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Curious – Episode 35

“Kemi you missed this afternoon”
“Wetin happen?”

“My dear,shei you see that oga wey de stay for fourth floor wey the claim fine boy and Americana na so yesterday police come carry am according to
them say I’m duped some people na im run”

“Tell me something” she said and folded her hands across her chest “wait o,no be him the form politician son?”

“Politician fire,see as im the insist make we call Mr Jim,my sister you no go believe wetin be im real name”

“Tell me abeg?”

“Wait o,why e sound as if na alebo you the try pronounce”

“Na so me self see am,come see gbege as they the carry am comot,instead of him to just cool down make everything quiet na so im just the shout say, my father will hear,all of you will arrested for trying to humiliate me,babe na so one police man ask am whether na im father wey dey village him the talk about”

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“Some people go just the form wetin they no be,na so that day wey I been dey in charge of im floor only that guy give me headache.Just the send me the do annoying annoying errand at the end five naira ma him no give me”

She kept quiet as the elevator opened. Kemi and Shola walked out of the elevator together pushing their cart filled with toiletries.

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“Babe no disappear after our shift end o,remember you promise me beer”

“You too like free things,oya help me clean some of my rooms I go double the bottle”

“If I help you na three bottles be that o”

“No yawa oya come” she replied as they kept walking. “Wait o,person leave im tap on comot abi wetin? Why water just full ground here”

“Make we check see which room the cause am” On getting to the door,she knocked but no response “shei u the hear the water wey dey pour for inside?” She quickly used her card to open the door and they both walked
in,the room was not flooded like they thought rather it was just the water coming out the bathroom that was going out since the bathroom was close to the door. She walked in to close the tap and then she saw a woman in the tub with blood dripping from her wrists immediately she started to scream which alerted Shola who rushed in to see what the problem was.

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“Jesus Christ,I dey come make I call receptionist sharp sharp” she dashed out and used the room’s telephone to call. Soon the room was flooded with staffs and the woman from the bath tub was being rushed to the hospital.

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