lovely restaurant, also at boulders beach we saw the African Penguins and then we took the funicular to the old Cape Point lighthouse to see the meeting of the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans,from there we drove round the coast
while she pointed out places and we took lots of pictures,we later stopped by a beach where they were surfers,the European students didn’t seem as spell bound as I was,I mean I only saw surfers on TV and seeing them with my own two eyes was a new experience, we headed over to the botanic garden
and later dropped back at the hotel.

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It was a fun filled experience and our guide Sheila had a huge role to play in that,dear Sheila I hope God bless your kind heart everyday,Adanna prayed in her mind. She bade the students goodbye and was headed back to her room when something collided with her,she was about falling down when a pair of strong arms grabbed her “you
need to watch where you are going to” she heard,she turned towards the voice and her eyes locked with the same stranger who decided to bath her yesterday, she quickly stepped aside,hissed and walked away.

She ran all the curses in her head on him as she went to her room,stupid arrogant fool,he is lucky she was in a very good mood if not she would have shown him the other side of her that he sure will not enjoy. She reached the door to her apartment and as she searched through her bag for her keys she heard the same annoying voice again
“Look,I know this must now be a cliché coming from me but am sorry for what happened in the hallway and for also sounding rude” he said standing directly behind her.

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She turned around and faced him “you are so arrogant and full of yourself plus you are so rude,you disgust me” she replied

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“Geez woman,you were also rude to me remember? Am trying to be the bigger person here,I did not come to trade insults just to apologized which I seem to do a lot with you.

Let’s start over,Hi my name is Thomas” he said and stretched his hand forward.

She stared at his hands turned around open her door walked in and bang the door at his face. She did not move rather she leaned against the door and placing her ears,tried to hear what he will do next,he stood at her door for a while then he laughed and walked away she still had her ears glued to the door as his footsteps faded away.

She remained there for a while just to be sure he was truly gone,when she got tired of standing she went to her room and tossing her bag on the bed she removed her clothes and headed for the bathroom and as she was about to turn on the shower she heard a gentle knock on her door .

“You don’t give up,do you?” She said to herself, she got out of the bathroom and tied a bathrobe around herself and moved towards the door “What do you want?” She asked

“Am from the restaurant madam,I brought your meal” a strange voice replied.
She quickly opened the door to face a young man with a serving cart dressed like a chef “you must have the wrong room,I did not order for anything” she said

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“Ma,your boyfriend paid and asked for us to send this meal up with these flowers” the young man replied,lifting up the flowers for her to see
Crossing her arms she said “you don’t say,so this my boyfriend does he have a name?”

The young man had a look on his face as if she was crazy or something, he replied slowly this time as if that would make her understand him better “Ma,he only signed this card here as Thomas”

Seeing how she was putting the young man unease,she told to take the food inside and she collected the flowers from him and stepped aside while he set to work moving the cart inside, once he was through the young man practically leaped out of her room like he was scarred to spend another minute with her.

Whatever she thought as he dashed out,she kept the flowers in a vase and walked over to the food,she lifted the domes covering the food and the aroma immediately made her realized how hungry she was,she might be angry at who sent the food but seeing the meal even hatred wouldn’t stop her from eating,at that moment she realized he even sent a bottle of wine that was chilling in a bucket ,she needed no other encouragement.

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