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Curious – Episode 34

As Adams walked out of the stage he felt like he was walking on hot coals,he ignored everybody and walked straight to the dressing room and sat down. It wasn’t long he heard the door opened and Susan was barking at everyone to vacate the room and they quickly filed out and she shut the door after them.

She walked up to him and placed her hands on his shoulders and her eyes met his in the vanity mirror ” Am so sorry,I have spent the
last 10 minutes screaming at Cynthia and she insists that she had no idea that Grace the host was going to pull that on you. Am so sorry I should have smelt the trap from a mile away but I was so interested in using these currents and create a buzz about you,am so sorry”
“Its not your fault,from the beginning she made it clear she was out for a witch hunt” he replied still holding her gaze
“I never knew Sarah was pregnant”
“Neither did I”
“So what do you want to do”
“Honesty I don’t know,I guess am going to have a paternity test done and then try to establish a suitable a support payment if the child is mine and probably try to get joint custody” he said and before she could reply he
punched the mirror in front of them shattering the glass
“Oh my goodness don’t hurt yourself” she took her handkerchief and wrapped round his bleeding hands and pulled him off the chair and towards the door
“come on let’s go and take of that.”
Kylie was going through her twitter feeds when she started getting a lot of tags,checking one of the links she saw the latest between Adams,Sarah
and Adanna who many people believed to be the mystery lady. Smiling to herself,she knew this was not an opportunity to miss and she quickly sent out two tweets
“Geez some people are truly heartless #shameless”
“First you refuse to give your husband a child and now you prevent another from having a relationship with him child”

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And just like she expected,the blogs fell for it and started running it. Take that Dam. She returned to what she was doing before the interruption.

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After watching Adams on TV,Adanna felt so sorry for him and knowing him like she did she knew he was going through a lot at the moment ,she stretched to the cupboard beside the bed and carried her handbag and
tumbled all its content on the bed and took her phone from the mess and switched it on. She called Adams but it rang without him picking up,she kept speed dialling his line to no avail. Just as she wanted to send him a
text,something flashed the screen that caught her attention and looked at the screen to see her picture side by side with that of Kylie and her tweets were below,the news anchor was talking about her a lot of people were with Kylie and that some media houses were already gunning to have an exclusive interview with Sarah. The phone slipped through her fingers and fell on the bed and tears began to flow down her cheeks. She tried wiping them but more just seem to pour out of her eyes.

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What has she done to deserved all this, for goodness she has been minding her business and somehow they just seem to drag in to everything bad,maybe she truly was this awful person the media is trying to portray her to be.

Trying to find her hanky to wipe her face from the mess of things in front of her,she
removed a new razor blade she bought the other day. She stared at the blade for a long time and wondered why she couldn’t just end everything right now. Who knows maybe if she stopped to exist then everybody’s life will just go back to being normal. She came down from the bed with the blade still in her hands and walked to the bathroom. She turned on the tap and let the bathtub fill. Looking at the blade in her hands,she slowly stepped into the tub while the water was still running and la!d down,slowly she took off her shirt. She brought her left hands forward turning it her palm side up and sq££zed her fist,with shaking hands she placed the blade in her right hand on her forearm and started slashing down along her veins,she repeated the same step with her bleeding left hand on her right fore arm.

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She placed the razor next to the tub and la!d down in the cold water,trying so hard no think about the pains she was going through or the implications of what she had just done.

Slowly she started to feel steadily weaker but
there was also a growing peace and tranquility inside her body and just when she wanted to fully embrace it,she heard her phone rang from the bedroom with Chris Brown’s smooth vocals singing waves beckoning on her but she could not get up and she quit struggling and let the growing peace engulfed her.

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