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Curious – Episode 39

Adanna arrived at Cape Town International Airport and was picked up by a chauffeur and driven to the Romney Park All Suite Hotel and Spa located in Green Point on the Cape’s Atlantic Seaboard. Since she had never left the shores after Nigeria before she felt she was safer booking everything before travelling because she didn’t want to get lost and have her face plastered across the web as a missing person. The thirty minutes drive to the hotel was the most fascinating thing she had ever experienced, the driver kept pointing and showing her places she had no idea of but from the way he spoke they seem to be important.

Soon she arrived at the hotel and checked in and her luggage was carried by a staff as he led her to the apartment. On the elevator ride he told her about their services they rendered and how
the place was built in 1997, that there was free WiFi and that there was also free newspaper in the lobby,she didn’t really pay him much attention because she was jet lagged and most of the things he was telling her,she
already knew when she browsed the net looking for info about the hotel. As soon as she was settled in her apartment,she had her bath and went straight to bed without eating.

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When she woke up the next morning she was a bit disoriented seeing herself in a strange room but that quickly disappeared as remembered where she was. There was loud rumble in her stomach as if announcing that it had been ignored for too long. She used the telephone beside her bed to order for breakfast,when she was checking up the hotel it stated that its breakfast were free so she might as well enjoy it. Once she had eaten,her brain finally started working well and she noticed her apartment for the first time,she had checked the place out online but even that had not prepared her for what she was seeing right now,she walked round the place taking every thing in,the one word to best describe it was stunning. She was staying in a bedroom apartment, it had a spacious living room and kitchenette that even had a microwave and a coffee and tea making machine. She went to the bathroom next and she was surprised she had not noticed it last night,maybe her tiredness wasn’t making her brain function well
then,the bathroom looked like it came out of a magazine or something. She went out to the patio and her heart skipped a beat,the one word for what she saw was breathtaking.

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You could see the ocean,she never knew looking at water can make you catch your feelings but damn,she wondered why in Nigeria people don’t really build houses close to the water side,maybe because of
superstition or something, you could also see Robben Islands. She knew from what she had read that she was minutes away from places like Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, two oceans aquarium and even the historical Cape Town stadium which hosted the 2010 world cup.

She needed to visit all these places. She left her apartment after freshen up and headed for the spa,the
Lord knows she needed the pampering. Hours later and she was feeling like a child and was well relaxed. The hotel had a restaurant so she ate a light lunch by the pool.

She went back to her apartment to change clothes and pick a hat and a camera and off she went sight seeing and shopping. It was evening and she was returning back when a car speed past her driving through a puddle and splashing her. She was soaked from head to toe and even the bags she carried had water on them,she stood there like a statue and just as she was about to start raining curses on the driver,the car reversed back and slowed down beside her,the passenger side window wound down and the driver leaned towards her
“Am sorry madam,please if its okay with you get in so I can take you to your destination, am so sorry” he said.

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She wanted to tell him what she thought of him and walked away but she knew that would be foolish not only would she expose herself and her health,people might think she was mad or something. She opened the door and got in,facing him she said “thank you” and turned to look out the window.

She gave him directions and he dropped her in front to the building she thanked him and got out as he apologized once again. She went to her to suite to freshen and change her soaked dress. She arranged everything she bought and then went online to book a cape peninsula tour.

She went down to the restaurant for dinner and went back to her room to read some novels she bought at the airport and then she slept.

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