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Curious – Episode 33

Adams walked into the TV station with Susan,they had earlier gone for the radio which had been a success. He had earlier told the presenter that he did not want any question relating to Adanna or Samuel and he had complied. They had talked about his art and all the challenges he had earlier faced during the course of his career. After a while they had opened the lines
and people called in and at end he gave two lucky fans tickets to his showcase coming up next month.

“Don’t think too much Adams,everything is going to be smooth like it was this morning,just watch and see” Susan said rubbing his arms
“I hope so” he replied. Before he could add more a lady walked up to them
“Hello Susan welcome” she said smiling and hugging her
“Hi Cynthia,this is Adams,I hope everything is ready?” She replied
“Of course,if you will follow me” she said and led them to the dressing room,where they were briefed on what to expect and a makeup artist came in later to give him a little touch up. A lady walked in and whispered in
Cynthia’s ears and left. Turning towards them she said “they are ready for you Mr Adams,follow me”.

They both got up and followed her to the side of the stage,where she debriefed him again,telling him the position to seat
and how to walk in,after wished him luck she left them to take care of other issues.

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” All the best dear,make me proud” Susan whispered in his ears and pushed him in as soon as she heard his name. He was startled for a bit as he got a glimpse of the audience but he quickly composed and smile like he was expected to and walked briskly to the host and kissing her on her cheeks and sat down.

“You are welcome Mr Adams Eko”
“Thanks for having me on show”
“So we just watched a little documentary about your life as an artist and we can all see that it took a lot of work before you got to where you are now,so I want to ask what were the challenges you faced while trying to
establish yourself?”

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“My biggest challenge was my parents accepting my decision to be an artist, it took a while but they came around. Then another challenge was the fact that I when I began it was just me having a passion for it and not because I went to school and at such whenever I talked about my art with people they never took me serious and at such I just had to go back to school,I did a course tho it was beneficial because I got to learn more about art
and all”
“Wow,that’s good. I guess your parents wanted you to take over their chain of consulting firms right?”
“Yeap but they never really said that tho but I guess they were hoping you know”
“Yeah,I get. So are you single?”

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Shifting in his chair he replied “errmm,I like to keep my private life private”
“We are not asking for her name, we just want to know if ladies like us have any chance with you”
“Am keeping my mouth mute”
“Okay,I guess you want to keep everything low key since you and Sarah just had a baby and there is also all these rumors about you and popular blogger Adanna being an item .Congratulations on the baby, Speaking of Sarah and the baby,her latest Instagram post seem to state that you have been a deadbeat dad and not concerned about the well being of your child,she also went further to talk about a mystery famous lady you left her for. She
claims this lady is the reason you won’t acknowledge your child. How true is all these allegations?”

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Sitting uncomfortably on his chair he looked around and his eyes locked with Susan who looked as confused as he was,she quickly signalled for him to say nothing and he turned back to the host and gave a false smile and
said “like a earlier said,I like to keep my private life private”
“Okay,if that’s how you like it but you sure have a juicy life,if you ever decide to write a tell all book best believe it is going to be a best seller” [/B] she said to loud cheers from the audience. “So one last question before you go,will you ever take charge of your family’s consulting firms?”

“I don’t know maybe in the future I might”
“Well I guess if you take charge then Mr Samuel Kombol will need to find a new job seeing as he work for one of your father’s firm. It was nice to have you with us today,I wish you all the best with your career”
“Thank you” he replied
[B] “Now ladies and gentlemen we take a commercial break and when we

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