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Curious – Episode 4

Continued …….
Her thoughts started drifting back to that stranger she saw the night before and out of curiosity she walked to the dinning room but this time she hide behind the curtain while she peeped at the house next door.

Adams was putting the finishing touches on the canvas he has been working on for a while.

His thoughts were filled with images of the lady he saw last night,he kept wondering what her name was and what she will look like when she smiles.

He decided to go to his balcony,who knows maybe he could get a glimpse of the mystery woman. Walking out he tried to look busy by pretending to be talking to someone on the phone while his eyes scanned the
whole compound.

He kept wondering how he will go next door and ask for the woman’s permission to paint her.

Adanna was about to move from behind the curtains since it looked like prince charming wasn’t coming out.

As If reading her thoughts he walked out to the balcony where she saw him last night, he was engrossed on his
phone call so she used that opportunity to look at him to her feel.

He looked like one of the Greek gods that novelist keep talking about. He was very tall,he was definitely over six feet tall, dark in complexion and looked very athletic, just looking at him you know for sure he spends hours
in the gym,she wondered if he had six packs like all this guys on TV.

Well she had to admit he was really good looking with his handsome face and beards, she has never understood why men kept beards but looking at this
man she wished her husband kept them too.

She wonder how it will feel to run her hands through his beards, well enough pepping for today she
decided to leave but as she turned to leave her legs were wrapped in the curtains and as she struggled to unwrapped herself she ended up bringing
down the entire curtain with her as she fell down.

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One minute he was pretending to be on the phone and the next thing he saw
was the curtain in his neighborhood’s house shaking and before he could say
jack he saw the curtain tumbling down with something he was sure was human.

It was really funny he did not even know when he laughed out loud. He wondered who the person was,maybe it was the maid trying to clean the
house,well that person would definitely be in trouble when their boss come back from work.

Heart racing,Adanna layed on the ground, taking the risk she decided to peep if her Greek god saw her fall, well he definitely did because he was laughing with all his mouth open.

Hissing,she crawled with the curtain
trailing after her.
Going through the things in her cart it looked like she got everything that she came for,pushing her way forward Adanna scanned around the mall if there was anything else she might like, not seeing anything she wanted she
went to join the queue to pay for her items.

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There were a couple of people before her so she brought out her phone to reply all her messages from Facebook. She was about replying the last message when a call from her husband came through
“Hello honey”
“Hi babe,how are you doing?”
“All good dear,am currently at the mall trying to get everything we will need for dinner”
“Okay sweet but it seems like I will be a little late,I have something’s to wrap up in the office and I have to meet up with a client later.
I dunno when I will be back but you can go ahead and eat alone just keep my food in
the kitchen and when I come back I will do justice to it”
“Can’t you reschedule your meeting, I have been planning this meal since last night and now you won’t be around”
“Babe I will be around,just a little bit late. Don’t worry I promise to make it up to you.
I love you dear,just take care,I will see you when I get back”
“Hmmmm, if you say so” she ended the call and looked up to see there were two persons before her in line. With her mood spoilt Adanna couldn’t wait
to leave the mall,if not because she had already spent time shopping for all this items,she would have just dropped them back.

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After paying for everything she carried her purchases and was on her way out when she stepped on someone’s toes.

“Oh my gosh,am so sorry” she lifted her head to come in eye contact with her Greek god neighbour.

“No problem,am okay. Thanks”[/B] he replied while maintaining eye contact wit

Damn,she was so beautiful in person. Adams who never looked at married women,could not bring himself to break contact with her but realising he
was in public he decided to be a gentleman by looking away.

If only he was paying attention and not thinking about his unfinished paintings then maybe he would have seen her coming and would have saved them both the

“Am really okay ma,just be careful and watch where you are going” he said
“okay, thanks and once again am really sorry” she replied before walking away.

Her voice was so angelic it kept ringing in his head. Geez man get a grip of yourself she is married,he told himself.

Samuel looked at his watch,it was almost time for his meeting and he still wasn’t through with his work in the office,well he decided to pack everything in his suitcase he would just have to continue working at home.

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Shutting down his computer and arranging everything in order he left the office. He was going to meet the client in a new bar around the corner called “stories”.

He walked into the establishment ten minutes before the appointed time,he sat down at a table close at the edge and where you can get a clear view
of everybody that walks in.

He just ordered for a drink when a very pretty lady walked up to him.

” Sorry to disturb you but are you in any chance Mr Samuel Kombol ?”

“Yes I am, who is asking?

“My name is Kylie Ojo, I was the person who decorated your house,we spoke on the phone when I was working for you” she replied.

“Oh my goodness, you did a very fantastic job,my wife can not stop gushing about the house. Wait,if we only talked on phone how are you able to recognise me?”
“Well sir, you sent some pictures that you wanted me to add when i was decorating so i recognized you from there” she replied.
“Wow thats good”
“Okay,so I will bid you goodnight while I go hang with my friends”
“Its been a pleasure finally meeting you goodnight”
“Kk, I will see you around”
“No problem” he answered.

As she turned to walk away,he watched from behind and that’s when it stuck to him,this beautiful damsel was the same person his wife caught him starring at the other night,so funny.

It really is a small world.

His thoughts were shoved for later as his client walked in then.

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